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Degenerate of the BBB!

You sold your soul to the BBB in exchange for great musical prowess.

Award Winners

Thrasili on Feb. 23rd  [x]
Greyylene on Jan. 22nd  [x]
Loeci on Jul. 28th  [x]
Veriwin on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Avangrod on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Greyylene on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Loeci on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Masonis on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Carysta on Jun. 02nd  [x]
Molie Chandler on Jan. 21st  [x]
Bilwise on Jun. 07th  [x]
Halgoreth on Jun. 07th  [x]
Freemark on Mar. 31st  [x]
zedrockk on Mar. 31st  [x]
Zarenwen on Mar. 31st  [x]
Forte Maestro on Mar. 31st  [x]
Daffodilia on Jan. 17th  [x]
Vorlt on Jan. 17th  [x]
Toanstation on Jan. 09th  [x]
Daffodilia on Jan. 09th  [x]
Tennyx on Sep. 21st  [x]
Aedon Durreah on Sep. 21st  [x]
Tulenn on Sep. 21st  [x]
Berynand on Apr. 04th  [x]
Alesel on Mar. 11th  [x]
RohanArchitect on Mar. 11th  [x]
NoCyg on Jun. 12th  [x]
Corumael on May. 09th  [x]
Bittercress on May. 09th  [x]
CGriffin on Dec. 29th  [x]
Lilikate on Sep. 15th  [x]
Engwar on Sep. 15th  [x]
Keli on Jul. 22nd  [x]
Galzagar on Jul. 21st  [x]
Aedon Durreah on Jul. 21st  [x]
Lhinnthel on Jul. 21st  [x]
Kyrian Starwalker on Jul. 21st  [x]
carimac on Jul. 21st  [x]
Aalloria Borealis on Jun. 15th  [x]
Anthemisa on Apr. 05th  [x]
Lauralda on Apr. 05th  [x]
Vulpes_Velox on Dec. 09th  [x]
Anthemisi on Oct. 03rd  [x]
Emegas on Oct. 03rd  [x]
Tomeoric on Oct. 03rd  [x]
Brenyn on May. 14th  [x]
Dannigan on May. 14th  [x]
Ranph on May. 12th  [x]
Kaerri on May. 11th  [x]
Floradine on May. 11th  [x]
Byrcha on May. 11th  [x]
Anthemisi on May. 11th  [x]
Haydnseek on May. 11th  [x]
Lynxkitten on May. 11th  [x]
Stumblefoot on May. 11th  [x]
Anarwald on May. 11th  [x]
Sarasti on May. 11th  [x]
Runesdaeg on May. 11th  [x]
Ellasse on May. 11th  [x]
Carica Zoi on May. 11th  [x]
Aegthil of Gondor on May. 11th  [x]
Bluebonnett Merrydo on May. 11th  [x]
RannaDylin on May. 11th  [x]
Beorbrand on May. 11th  [x]
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