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Middle Earth's Got Talent! Final Poster, Behold the changes!

by Aedon Durreah, 22 days ago

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This takes place at the Knights Rest Tavern 5 Longstreet Crickwent-Breeland.

Thanks to an anonymous donor, the prize amounts have been doubled. And we are also adding a separate catagory for Solo to Duo acts. So the classes for bands are now Solo to Duo-Three to Six man, and Bands for members seven and up. First Prize for the winner in each class is 1000 gold, The prize for the winning novelty act is 600 Gold. Registrations now open, send an in game mail to Aedon on Landroval.

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Middle Earth's Got Talent!

by Carica Zoi, 42 days ago

Is it okay to use that logo? Are we not going to get sued? wow!

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Full Kin Meeting on September 15th!

by Aedon Durreah, 43 days ago

Attention all members! There will be a full kin meeting held on Sunday, September 15th at about 4:00 pm est (server time) following Andune in the LMB kinhall. In addition to kin business, we will also be holding a fox hunt to once again capture that Wiley varmint Byrchafoxie. Hope to see you all there!

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Minstrels Instruments of the Vale

by Aedon Durreah, 55 days ago

I received a rather kingly gift the past couple of days, and would like to now start sharing it.

Will our level 120 minstrels please post here there instrument of choice. I was given 20 Rimes of the Anvil and have begun trading them for relics of the Vale. I can now start making Vales of Anduin instruments for you.

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