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Kin News - Edition 27

by Lhinnthel, 5 days ago

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All times are in /servertime(ST) | EDT =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Here are some upcoming events you should know about!
Do you see a missing event, a correction, or want to make an announcement? Please PM me or comment on this thread and I will add it.
For a more complete list of Landroval music and RP events, see Happenings on Landroval, LOTROartists.com, LOTROplayers.com, and The Landy Lately.

+ LMBPlaylist 5.13 Latest release May 4th, 2016.
+ May's Emote of the Month (EotM) is /hug to earn The Adorable title.
+ Add your voice to the "Fix the /say bug" thread over on the main LOTRO forums! Thanks for bringing it to our attention, Zed!
+ If you have suggestions for events which LMBers might be interested in (RP perhaps?), please post to our forums or chat w/ an officer.

Kin & Member Run Events & News:
+ May 26th & June 9th: Drunken Elves Music Testing! Post files here or PM to Corulin. Meet at the LMB kinhouse (5 Waterbank Road, Imrath Ivrin, Falathorn Neighborhoood) at 3:00pm to help test the music!
+ July 23rd: Weatherstock VIII! Keep an eye on the forums for announcements and info. We will soon put out the call for the many volunteers needed to make the event run smoothly! The Weatherstock Concert Series will be held in early July.

Ongoing Kin Events:
Sunday: The Andune Ensemble 3:00pm ST Bree-town stage || LMB Book Club 4:15pm ST at the Bird & Baby || Sunday Night Sieges (SNS) 5:00pm ST
Monday: Ales & Tales 8:30-9:30pm ST (Nibbles n' Nobs) 9:30-11:00pm ST (main show)
Wednesday: The Landy Lately newspaper releases each Wednesday.
Friday: Freaky Friday Raid Night 8:00pm ST
Saturday: Saturday Shenanigans (every other Saturday) 3:00pm || Forte's Academy of Music 4:00pm (On hiatus until August 1st) || Bards, Beers, and LongBeards Midnight ST Prancing Pony Rock
Monthly: Tavern Night

Of Interest:
+ Check out Zedrockk's new BaraZine to watch moving pictures of past events and performances!
+ June 4th: Blue Theatre Song Contest at 2:00pm. The event will be held at The Blue Theatre on the Player's Tier in Minas Tirith. See this post on the LotR forums for more information.
+ June 4th: The Hobnanigans Chicken League tournament at 2:00pm. Register your team and contact Forte for more details.
+ June 5th: Vanimor Summer will be held at 8:00pm, near the Prancing Pony, every other Sunday throughout the summer months. A concert series featuring The Maidens of Vanimor and many special guests. P.I.E. will be the guest on June 5th!

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