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Kin News - Edition 32

by Lhinnthel, 41 days ago

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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All times are in /servertime | EST =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Here are some regular and upcoming events you should know about!  Would you like to make a correction or an announcement?  Please PM me or comment on this thread!  For a more complete list of Landroval events, see LOTROartists.com, LOTROplayers.com, and our Kin Calendar.  If you have suggestions for events which LMBers might be interested in, please post to our forums or chat with an officer.


  • LMBPlaylist 5.20: Latest release January 4th, 2016.
  • January's Emote of the Month (EotM) is /congratulate.
  • Drunken Elves Music Testing: If you have songs to be tested, please post on the thread. Session are planned on an "as needed" basis.

Ongoing Kin Events:
Saturday: Saturday Shenanigans (every other Saturday) at 3:00 PM  ||  Bards, Beers, and LongBeards Practice at 11:00 PM and show at Midnight by the Prancing Pony Rock
Sunday: The Andune Ensemble at 3:00 PM on the Bree-town stage  ||  LMB Book Club at 4:15 PM at the Bird & Baby, when in session  || Sunday Night Sieges (SNS) at 5:00 PM
Monday: Ales & Tales Open-stage from 8:30-9:30 PM and Main show from 9:30-11:00(ish) PM

Of Interest:

  • Every Tuesday: An Open Course on the Lord of the Rings, hosted in LOTRO! Starting on Tolkien's 125th birthday, January 3, 2017, Join Corey Olsen, known online as The Tolkien Professor, each Tuesday evening at 9:30pm for chapter-by-chapter detailed discussions of the Lord of the Rings. In each session, he will spend 60-90 minutes discussing the book chapter and its themes, reading passages and doing some close reading to really get into the story as it unfolds. See the original post for more information and details on how/where to attend.
  • January 21st: The Knights of The White Lady annual Street of Dreams housing tour will take place on Saturday, January 21st at 3:00 P.M. Servertime. Start in Falathlorn Homesteads and see a sampling of decoration styles across Eriador and, new to this tour, Belfalas! The gathering place for the tour will be outside Falathlorn Homesteads. If you're unable to make it to the live tour, here is a self-guided itineraryand a map to key locations for the Cape of Belfalas section. Mark your calendar now! Any question, please feel free to send mail to Ashigaru!

  • Roving Threats with the Alliance: Weekly Raid, come get your deeds and First Age LIs! Every Saturday at 3:30pm servertime, meet up at west Bree Gate! Teamspeak is required, contact Ibelyron to join.

  • Check out Zedrockk's BaraZine to watch moving pictures of past events and performances!
  • The Craft Market is held in Market Square, Bree (near the Boar Fountain) on the Third Saturday of each month from 8-10 PM /servertime.  If interested in selling Crafted Wares, please contact Lerillos prior to the event.
  • +Cord of the Rings: Join LOTRO Community Manager +Cordovan every Thursday afternoon from Noon to 1:00pm on the official LOTRO Twitch Channel.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All times are in /servertime | EST =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
* Note: This post gets updated as needed and can be viewed on the homepage. *

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