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Upcoming Kin Events 3/30/15 edition

by Lhinnthel, 3 days ago

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It's always a busy time of year for The Lonely Mountain Band!
Please be sure to visit the forums and check the Calendar regularly, to keep up with current events!
If there is an event missing, please PM me and I will add it! PM Kiralynn to add to the Calendar!

March 30th: Mythgard Meetup with "Ales & Tales." 9:30pm ST
The Tolkien Professor will join us to discuss: "Frodo and Sauron: What were they thinking?"

March 31st: Last day to enter the March LMB Screen Shot Competition (theme: While the Cat's away!)

April 4th: Raiders of the Secret Pie Vault RP session at 5:00pm ST

The Spring Racing Carnival!
Volunteers are still needed for this event! Please sign up, if you are able!
Important SRC dates are as follows:
    April 4th: Thorin's Cup at 3:30pm ST - Thorin's Hall
    April 11th: Rivendell Cup at 3:30pm ST - Rivendell
    April 18th: Bounder's Cup at 3:30pm ST - Michel Delving
    April 25th: Bree-land Cup at 11:00am ST - Hobnanigans Field #1
    April 25th: THE main Event day and runs from 11:00am - 7:00pm!

Ongoing Weekly Events:
Sunday: Andune Ensemble 3:00pm ST Bree-town stage / Sunday Night Sieges (SNS) 5:00pm ST
Monday: Ales & Tales 8:30-9:30pm ST (Nibbles n' Nobs) 9:30-11:00pm ST (main show)
Friday: Friday Pie Days (check thread for times)
Saturday: Formation Riding Team practice 10:00am ST Hobnanigans Fields / Raiders of the Secret Pie Vault RP (check thread for times) / Bards, Beers, and LongBeards Midnight ST Prancing Pony Rock

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