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Kin News - Edition 24 (December 2015)

by Lhinnthel, 24 hours ago

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Here are some upcoming events you should know about!
Do you see a missing event, a correction or want to make an announcement? Please PM me or comment on this thread and I will add it. Also, you may PM Kiralynn to add to the forum calendar and Floradine or Zedrock to add to the lotroartists calendar.
Do you have an idea for an event? Let us know!

+ LOTRO's Cyber Monday deal is 50% off all mounts in the Store!
+ Do you like to attend and record events? Videographers are needed to record LMB concerts and events.
+ LMBPlaylist 5.07 Latest release November 4th, 2015.
+ December's Emote of the Month (EotM) is /kiss! 100 kisses will earn you "The Beloved" title.
+ Take Caly's survey to indicate interest in the upcoming Saturday Fellowship Group!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All times are in /servertime | EST =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Kin & Member Run Events & News:
+ December 1st: Last full day to enter the Screenshot of the Month Challenge. This month's theme is "Fashionable Questing." Winner receives 10 gold and a Roving Threats tapestry of choice. Enter HERE!
+ December 4th: Freaky Friday Naked Moria with Latti! 8:00 PM Friday evening. High level characters over level 75 must come in their unmentionables. Jewelery and low level weapons are allowed.
+ December 6th: Kin Meeting at 4:00 PM (following Andune Ensemble Concert) at our kinhouse, Aerlinnbar (5 Waterbank Road, Imrath Ivran, Falathorn Homesteads). Also, coincides with Tavern Night in the kinhouse at 4:30pm hosted by Bilwise and his famous snack cart!
+ December 12th: Parade of Lights, 5:00 - 7:00 pm. The event will include a mounted parade from Bree-town to the Windy Acres Ranch in Raglan, Bree Homesteads. We will carry lamps with the golden flame of good cheer and meet with others along the way to light their lamps. There will be wonderful holiday music by Old Winyards and The Remediators, Spirit of Yule mounted Fashion Contest, and storytelling. Seeking storytellers, contact Kiralynn in-game on Landroval or at Kiralynn@Roll3d6.com.

Future Events:
+ The Wild Hunt - to be announced
+ Twelfth Night Ball - to be announced
+ January 15th - 18th: Winterstock III has been announced! Mark your calendars for a weekend of dancing on the icy lakes of Thorin's Hall! Band Registration and LMB Event Staff Registration is now open: http://winterstock.guildlaunch.com

Ongoing Events:
Sunday: The Andune Ensemble 3:00pm ST Bree-town stage || Sunday Night Sieges (SNS) 5:00pm ST
Monday: Ales & Tales 8:30-9:30pm ST (Nibbles n' Nobs) 9:30-11:00pm ST (main show)
Wednesday: The Lonely Mountain Free Press releases each Wednesday, published by Aldekim
Friday: Friday Fishing Club 7:00pm ST || Freaky Friday Naked Moria with Latti 8:00pm ST
Saturday: Forte's Academy of Music 4:00pm ST Prancing Pony Back Stage || Saturday Fellowship Group || Bards, Beers, and LongBeards Midnight ST Prancing Pony Rock
Monthly: Tavern Night

Special & Unexpected Events of Interest:
+ If you have events you would like to share with the Landroval community, Daffodilia has created a Happenings on Landroval thread on the main LOTRO forums. You may submit info following the guidelines in the post.
+ For a complete list of Landroval regular events, see lotroartists.com
+ December 5th: December 5th: Get "Banned" with the Remediators and Friends in Bree-town’s only pre-holiday event that Mayor Tenderlach tried to ban! Bree Stage at 7:00pm for an hour of fun music and slightly naughty lyrics.
+ December 19th: Sons of Numenor Market, held at the market grounds by the Boar Fountain in Bree. Co-hosted by Middle Earth Craft & Wares. Sellers should contact Miss Lerillos for more information about setting up a stall. Held the 3rd Saturday of every month from 8:00 - 10:00pm.
+ December 26th: Boxing Day event hosted by The Bounders of the Shire. Located in Winterhome, times to be announced!

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