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Current Events - Edition 7/29/15

by Lhinnthel, 3 days ago

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Here are some upcoming events you should know about!
Please be sure to visit the forums regularly, to keep up with current events!
See a missing event, a correction or want to make an announcement? Please PM me and I will add it. You may PM Kiralynn to add to the forum Calendar.
Do you have an idea for an event? Let us know!

+ LMBPlaylist 5.03 Latest release July 1st, 2015.
+ July's Emotes of the Month (EotM) are /thank and /cheer. 100 /thanks and you will receive The Helpful title and 100 /cheers will earn you the /firebreath emote!
+ We did it! LMB hosted another epic Weatherstock all thanks to you! With our deepest gratitude, we thank all of the organizers, volunteers, bands and audience for giving so much of their time to help us throw such a grand party! Huzzah!
+ Let's fill up our kin neighborhoods, in anticipation of an influx of new transfers (Valar-willing Landroval remains). See the housing For Sale thread to find the neighborhood with your next dream home!
+ Congratulations to Danniwyn and Paxorn, on their recently announced engagement! We wish you the best and look forward to a beautiful Middle-earth wedding!

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= All times are in /servertime | EDT =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Kin Events Important Dates:
July 31st: Voting ends for July's Screenshot contest (please, go vote!). New contest for August will be posted the same day.
August 1st: LMB Book Club at 3:30 PM. Discussion of Chapter XVIII: The Death of Turin. Meet at the Bird and Baby in Michel Delving and /joinchannel lmbbokclub
August 9th: The Andune Ensemble plays Rockfest 2015 at 3:00 PM!
August 16th: The Andune Ensemble will play at Shirefest on Crickhollow at 4:00 PM!
August 17st: Old Winyards will play at Shirefest on Crickhollow at 8:00 PM!
If you plan to attend or play with a band at Shirefest, please create your character on Crickhollow prior to August 3rd, in case of server closures.

Planning for Fall Events:
+ October 24th: Solve-A-Mystery Roleplay Contest at the WIndy Acres Ranch 4:00 PM. See the planning thread for more info and to share your ideas.
+ Molly and friends are planning a Fall Theatre Festival! Check out the thread for more info and to join in.

Ongoing Weekly Events:
Sunday: Andune Ensemble 3:00pm ST Bree-town stage / Sunday Night Sieges (SNS) 5:00pm ST
Monday: Ales & Tales 8:30-9:30pm ST (Nibbles n' Nobs) 9:30-11:00pm ST (main show)
Wednesday: The Lonely Mountain Free Press releases each Wednesday, published by Aldekim
Saturday: Bards, Beers, and LongBeards Midnight ST Prancing Pony Rock

News of Interest:

+ August 1st: The Department of Holbyt Security on Landroval will be celebrating their 1st Kin anniversary with a TTHTI (Take the Hobbit to Isengard) run. All are welcome, festivities start at Noon ST near the Prancing Pony.
+ August 3rd: Server closures will be announced this day! Please see the Transfers Dev Diary for answers to frequently asked questions. Quite a bit of information is being posted in this World Transfers thread as well.
+ August 5th: Summer Festival ends! Many nice cosmetics and items are available for barter, so check it out!
+ August 8th-9th (12pm-11pm) & 9th (12pm-10pm): Mark your calendars for Rockfest 2015!
+ August 14th-17th: Mark your calendars for Crickhollow Shirefest! (located on Crickhollow server)
+ September 22nd: Mark your calendars for Sons of Numenor Symphony of Light VI (Annual Bilbo Birthday Epic) beginning at 8:oo PM.

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