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re: App: FeederOfCrows

The application submitted by FeederOfCrows is as follows:

Name : Hawkswood
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 16
Gender : Female
Race : Race of Man
Class : Hunter

Please note: While we do have a presence on other servers, we are primarily a Landroval-based kinship. Our regular weekly events, and our marquee events Weatherstock and Winterstock, are held on the Landroval server.

Have you read & do you agree with LMB charter?:

Do you understand that Kin chat channel is for LOTRO and Tolkien related chat only?:

Use this area to share why you want to join LMB.:
I've been playing since LOTRO's release on and off and have returned after a hiatus of 4 years. I remember this group and the musicians involved and attended as many events as possible in the old days. I think you all are an amazing group and have done something truly unique and never truly replicated in an MMORPG and would love to be a part of it.

Player info:

Age Range:
Old Fogey

Tell us about any MMO or RP experience you may have (RP is not required for membership, we are just curious): :
I started playing Everquest two days after launch and played for many years. I was also a long time WOW player until a few years ago and started on LOTRO at launch. Ive also enjoyed Warhammer Online and City of Heroes RIP. As far as RP I have been playing and primarily running D&D since 1986 amongst myriad other games specifically MERP and the One Ring. I also have played a pirate at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival from 2003 to 2012. I still attend every year though ive moved from Pirate to Woodland Wizard.

Please tell us what time zone you are in. (i.e. EST): :

Character information:

Tell us about your character: :
Hawkswood grew up in Bree. His parents were farmers and his eldest brother would inherit the farm one day so Hawkswood apprenticed with a group of Hunters and Woodsmen. He has not travelled far in his life up until now. He desires to meet and learn from the Rangers of the North someday if he can ever find one. He is most happy living in the woodland and only returning to town when it is time to trade for supplies. He has a particular fondness for the woods around the Shire and has often worked with the Bounders and Sheriffs watching the woods and investigating anything out of the ordinary. He is proficient with sword and dagger but his tru passion is his bow.

Please tell us of any previous/current kinships you have character(s) in LOTRO. :
My Dwarven Guardian was a member of the Servants of the Secret Fire for many years.

LMB experience:

Were you referred by a current member? Who?: :

Have you ever been to LMB hosted event? If yes, what were your impressions? If no, are you planning on it in the next week? (Highly recommended!):
Yes many times in the past. I find them to be delightful and such a unique and immersive experience for an MMORP.

Gameplay preferences:

What activities do you enjoy most in LOTRO? :
I tend to enjoy solo play and fishing. Also a good conversation with fellow players.

Kinship expectations:

What are your expectations from LMB as a member? :
Fun times and good company.

What do you think your strongest contribution to LMB would be? :
I take pleasure in helping others when the need arises and will go out of my way to assist those of lower level who are struggling.


Have you read the books or seen the movies? What are your favourite scenes or images? :
I first read the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings when I was 8 years old. I had a rather advance reading level at that age. I fell in love with them and have re read them and the Silmarillion yearly since 1979. I have seen and loved every iteration of Tolkien Media. I've listened to the BBC Radio dramatizations multiple times and yearly watch the films from the The Rankin and Bass to Bakshi and then to Jackson. Boromir's death in the PJ films is one of my favorite scenes from the films. I also enjoyed Rings of Power. I wish they would have been granted the full rights so they did not have to alter and corner cut to make the story work but overall i find it entertaining. I have even watched the very strange Russian version of the books and seek out additional media when I can.


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re: APPROVED - App: FeederOfCrows - by Beorbrand


Your application has been approved. Please seek out an officer in-game for your recruit interview. If you haven't already done so you may wish to /joinchannel alesandtales to assist you in finding an officer of the Lonely Mountain Band.

We are also mostly active on Discord if you would like to join our server - (this link is good for 1 month)
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