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re: Tinytoes Journal

"You did what?" Sunni all but screeched. "You followed Mrs. Greyy to where?" Sunni was mortified. She hadn't meant to blurt that she'd heard Greyy was a pirate in front of Kris and as soon as she'd said it she knew there would be consequences. Kris was a very curious hobbit and usually acted impulsively. She'd tried to say more to distract her younger sibling, but in her heart, she knew that Ankriston was fixated on that one word... Pirate.

Kris giggled. "I totally found her supersekrit rum stash.. ok I didn't know it was tainted or guarded by some winged monster thing that almost caught me but it turned out fine! And I'm gonna join her crew!" Kris looked at her sister in defiance. Just let her dare say no! "It's a mostly hobbit crew anyway and I made friends an everything!"

"Wait, how did you know the rum was tainted?" Sunni narrowed her eyes at Kris. Her fingers started tapping gently on their kitchen table.

"I totally did not drink any and I didn't turn into a werewarg!"

"Monster? Werewarg? Kris are you telling me stories again? This didn't really happen right?" Sunnidi was getting a headache. She looked at Kris , who's eyes were sparkling and she had that cheeky grin on her face. It was difficult to tell if she was fibbing or not, or just telling a story which she often did, or if this had really happened. "Ankriston, if you are spoofing me..."

"Dude! It totally happened! All of it!" Kris hopped up from her chair and began dancing and singing around the kitchen. Badly. it seemed as though Sunnidi had inherited all the musical talent in the family. Kris had a voice that drove cats from the room. In fact, Sunni caught Gwenkitty making a run from the kitchen to hide under a bed. "I'm gonna be a pirate! A pirate, a pirate!" Kris sang, or screeched at the top of her lungs.

It could be worse. Sunni thought Greyylene or Lady Greyy was a pretty decent person, at least she seemed so. And she felt that Greyy would take care of her crew. She thought back to Omaa's words about letting her sister find her own path.

"As long as there's not any really bad stuff.. No killing.. " She started.

"Cept Goblins!" Cried Kris

"Cept Goblins!" Cried Sunni at the same time. The sisters giggled and gave each other a high five.

"OH and she's gonna teach me how t'get shot outta a cannon!" Kris grinned.

Sunni rubbed her forehead as the headache pounded in her skull.

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