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    I am a Tier 7 heavy Armorsmith (guilded)

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    I was born in north Breeland near the Horsefields. My father raised horses for the horsefields and my mother tended to the home and my younger brother Parlinius, and myself. I had a normal simple childhood untill when I was 15 a group of men from Rohan came to judge the quality of my fathers\' horses. During the week they were there I asked for the stories of there heroics , one of them must have seen potential in me or just wanted to shut me up. He taught me the basics of useing a sword and shield. Unfortunatly the horses were not up to the qualities of the Rohan mounts, but they did inspire me.

    Three years later I took it upon myself to patrol the roads for goblins that had been filtering into breeland. I a trade wagon under attack and sprinted to the rescue. It was a dwarven smith delivering a stock of armor and shields to the North Downs being attacked by four goblins. I took them by suprise and cut down the first one in a single blow, however that got the attention of the other three. This was my first real battle and filled with fear and determination I took them on. The fight seemed to take hours but in the end I prevailed, battered and bleeding, my shield bent and almost useless. The dwarven smith decided to reward me by offering his teachings in the way of armorsmithing. Reluctlantly my father agreed to alow me to journey to Thorin\'s Hall to train. After six long months I had learned the secrets of dwarven armorsmithing and had my own set of heavy armor and shield.

    By now the war had grown from a whisper to a thunder that crossed all of Middle Earth. It was at this time I began to do what I could to defend the innocents of the Lands. I fought countless man, orc, and beast across the lands of the Dwarves and Elves. As well as the Shire and beyond. Far north into the icy waters of Forchel and even to the remote area of Rivendale.
    I plunged into the depths of Moria where the creatures there reaked of spoiled earth. And finally into the scorched lands of Isenguard.

    The war now near it\'s peak I am unsure of what will happen next ,however I know one thing my shield shall prevail.
    No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em