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    [OOC] An alchemist could be many things, but what they are generally known for, they generally were not. This is the heart of misconception.
    Galdhron is first and foremost, an alchemist. His people, the Noldor, don't really have a word for this in Quenya. "Sorcerer" and "Herbalist" may include components of meaning, but they also carry meanings, and exclude others, that he would not agree to. So for lack of a better term, he calls himself a "First Age Noldor born in the Third Age".  This alludes to the essence of an era of exploration of the natural sciences and culture where most everything is new, and anything is possible.
    I, Galdhron, am that, which studies everything that surrounds him. Existence began with song, for it is song that created life and the nest in which it was cradled.

    There was Eru, the One, who in Arda is called Ilúvatar; and he made first the Ainur, the Holy Ones, that were the offspring of his thought, and they were with him before aught else was made. And he spoke to them, propounding to them themes of music; and they sang before him, and he was glad..

    Once I fully understand an element of creation, I echo the song of it's existence... More

    by Galdhron on 2014-07-01 06:04:03

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    Laboratory Notes

    Galdhron of Mirkwood

    Lore-Master and Dabbler
    in Natural Sciences & Arts

    by Galdhron on 2014-06-30 10:19:44

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