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re: Sunday Night Siege 01/22/12

First of all, congratulations to one and all this last sunday. I'm afraid I don't know what other groups may have gathered, but we had a most exciting, entertaining, and downright enjoyable company for 12-man Helegrod this last sunday. We cleared all three wings of Helegrod, which means we have a host of new people available for a return to 24-man Thorog battle at some point in the future. I also believe we had a considerable number of people experiencing their first raid, and although it wasn't quite as challenging as it should have been (owing to the presence of several highly-over-level folks) I can only hope that the experience turned out to be educational and enlightening.

This upcoming Sunday, however, I think I might want to devote some more love to our higher level folks. The recent Isengard expansion has many of us scrambling for new gear, drops, recipes and items that come out of the 3-man, 6-man and 12-man instances in Isengard, in addition to the instances themselves being rather interesting and challenging. I'd like to see us gather some of our high level folks (many of which donated their time with little tangible reward during the Helegrod run) and give them some love as well.

This doesn't mean we'll ignore or forget those in the lower level ranges. I'll be logging on at the usual time (right around 2pm PST) and start gathering whatever folks at whatever level ranges are available. I *highly* recommend keeping tuned into Ales and Tales chat channel, and/or kinchat, and offer your services if at all possible - we have sooo many folks in the LMB, and so many that have been intimidated by lack of experience, or by excess of *bad* experience, and haven't really had an opportunity to enjoy grouping, which can be a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding experience with the right company.

remember, even if you don't see many folks on at your level range, we have many members with many alts at different level ranges that frequently volunteer to help out - and many of those folks have online friends that may be willing to throw in with any of (sometimes) dozens of alts - so, if you're interested at all, call it out (or better yet, send me a tell, as the chat line can sometimes get flooded with various topics)

remember, we almost ALWAYS have folks that need CD/Uru runs, so if you're looking for class quest items, call that out - also, check the kinhouse chests, as people that do their own CD/Uru runs will frequently bring back unclaimed class quest items and store them there. The Great Barrow is a great place for newbs with their lvl 20ish characters to cut their teeth on the fellowship experience. And for the many of us with level capped characters, lets see if we can't get some folks some of those long overdue symbols, cloaks, sigils and whatever other ridiculous grindy items the instance design team has concocted to keep us playing the game.

that's all I can think of for now - feel free to post on this thread for your questions, concerns interests, needs and offers for this upcoming sunday night siege!

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