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re: LMB CHARTER & RULES - Please Read

Greetings Everyone, here is latest Kinship Charter & Rules, laying out the basic guidelines of our kin. We will be fine tuning this as we develop.

This document describes the goals, mission, and detailed rules and regulations of The Lonely Mountain Band.


The Lonely Mountain Band Charter
The Lonely Mountain Band is an established, rank 10 kinship with a long history on Landroval. LMB holds the appreciation and study of Tolkien's works as an integral reason to exist. Our main kinship chat channel is devoted only to things LOTRO and LOTR. While we do not require kinship recruits to be Tolkien scholars, we do expect new initiates to have at least a developing interest in things Tolkien. The stated focus of the Lonely Mountain Band kinship is to celebrate Tolkien's world through Turbine's adaptation to a virtual world. While it is within our scope and aim to explore all elements an MMO has to offer, the main focus is JRR TOLKIEN and his sub-creation.

Our Kin

1.1. We do not require that our members be roleplayers
1.2. We ask that all respect the RP that does happen in our kin.

2.1. Our kin values and enables a wide variety of chat in appropriate channels.
2.2. We maintain channels for game-related, RP, social, and literary discussions.

3.1. LMB periodically meets for kin social events. These events are an optional but important part of the kin. Participation is encouraged.

4.1. LMB forms fellowships for a variety of reasons: quests, grinding, crafting, deeds, forming a musical band, or for having fun.
4.2. The Lonely Mountain Band does participate in end game content, and can supply help in raiding and grouping through our inter-kin LFF function.
4.3. The Lonely Mountain Band does not concentrate on endgame content especially for the purpose of gear and prestige.

5.1. The Lonely Mountain Band is committed to helping its members assist each other through crafting. Various gatherings and parties have formed over our history including:
5.1.1. Kin-wide crafting events
5.1.2. Direct assistance from kin members

6.1. The Lonely Mountain Band has a commitment to music in Middle Earth.
6.2. We have a permanent official "Officer of Music".
6.3. We provide opportunities to perform music in-game to our kin members.
6.4. We have a kin set of .abc files on our website for group music. Download this collection so you too can join in with our musical endeavors.

7.1. The Lonely Mountain Band is committed to events and creative projects! Be it a story, a video, a comic book, a podcast, or a certain RP arc. Be creative and post your ideas.

The Lonely Mountain Band Recruit and Member Guidelines

1.1. Expressing interest in our kin and visiting
1.2. Filling out an application and agreeing to our charter
1.3. Getting an application approved by an authorized officer or leader.
1.4. Having an in-game interview with an officer.

2.1. They import their character into the guildlaunch website;
2.2. They post a bio of their character, or a simple entry on the Roster Forum section;
2.3. The typical recruit period is 4-6 weeks, but this may vary depending on play time, and general involvement with the kin.
2.4. The recruitment period shall be no less than 2 weeks.
2.5. Under certain circumstances the recruitment period may be reset.

We use the following guidelines:
3.1. No Ipwnyou or ChuckNorrisLives or Deathknight in the kin.
3.2. No references to pop culture directly (Micheljackson, Obamarama, Toystori, Chucknorriss)
3.3. Must not be read as a sentence (Ikillbears, Shootokill, Readysetgo)
3.4. Must not make fun of the character (Shortstuff, Tinytot, Pointyears, Uglypug)
3.5. Must not be plain silly (Frankenchick, Biobreaker, Baconeriel)
3.6. Must not be a rip-off of a major Tolkien character (Legolass, Arragorn, Gandolf)
3.7. Name should adhere to Turbine's Code of Conduct ( and Character Naming Policy (

4.1. Recruits may not import an alt into kinship during the recruit period.
4.2. A recruit may switch mains while in the recruit stage. See an officer.

5. Otherwise, all guidelines expected of members also apply to recruits.

6.1. A recruit may use kin chat to ask for help in a quest/crafting matter, or other reason, but spamming chat for these requests is not permitted. Begging is also frowned upon.
6.2. Recruits are under the wing of the Lonely Mountain Band . It is expected that attitude and game-play by any Lonely Mountain Band recruit reflect our kinship’s highest ideals.
6.3. Arguing or ranting over an admonishment with an officer may get you booted from kin. Refer to rules in the "Discipline" section. Maturity is required.
6.4. It is not the duty of officers or members to "babysit" a recruit through the leveling process, nor to help with power leveling. Rather, the kin encourages all officers and members to lend a hand with questing and other in-game play, time permitting and player willing. Additionally, recruits are expected to help other recruits with these same matters.

7.1. A friendly, cheerful attitude, willingness to work with fellow kin members, and appropriate use of chat channels are the primary criteria for promotion to full member.
7.2. Quality of RP, a character bio, knowledge of lore, and renown may also be considered.
7.3. Officers decide when a recruit is promoted to member. Promotion can be done:
7.3.1. On the spot in-game with congratulations.;
7.3.2. In absentia if recruit has logged in within 1 day prior and a mailing is sent by an officer regarding promotion.
7.3.3. At any kin meeting in a formal setting at the recruits request.
7.4. A recruit who has not logged in for 30 days in a row may be BOOTED from the kinship for inactivity.
7.5. A mailing will go out to the booted recruit with an explanation. If a recruit notifies any officer in the kin of an impending absence , a grace period will be put in effect.

8.1. A member's alts may be recruited and promoted to membership without satisfying any recruit procedures.
8.1.1 Naming rules also apply to any/all alts added to the kin in the future.
8.2. This kin has a "no dues" policy. Free will offerings/donations for kin upkeep go to our designated treasury (currently Bratti, alt of Aldekim)
8.3. All members living in kinship neighborhoods should assign open maintenance permissions to High leadership (presently Byrcha/Lhinnthel) in case of abandonment.
8.4. LMB has no membership pruning policy with one exception:
8.4.1 Should membership approach the hard limit of 1500 the longest inactives may be pruned.
8.5. If you plan an extended absence (tour of duty, break from the game) please let an officer know and leave a note on your characters. Also, leave a note on the EXTENDED ABSENCES thread, please

9.1. All LMB members are expected to uphold the bands good name of civility.
9.2.1. LMB members are not to engage in griefing behaviors. Some of these behaviors are:
9.2.2. Force emotes or festival pranks used on unwilling participants or inappropriate venues (such as an event or concert)
9.2.3. Placing ones avatar in an inappropriate location (on the band stand, purposely on top of other characters)
9.2.4 Playing an instrument in the vicinity of an existing concert.

10.1. LMB has established a standardized approach to griefers. Please follow these rules:
10.1.1 Begin by sending a polite /tell asking for the griefing behavior to stop.
10.1.2. If griefing continues, place the griefer on /ignore. Invite those around you to do the same.
10.1.3. Do not engage in counter-griefing (retaliatory forced emotes, festival pranks, insulting language)
10.1.4. File a “Report for harassment” bug report to Turbine
10.2. Do not discuss the griefer on public forums. Private forums are ok, including:
/kin chat channel
LMB forums
Grieferwatch (

11.1. LMB maintains a number of chat channels with specific functions. Use the /joinchannel command.
Our various official chat channels are:
/kin : To be used Primarily for Tolkien related and gameplay chat.
/lmbcafe : for more lengthy off topic, and non gameplay chat. Keep it civil and polite and PG please.
/alesandtales : channel for events, tavern style chat, and for LFF function
/lmbbookclub : channel for periodic book club readings and discussions of Tolkien’s works.
11.2. Politically charged, inflammatory, or morally abusive chat can get you booted from the kin!
11.3. Uncivil, vulgar, or overly slangy (leet-1337) speech can get you warned. Think Inkling!
11.4. We represent LMB as a bastion of civility and language/literary/arts appreciation in a world (virtual or otherwise) largely bereft of it.

12.1. The Kin chest is a free-will chest that members can use to help one another.
12.2. Members should take items for personal use, including upgrades to gear, class items, crafting, and questing.
12.3. Members shall NOT sell chest items at Auction Hall, vendors, or barter, for personal gain.
12.4. Members may place anything helpful in the chest. This includes: crafted and dropped gear, recipes, crafting materials, consumables, Ales and Tales supplies, dye, and decorations.
12.5. Officers may occasionally clear out the chest of items to make more room or raise funds for kin house rent.

13.1. The Lonely Mountain Band adheres to the spirit of Turbine's Code of Conduct ( and will take disciplinary action against any member using cheats or hacks in game play, including (but not limited to): Local client hacks, PvMP farming/fixing, unattended macro farming, the use of exploits.
13.2. The rules for disciplinary action shall be:
13.2.1. Officers may make admonishments and advise players on their own accord.
13.2.2. An agreement of 3 or more officers is required for any of the following actions:
Expulsion from the kin
Reporting to Turbine
13.3. You may seek arbitration: (a third party final judgement) if you deem it important on admonishments and decisions.
13.4. Admonishments/disciplinary action shall be based on the officers’ interpretation of our charter/bylaws and final decisions on any arbitration shall be conducted by high leadership (currently Byrcha/Lhinnthel)

14.1 Members should seek consent from other players out-of-character before engaging in roleplay that could lead to intra-player conflict or be misconstrued as griefing.
14.2 This kinship does not permit roleplay of explicit R-rated activities.
14.2.1 R-rated roleplay content includes sexual activities, sexually-oriented nudity, depictions of intense or continuing violence, hard language, depictions of drug abuse, and aberrational behavior (IE: bestiality, necrophilia, etc).

Edited by Tinki on 5-7-15. Amended version


"Hail Earendel, brightest of angels above the middle-earth sent unto men."-Cynewulf, Christ II

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