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re: App: Finndran

The application submitted by Finndran is as follows:

Name : Finndran
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 120
Gender : N/A
Race : Race of Man
Class : Guardian

Please note: While we do have a presence on other servers, we are primarily a Landroval-based kinship. Our regular weekly events, and our marquee events Weatherstock and Winterstock, are held on the Landroval server.

Have you read & do you agree with LMB charter?:

Do you understand that Kin chat channel is for LOTRO and Tolkien related chat only?:

Use this area to share why you want to join LMB.:
I started out on Nimrodel in a Kinship called Tinnu Uin Galadhrim which was quite like LMB in its focus, with lots of music and parties. MY friend Digger and I were two of the foremost music (and mischief) makers in the band but I've known about LMB for a long time from that video called "Battle of Ballylochlan" that appeared on you You Tube channel, which I really liked. Kudos to whoever make that! It was well done. Once Nimrodel was dissolved, I was relocated to Landroval.

Player info:

Age Range:
Old Fogey

Tell us about any MMO or RP experience you may have (RP is not required for membership, we are just curious): :
Played Everquest, then WoW, then joined LOTRO during Beta testing in 2007 (?) Played for 10 years til after Hytbold and before the next expansion came out, when there was no new content for a while, just grinding for rep. Got bored and left LOTRO for a while. Since then played D&D online and Rift. Now I'm back and found myself in a kinship that is a shadow of its former self, can't remember how to play after all these years and changes, but after 3 years of soloing in Rift, can't stand the thought of playing alone again.

Please tell us what time zone you are in. (i.e. EST): :

Character information:

Tell us about your character: :
120 man Guardian, originally named Finnan on Nimrodel but had to change to Finndran on Landroval. GRRRRR

Please tell us of any previous/current kinships you have character(s) in LOTRO. :
I was in Tinnu Uin Galadhrim and Sons of Durin on Nimrodel, which became Durin's Folk on Landroval but I don't think it has any members anymore.

LMB experience:

Were you referred by a current member? Who?: :
No, just always admired LMB

Have you ever been to LMB hosted event? If yes, what were your impressions? If no, are you planning on it in the next week? (Highly recommended!):
Lately lots of music next to the Prancing Pony. There are always a few of you there.

Gameplay preferences:

What activities do you enjoy most in LOTRO? :
Music, exploring and dungeons

Kinship expectations:

What are your expectations from LMB as a member? :
I would enjoy having people to talk to and play with, especially playing music and running around questing. I also need to re-learn how to play this guardian after my long absence. Lots of changes so there is a lot to learn, and I have a lot of questions about the trait tree and other things.

What do you think your strongest contribution to LMB would be? :
I have done lots of music with Tinnu and led their band, translated lots of songs into .abc format to add to our repertoire. I was a top tier weaponsmith but I need to get that caught up too.


Have you read the books or seen the movies? What are your favourite scenes or images? :
I have read "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy 3 times, The Hobbbit twice, parts of the Silmarillion and Lost Tales, and seen the movies a couple of times too. My favorite scene in the movies is still Gandalf vs. Balrog on the bridge in Moria. The differences between details in the movies and the books, especially toward the end, remains a bit of a disappointment, but I can understand I think why Peter Jackson chose to do it that way.


Is there anything else not covered in this application that you'd like to share with us? :
Not really. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and being among humans (and elves and hobbits and dwarves) again. Thank you for considering me.

Aedon Durreah

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re: APPROVED - App: Finndran - by Aedon Durreah

Greetings Finndran,
Your application has been approved, please /joinchannel alesandtales and ask for an LMB officer to complete the process.

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