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re: Bima's Journal aka BimBam's log

I was born in Buckland, the only daughter of Salvidoc and Goldenrod Boggins. Goldenrod was related to the Brandybucks of Brandy Hall, and would have preferred to continue living in Brandy Hall, but Salvidoc didn't like the idea of being that close to all his relatives, so he moved his small family to Newbury, next door to the Boffin family. Being Stoors, they taught their daughter to swim, how to fish, and how to maneuver the small fishing boats that they used.

I loved the water, and took every chance I could get to row by boat up and down the Brandywine, officially fishing, but actually exploring. I called my little boat The Hobbit Boater. I often brought my best friend Shakestoor with me on these adventures. As we grew into our tweens, we'd often head to Bamfurlong, hoping to steal some of Farmer Maggot's mushrooms. He grew the biggest, tastiest mushrooms in the Marish.

One fateful day, however, I came home from one of my excursions to see our burrow aflame. Running as fast as my feet would carry me, I tried to find my parents, but I was too late. The fire bucket brigade hadn't gotten there in time to save my parents and all we could do was recover their charred remains and give them a proper burial in a small patch of land behind Brandy Hall. Wanting to put the memories of that event behind me, I decided to move to Staddle, to start anew. My gammer had already moved there, to be close to her sister. As she was getting on in years, I helped her with her farm. Often I went to Bree, to bring produce to the market. While there, I'd stop at the Pony and listened to the various bands playing there.

On one such visit, I met Aedon and Cap'n Greyy. Cap'n Greyy was lookin' for a ship's cook. I told her I was interested, so she signed me up right then and there. A few months later, Aedon held a costume contest. I dressed as Cap'n Greyy. This greatly pleased Aedon, and knowing that my parents had died, he adopted me.

Though officially on the Vixen, I still kept my own little boat, the Hobbit Boater. One day, when the Vixen was in drydock being repaired, I got into my boat and rowed down the Branduin to explore and fish. What could go wrong? Well, it seemed like the shores were teaming with wyrms. I rowed up to the little dock by the fishing hut, secured my ship to the dock, and got out to teach them worms a lesson. I was not alone, though. Master Zedrock, a dwarf of no small repute, was there. Hailing me in friendly fashion, he told me I should have a new name - Bim Bam, as he reminded me of a hobbit named BamBam, who also used a big club like mine. I loved the idea, and adopted the name, telling Aedon and Greyy all about it. They liked the idea also, so I became BimBam, though often called BamBam.

As daughter of the Captain, I soon learned how to make rum. I made my own variety, which I called Blue Label. One day, I overheard Cap'n Greyy bemoaning the fact that someone was stealing her rum. I had an idea how I might help find the culprit, and worked late into the night perfecting my idea. I mixed blueberry juice with ink, wrote the word, copied the wording on mom's Greyy label rum onto the new labels, and let them dry. They looked like normal labels, but when touched with anything damp, would turn the thing touching it blue. Then I brought the labels to Cap'n Greyy and she applied them to her bottles. Now all we had to do was wait for someone to show up with blue hands.

Cheggra Songburrow, collector of music and pies.
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