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re: Fred and the Worm Farm Ghost part two

If you were here two weeks ago, you all heard the beginnings of this tale, "The Tale of Fred and the Worm Farm Ghost".

How Fred was urged to investigate the sighting of a ghost on the worm farm.

While I was sitting on the porch enjoying a pipe, with a bucket of pumpkin bits for the compost heap.

And how, although he was skeptical, he did go to the compost pile where the ghost had been sighted.

So gather your courage! Steel your hearts! Keep ale handy!!

For now I will relate to you the conclusion of "The Tale of Fred and the Worm Farm Ghost"

Fred looked up and a sight he totally did not expect to see confronted him and filled him with dread!

It was a ghost, sure enough, fluttering in the light breeze, tendrils seemingly waving at Fred and all the Freds who had followed him,

who were now convinced they were not a safe distance behind Fred after all!

"Has anyone been harmed?" Fred called out to his companions.

A chorus of worm voices cried out, but the general concensus was that no worms had been harmed, beyond frightening them out of an inch of growth.

Fred was thoroughly frightened. But is not courage the overcoming of your fear to act anyway?

And so Fred turned back to look at the apparition once again. Its tendril-like arms waved at Fred menacingly in the light breeze.

Fred was unsure of what to do next. He had never seen a ghost on the worm farm before.

So he tried to address it. "Who are you and what do you want here?" he asked.

Perhaps not too clever a question, but Fred was quite out of his depth and can be excused.

After all, how would you deal with such an event?

But the ghost seemed to pay no attention to the question, except to wave its tendrils more fiercely in the light breeze.

It almost seemed to Fred that the ghost was using the wind to draw closer. The ghost wavered and it's tendrils reached closer menacingly.

Fred wanted to back away, but he decided it best to not show fear. "Go away, and leave the worm farm in peace!" he shouted in the best fearsome voice he could muster.

The ghost paid no attention, still reaching for Fred with its tendrils.

The other Freds, watching from a distance, were in awe of Fred and his courageous act.

Suddenly to their amazement, an avalanche came crashing down to bury Fred and the ghost!!!

Crying out in dismay, they fled as fast as they could, certain the ghost had pulled the compost heap down on Fred.

And certain they were that they had seen the last of Fred.


While Fred was confronting the ghost,

I finished my pipe and picked up the pail, and walked to the compost heap.

Before I emptied the pail, something white moved and caught my eye.

I looked closer and saw a small corner of a white cloth I had discarded earlier, frayed and threadbare, fluttering in the breeze.

So I emptied the pail and the contents fell over the cloth and that was that.

I washed the pail and my hands, then went in the house to eat a piece of apple pie.

But that was not the end of the tale.

An hour later Fred appeared back among the others, unharmed.

All he would tell them is that he had wormed his way out of the rubble and saw no more of the ghost.

But legend grew that Fred had fought the ghost under the rubble, and no matter how he denied it, his legend grew and grew. Worms began to call him Fred the Ghost Banisher!

And the ghost was never seen on the worm farm again.

And now you know "The Tale of Fred and the Worm Farm Ghost".

So, was it a ghost? Or just a piece of cloth? Fred isn't saying one way or the other.

But I have noticed that Fred has taken to patrolling around the compost heap on a daily basis. Make of that wha
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