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re: Chronicles of Elyria (CoE)

For those who might be interested, CoE is removing the various Aristocracy and Nobility packages from their store this Monday (Dec 31st) at noon PST. This is only of interest to anyone who has excess holiday cash and wants access to alpha playtest as well as pre-situating themselves as a mayor of a specific settlement prior to official game launch. For anyone just playing the wait-and-see game, read on.

Here is a link to my recruiting post for my county: Rumor has it that the development pace will pick up in January, at least for events which will affect the players directly. Domain and Settlement Selection (D&SS) is coming first: players will begin selecting actual locations to rule from the already-known unique server maps. First the kingdoms will select, then the duchies, then the counties, then the settlements (mayors), presumably over a period of a few weeks. It isn't yet clear what information we will know about the locations beforehand. Currently, the duchy I have pledged to is in line to have a seacoast as well as a border with a rival kingdom and is situated in grassy/hilly shrublands. I'll post more info as it becomes available. If you have any questions, let me know.

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re: Chronicles of Elyria (CoE)

While my faith in the developers of CoE has been tested this year (they have issues with communication and possibly with 'founder syndrome'), I can give a brief update. Development crawls along very slowly; the pre-alpha phase could occur by the end of the year (I'm not holding my breath). Meanwhile they are currently implementing their domain/settlement selection process. I have indeed selected my spot in the kingdom of Alesia, duchy of Zylphania, as planned. My county is Falkyriiah, centrally located on the duchy map. In addition to my town (the county seat) there are three other as-yet-unclaimed settlements. The county looks to be a prosperous one with ample resources for farming/herding and commerce. There is an inlet leading to the sea, but it is not yet clear if this is passable by shipping or merely a salt marsh.

Maps (at least one should be viewable):


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