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re: Dark Lord of Mordor vs. Dark Lord of the Sith

Found this in a group on facebook. Posted by Sky Westfall

RE: Darth Vader vs. Sauron: Who would win?

The molten fumes of the black lake surged upon the shores of Mel'Nir. Here, temperatures rose higher than most mortal creatures could endure. Above, the light of a sun all but forgotten beyond the ripples and tears of a long-since darkened sky, brings memory to what once was day.

Shimmering like coal from the wastes beyond, Sauron emerged. Clad entirely in the most masterful and menacing of black armor, he wields a single, yet heavy and powerful mace. Around his clutched hand, the ring of power is seated with etched runes that glow with tremendous power.

Above, a Lambda class T4-A shuttle descends, its wings folding over top of the craft as its landing gear protrudes. From its rest, the hydraulic hiss of the lowering ramp's hydraulics, combine with the steam of the cool air being vacuumed from within to reveal yet another figure clad in darkness. A crimson-lit blade accompanies the sith Lord, Darth Vader.

Both of them reach out to probe each other's minds; one with sorcery, the other, with the force.

Sauron reveals brief glimpses into Vader's past, even as apparations before him. Obi Wan Kenobi, Padme, and Ahsoka are present among them. Sauron senses Vader's past fears, but in pressing them against Vader, he finds a darkness; a barrier that consumes them like fire. This sith Lord, is not unlike himself.

Vader probes Sauron and feels the power of the Dark Lord before him. It was enough to make most anyone cower in fear. But to Vader, it was an open challenge, and one he looked forward to. Sauron's ambition and cunning nature were apparent to Vader. And Sauron made no attempt to hide it.

Sauron raises an open hand towards Vader, fire flashing in his eyes. His words are foreign to Vader, yet pierce his very soul. The Sith Lord understand his appeal to have Vader submit to his will and increase Sauron's, as well as Vader's realm of power. But Vader is here on a different mission.

"I must decline your menial offer, as it holds no appeal to me."

Sauron speaks again, this time with a warning. Again the words themselves elude Vader, but he understands a second refusal of Sauron will not be met kindly.

"You are mistaken." Vader marches towards Sauron, building himself up in the force. He feels the presence of this Dark Lord, the air, the ground, even the magma that rests around and beneath them, as well as the terrible darkness that permeates the air around them. Indeed, after his victory here, he would make this place a resting grounds for his future meditations of the dark side. But for now, he holds his lightsaber centered and true.

Sauron's immaculate armor served much more than a means of protection. Perfectly crafted by his hand, with him, it could change form, as well as guard his spirit. He had many surprises for this Sith Lord. And surely, many he could not possibly expect.

Vader opens by raising a fist and calling on the force, from which he hurls a pile of rubble and stone towards Sauron. Many of them smash and shatter harmlessly against his body and armor, but the last of them require him to make his defense, shattering them with the swift power of his mace.

Sauron, least of all foolish, evades his advancing opponent, back peddling to avoid the Sith Lord's nimble and focused strikes. Vader holds nothing back in terms of power and prowess; dauntless and swift.

Yet as Vader begins to land a critical blow to Sauron, the Maiar shifts forms like the shadows upon the wind, surounding Vader in a torrent of formless darkness.

"You do not know that which you reckon!" The darkness warns in still indistinguishable words. Yet Vader understand them clearly. Calling on the force, Vader waits, his saber centered once more.

From behind!

Vader ducks as a massive dark beast of a wolf dives over him. He whirls his saber overhead, but the creature's speed contends and perhaps far surpasses his own. The two exchange in swift glances and blows, passed all too quickly to land with the force neccessary to finish the other. Vader's saber grazes the wolf and eventually wounds its leg, forcing it to limp and cease its attack. But Vader's suit has also been torn in several places, though to no measurable effect to his life or ability in combat.

"Your power is unique." Vader nods, as to show a sign of respect. "Surrender yourself to me, and an even greater power shall be yours."

Sauron shifts to his previous and original form, approaching Vader with his feet scorching the remnants of the earth beneath him. "Surrender... is the only means in which you have to survive!"

With this threat, Sauron swings his Mace. Vader flies back, carried by the force. Yet Sauron demonstrates his own swiftness, rushing Vader with a fury of blows, the last of which striking against the Sith Lord and sending him back against a pile of Rock.

The Maiar stands ready, but patient.

Vader falls, standing quickly with his saber held to guard.

With his opponent weakened in the moment, Sauron presses the darkness against Vader, reaching deep within his soul. There, unhidden from his sights, is something the Sith Lord hides more fiercely than fear; feverishly as if to keep it known even from himself. The love of a woman he once betrayed rests heavy on yet even the most forgotten reaches of his heart.

Sauron laughs, reeling in his assured sense of victory over the Sith. "I know your weakness, mortal. You are not so powerful as you might seem. For the love of a woman still rests as a vice within you!"

For a moment, Vader puases. Yet, this was not to reflect. Nor was it to remember. The Sith allows the memories to run free, granting them to Sauron completely. In doing so, Sauron constructs the form of Padme between them, perfect in her maiden form. Her eyes are just as he always remembered them, kindled with warmth and kindess. She looks as Vader now, not in disgust, and neither in fear, but in love.

Padme walks towards Vader with open arms. Vader receives her, quelling the fire of his blade.

"Padme?" His cold voice softens, ever so slightly, running his dark-gloved hands through her hair. She looks up to him, just like she had all those years ago, as if she had never left him at all.

"I forgive you." She pleads. "I love you, Anakin. I will always love you!"

Padme smiles.

"That name...." Vader runs his hand over her face. "... no longer holds any meaning for me."

The Sith ignites his lightsaber, cutting Padme down. He does so with complete and total control of his power of the dark side. And in that moment, his hatred for the weakness he was once, and never shall be again, storms like tempest within, perfect in form. "In terms of the force... you are, and shall be taken like the child you are!"

As with Sauron, the very air around Vader seethes with darkness and torment. Now, there would be no games, no more warping or battling of the minds. This would be a demonstration of power, pure and unbridled.

Both Sith and Maiar swing with heavy and powerful blows.

Sauron sunders the earth, but Vader flies above the quake that follows, swiping his crimson saber against Sauron's helm.

Sauron hurls his mace, swiping and arching in powerful blows, the last of which slams Vader's side. The Sith rolls several meters away, laying flat on his back.

Sauron approaches with a sense of victory over his enemy, vanquished by such a simple attack.

But Vader wasn't finished. Though wounded, as the Maiar's mace came down for him once more, the Sith Lord reaches out, calling on the force to lift not only the mace, but Sauron himself into the air.

Vader, while holding Sauron, pushes himself to his knee.

Sauron hurls bolts of fire towards Vader, which the Sith absorbes with the precise riposte of his lightsaber. And now, still powered by the full fury of the dark side, Vader clenches his fist.
Sauron's armor cinches and begin's the crumble under the weight of the power called against him. Yet, even still, Vader cannot finish him; even with the full power of the dark side at his command.

Sauron calls up the darkness around them, forcing the earth to open and crack, swallowing Vader.

Quickly, Vader draws on the force to reach safety. Yet in doing so, his grasp of the Maiar weakens, thus freeing Sauron.

Vader stands with his injuries, the power of the force leaving his physical ability to command it.

Sauron resumes his march towards Vader, the shadows of the deep surrounding and restoring his broken armor, until he is at last renewed.

"You do not comprehend the power to which you have so foolishly contended, mortal!" Sauron's voice carries in the very air between them. The fire which escapes the Maiar's fury, ripples through the air, surrounding Vader.

Vader hurls his lightsaber towards Sauron in a final measure to strike him down. And though the blade flies swiftly, Sauron strikes it aside. The lightsaber penetrates a distant rock and deactivates against a slide of stone.

Sauron approaches Vader, certain in the Sith's impending demise.

Yet even now, Vader reaches out with the force. But this time, it is not for battle, or for tactical gain; not even to protect himself.
Two pillars of stone that stand between the Maiar and the Sith answer to Vader's grip. And as he holds out his arms, seemingly accepting of Sauron's final blow, he pulls his arms inward, calling on the pillars to fall against his enemy.

Sauron looks up to see the stones falling towards him. He swats and shatters his way through them almost entirely, before being buried by their masses. Yet, Sauron is far from defeated.

Swift to his feet, Vader runs towards the rubble and leaps through the air. He reaches out again with the force, calling on his lightsaber from the slide of the rocks.

Sauron emerges in a burst of stone, his arm and head protruding from the rubble with a furious swipe of his mace.

Vader descends in a flurry of crimson blows. By the time he lands amidst the rocks, Sauron's head and arm fall at his feet. A deafening cry makes for an explosion of sheer power that sends Vader flying.

Rolling over his side, Vader groans in the pain of agony which had caught up to him, yet would not allow him defeat. With his lightsaber blinking out and flashing from damage it received in the blast, Vader finds the head of Sauron drifting away in ash beside him.

Falling to his knees, the crimson lit glow of the Sith's saber deactivates. He replaces it at his side as he stands and turns away. Yet, facing his shuttle, there is something... something else that calls to him.

As it had been with many Sith relics in his conquests, Vader felt the presence of something terrible... something... cunning... and powerful calling out to him.

The arm of Sauron lay smoldering and blistering to a wind that took it by ash, where but a single, golden ring remained.

Vader stares at it, as if to contemplate, and perhaps... to resist its power.

Then... he thought of the Emperor. For long had he been his servant. And for so long had he answered to him as Master. But for how long? Wasn't he searching for something; some means to unlock secrets which the Emperor knew not himself? He would never challenge the Emperor openly and foolishly. But with the means to defeat him... if he knew he could do it...

Vader finds himself standing over the ring. He feels its call, and through the force, attempts to measure its power. But all the while, his physical weakness and desires were manifesting against him. And before he knew it, he was reaching down to take the ring up for himself.

As Vader dons the ring, he feels its power surge trhough him, the band forming to fit around his own finger as if made for that very purpose. And in that moment, Vader felt everything he ever believed to be lacking in himself, surging with immearuable fortitude.

Vader marches towards his shuttle, the power of not only the dark side, but of something else far more terrible surrounding him. And from the shadows which boarded his ship, tendrils of fire and darkness took form in the air to renew Sauron's image once more.


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