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re: Tinki Tribute Chat Log

This is a giant chat log wow!
I couldn't bring myself to cut out any of the "FOR TINKI!!" shouts, etc. Hopefully, separating the paragraphs a bit makes for easier reading!
Apologies for the end where it just falls into utter chaos :P


### Chat Capture: Kin 07/10/2016 04:07 PM ###
You say, 'Now, I welcome to the stage The Lonely Mountain Band's kin leader, Lady Byrcha,'
You say, 'to say a few words about our dear friend, Tinki,'
You say, 'who as our kin member Kiralynn said, *was the most cheerful and honorable player among us."'
Byrcha says, 'Thank you again to all of the participants in this week's Weatherstock Concert Series shows!'
Byrcha says, 'Also, a huge thank you to all of the folks toiling behind the scenes to bring you all of these shows!'
Byrcha says, 'And thank you to all of the fans who have been here with us all week!'
Byrcha says, 'It has been a fantastic week of music indeed!'
Byrcha says, 'We do hope you all can join us ... *checks calendar* ... eek, in less than two weeks for Weatherstock VIII!'

Braxwolf says, 'Look at all the Tinkis!'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Someone please get some nice high res screenshots?
[Kinship] Malphos: I try
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Hullo Kira!
[Kinship] Dancyn: missed the invite ;(
[Kinship] Geoffroi: Hello to all I missed while playing
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* Geoff!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Heya Kiralynn!
[Kinship] Rosalila: Hullo, Geoffroi!

Byrcha says, 'Alas, as you have likely already heard by now, we will be holding Weatherstock without one of its long-time supporters ...'
Byrcha says, 'It is with much sadness that we learned the news that one of our great friends had passed into the West ...'
Byrcha says, 'Tinki will forever be remembered as the brave Hobbit in the bright yellow outfit'
Byrcha says, '... with top hat and keg-pack too, of course!'
Byrcha says, 'Many a visitor to Weatherstocks- and Winterstocks-past, as well as to 'Ales and Tales', was greeted by Tinki's sunny disposition'
Byrcha says, '... and with the immediate offer to quench the visitor's thirst and fill their pipe!'
Byrcha says, 'And many, like myself, were inspired by Tinki's posts on the Landroval forums, advertising any and all LMB events or just having fun'
Byrcha says, 'Today we will pay tribute to Tinki, and, no, I will not say do not weep'
Byrcha says, 'But do also remember all of the fun times which Tinki shared with us'
Byrcha says, 'To start things off, I'll share one of my memories of Tinki ...'
Byrcha says, 'When I first joined the Lonely Mountain Band, I promptly vanished!'
Byrcha says, 'PC-trouble ... work-trouble ... the usual excuses ...'
Byrcha says, 'When I finally got back to Middle Earth a month or so later, there was Tinki to welcome me'
Byrcha says, '... and to promote me to full-member of the Band!'
Byrcha says, 'I, of course, replied: 'Wait, are you sure you want to do that? You don't even know me.''
Byrcha says, 'But Tinki had already promoted me ... and so it was time for me to run out and slay an Orc!'
Byrcha says, 'That was Tinki's way. And I will be forever grateful ... and also glad that I was spared The Boot!'
Byrcha says, 'And so today, we honor Tinki, and Ron (Tinki's player), which no doubt would have embarrassed Ron a bit'

[Kinship] Kiralynn: I have a metric ton of fireworks and pipeweed if anyone wants some.
[Kinship] Godwineson: can anyone film this?
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I think Holly is.
Anthemisa says, 'Bless the Boot!'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: I am filming all of it on Leddyep
[Kinship] Hollyberye: Youtube tomorow Hollyberye channel
[Kinship] Rosalila: You're the best, Holly
[Kinship] Malphos: Zygg should be filming too
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Woooo!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: You tricksy, I read her name as lad-zeppelin!
[Kinship] Hollyberye: I need to stop crying though
[Kinship] Godwineson: Thank you Holly!!!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: It will stop when it stops. In it's own time, good Holly.

Byrcha says, 'I am so thankful that LMB was able to hold a tribute for Tinki over a year and a half ago,'
Byrcha says, 'after we had heard that the news wasn't too good, at one of our kin meetings'
Byrcha says, 'Today we will play some songs made in Tinki's honor over the years, most quite some time ago, along with some other fitting tributes'
Byrcha says, 'I am so glad that so many of us have come together today!'
Byrcha says, 'And, please, be sure to dance along, as Tinki always did!'
Byrcha says, 'But first, while the show must go on -- Tinki would have insisted!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Byrcha says, '-- I am comforted to know that there is a yellow-clad Hobbit kicking up her heels somewhere now with the Valar'
Byrcha says, 'And so, fill yer mugs for a /toast ...'
Byrcha says, 'To Tinki: Bestest Hobbit of us all!'

Grombine says, 'For Tinki!'
Bilwise says, 'Huzzah!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!'
Zedrockk says, 'To Tinki!'
Brico says, 'To Tinki'
Sonca says, 'For Tinki'
Gennyrose says, 'For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Godwineson: for Tinki!
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'
Bragomur says, '´to tinki'
Godwineson says, 'for TInki'
Zinovia says, 'For Tinki'
Bluecanary says, 'to Tinki'

Byrcha says, '(hmm ... we're gonna need more crockery!)'
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'
Trincia says, 'to tinki'
Halgoreth says, 'Drinki!'
Ethlossoth says, 'for Tinki!'
Lorenius says, 'To Tinki'
Corulin says, 'To Tinki!'
Anthemisa says, 'Tinki!'
Envir says, 'To Tinki!'
Merrydew says, 'To Tinki!'
Veriwin says, 'And a mop.'
Luinori says, 'Hail Tinki!'
Tinybel says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'

Byrcha says, 'Tinki touched so many lives in such a simple way, and yet it was deeply profound and far-reaching as well'
Byrcha says, 'I for one likely would never have even found the Lonely Mountain Band, let alone joined in, if it weren't for Tinki's many tireless efforts -- and the example that her humor always set'
Grombine says, 'To brave hobbit!'
Byrcha says, 'Her frying pan critting on Orcs, yet her fish being extra tender afterwards ... classic!'
You say, 'here here!'
Byrcha says, 'And yet, as the signs foretold of an ending, it was Tinki who helped us all to see the joy in simply being together'
Sonca says, 'Yes'
Gennyrose says, 'I love that line!'
Byrcha says, 'Every time you see a yellow-clad vendor, whether at Weatherstock or elsewhere, Tinki is there too'
Godwineson says, 'The best of us'
Byrcha says, 'Tinki made all of our days a little brighter!'
Byrcha says, 'And now, it's time for some music!'
Erikin says, 'Very nice speech!'
Dancyn says, 'well said'
Luinori says, 'So many musicians...this will be a grand send-off indeed.'
Mithrilfist says, 'WOOOO!'
Lorenius says, 'As Tinki deserves.'

[alesandtales] Tulenn: 'If anyone would like to say a few words for Tinki, please send me a /tell and I will put you on the list. I will call you up by name when it is your turn to speak.'
[Kinship] Bluecanary: Getting lots of screenshots - is there a set place on the website to send them later?
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Grand! Thank you, Tulenn!'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I'm not missing lyrics, am I?
[alesandtales] Luinori: 'I wish I could, but I didn't know her, aside from seeing her at various concerts. :/'
[Kinship] Byrcha: no lyrics for this one
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Thanks.
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'I did not know Tinki...but I have been so moved by everyone sharing their thoughts & memories.'
[Kinship] Rosalila: Good to know. The say bug is truly a plague.
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'wish I had known Tinki'
[To Kinship] the next song will have lyrics
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Thanks for being here, Luinori. Thanks for the support. *hugs*'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: So many people, so much yellow, it's wonderful.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Looking good on stage, my Bandmates! =)
[alesandtales] Luinori: '*hugs to all*'
[alesandtales] Baudhaegas: 'Aye hugs back!'
[alesandtales] Godwineson: 'I guess I could, if I can talk. ..'
[alesandtales] Godwineson: 'I mean he deserves it.'

[Kinship] Summerbud: Same here Dancyn. I may have chatted with Tinki only twice, but enjoy hearing what everyone has shared. :)
[Kinship] Kiralynn: He really was a good soul. One of those rare people where it seems the world went a little darker when he passed.
[Kinship] Summerbud: Grrlz of Middle-earth will be here soon streaming. We're all wearing yellow today as tribute.
Elimraen says, 'Yes, this is really special.'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: I will forever be glad we had a party for him before he passed.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Tinki/Ron was one of the most peaceful players I have /ever/ known. Even when people were being jerks, he wished them no ill will - he just wished they'd be decent people is all.
Dancyn says, 'This is very moving. Tinki is well honoured & remembered'
[Kinship] Envir: Sucks that we never talked, but I do remember Tinki's reaction when the Kin played the Tinki song at the kin meeting... good times...

Piperia says, '(( sweet! every one of my online friends is here! ))'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: I lost most of my family to cancer, fought it myself, and I can tell you that none of us were half as brave as he was.
[Kinship] Dancyn: I will be posting screen shots on my FB page ... DancynBoots
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Yow, Kira.
[Kinship] Malphos: oh Kira! *hugs*
[Kinship] Dancyn: sorry to hear that
[Kinship] Bilwise: *hugs Kira*
[Kinship] Caiyyd: he was so supportive when my wife was going through her marrow transplant - always a cheergful email when needed
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* Kira.
[Kinship] Danniwyn: *hugs to everyone who is grieving*
[Kinship] Dancyn: I have another LOTRO friend who is fighting cancer
[Kinship] Godwineson: Carliee Rosiee would have been here but for an emergency
[Kinship] Godwineson: Dancyn :-(
[Kinship] Halgoreth: I have lost too many.
[Kinship] Rosalila: I know firsthand how tough that marrow transplant can be. I'm glad that you got that support, Caiyyd. The caregivers really get the short end of the straw (as my long-suffering husband could surely tell you)
[Kinship] Kiralynn: 3 other LMBers are here looking over my shoulder, so to keep the network lag to a minimum at the house.

[alesandtales] Tulenn: 'If anyone would like to say a few words for Tinki, please send me a /tell and I will put you on the list. I will call you up by name when it is your turn to speak.'
[Kinship] Halgoreth: I'm sorry, Tinki...wherever you are. But I cannot take being here for this. Just too many lately.
[Kinship] Qiredis: *waves at everyone at Kira's house*
[To Kinship] Yes, Cancer is a horrid horrid thing - it has run rampant in our friends/family as well
[Kinship] Qiredis: He would understand, Hal.
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Far apart, never alone!
[Kinship] Dancyn: *hugs Halgoreth
[Kinship] Envir: It is always sad when a friend or family member passes. But we live on, to remember those who pass, so they are never truly gone.

[Kinship] Elimraen: *hugs* Halg sad
[Kinship] Aedon: *hugs Hal*
[To Kinship] Far Apart, Never Alone!
[Kinship] Qiredis: *hugs* Take care of you!
Halgoreth has gone offline.
[Kinship] Zinovia: I lost my Mum to cancer recently
[Kinship] Anthemisa: I am having hard time to find words, the music and the view of the stage makes me cry harder... but I just feel blessed to meet him...
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: You said it, Lhinn! Far Apart, Never Alone! Even now! Especially now!
[Kinship] Zinovia: she didn't know she had it, had to die with dignity
[Kinship] Byrcha: Far Apart, Never Alone indeed!
[Kinship] Danniwyn: Far Apart, Never Alone
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Far apart, never Alone!
[Kinship] Envir: Far Apart, Never Alone.
[Kinship] Bilwise: *hugs and pies and bacon and hummus all around*
[Kinship] Mornawen: That's horrible, Zinovia, *hugs*
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I'm sorry, Zinovia. sad
[Kinship] Aedon: Far Apart, never alone.
[Kinship] Tinybel: Far Apart, Never Alone.
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Hugs Zinovia. I know how that feels. It runs in all the women on one side of my family, I'm the only one who survived it going back as many generations as we can trace. I was the first to fight it.
[Kinship] Juneith: I managed to leave work early, where are we meeting? Tinki was a big part of my game sad

[Kinship] Dancyn: Far Apart, Never Alone
Luinori says, 'Wonderful!'
Byrcha says, 'thank you'
Lindiria says, 'Beautiful.'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Festival Grounds south of Hengstacer Farms.
[Kinship] Kyrian: horsefields junieth
[Kinship] Calycanthus: We're at the Bree Festival Stage.
Dancyn says, 'beautiful'
[Kinship] Malphos: At the Bree Festival stage, Juneith
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: At the stage.
[Kinship] Juneith: see you soon!
[To Kinship] Hello, Juneith!
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Would you like a summons, Juneith?
[Kinship] Juneith: trying to change clothes

Geoffroi says, '#I'm just mad about Tinki'
Geoffroi says, '#We're all crazy for her'
Geoffroi says, '#I'm just mad about Tinki'
Geoffroi says, '#We're all crazy for her'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Luinori says, 'Quite right!'
Geoffroi says, '#I'm just mad about yellow'
Geoffroi says, '#Yellow does it for me'
Geoffroi says, '#I'm just mad about yellow'
Geoffroi says, '#When it's worn by darlin' Tinki'

[Kinship] Zinovia: Mellow Yellow love this :)
Byrcha shouts, 'now you should be seeing lyrics'
Mithrilfist says, 'Come now, get those feet moving, Free Peoples!'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'

[To alesandtales] 'Oh how Tinki danced to this one at the meeting last year!!'
[Kinship] Danniwyn: I feel for everybody in pain right now. I choose to celebrate his life, rather than focus on losing him
[To Kinship] Very well said, Danni!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Aye, Danni!
[To Kinship] And look at us -- his spirit is surely living on!
Godwineson says, 'Dancyn "I do not say "do not weep" for not all tears are evil.'
[Kinship] Mornawen: It's good to have such companions on this journey.
[alesandtales] Kiralynn: 'If anyone wants fireworks, pipeweed or ale, just ask me once I'm off stage. I have several hundred of each.'
[To Kinship] Such a beautiful sea of yellow!

Geoffroi says, '#Short in height but big in heart'
Geoffroi says, '#Gives away the finest ale'
Geoffroi says, '#Keg won't ever run dry'
Geoffroi says, '#Tops you up without fail'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Hollyberye says, '#(So mellow, she's so yellow)'
Geoffroi says, '#Top hat and fancy backpack'
Geoffroi says, '#Is gonna be a sudden craze'
Geoffroi says, '#Top hat and fancy backpack'
Geoffroi says, '#Is bound to be the very next phase'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Geoffroi says, '#Oh, Oh, Tinki's a dear'
Geoffroi says, '#I'm just mad about her'
Geoffroi says, '#We're all mad about Tinki'
Geoffroi says, '#We're all crazy for her'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'

[Kinship] Paxorn: it is nice to celebrate someone who touched so many in such a positive manner.
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Has anyone done a head count?
[Kinship] Envir: While we grieve the passing, it is the life we truly remember.
Mithrilfist shouts, 'Send me a tell if you want free goodies! Pie, pipe-weed, and spirits for the asking!'

Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Quite rightly)'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Geoffroi says, '#They call her mellow yellow'
Aedon says, 'Quite Rightly'
Geoffroi says, '#Oh so mellow'
Hollyberye says, '#(Oh so yellow)'
Merrydew says, '#We're all mad about Tinki'

[Kinship] Tinybel: He's probably in a place where the ale never ends, there is worse places to be I think.
[Kinship] Godwineson: I have cause to believe so
[Kinship] Dancyn: we grieve because we miss those we care for so much.
[Kinship] Godwineson: It's not forever, but it's a long time
[Kinship] Zinovia: Daffodils represent cancer
[Kinship] Tiffanii: aye Dancyn how true
You shout, 'If youcannot hear Geoffroi speaking, you have /say bug. Please walk near the stage.'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Kira, I'm getting a very rough estimate of 100+
[Kinship] Qiredis: About 130, I can't count very well
[To Kinship] about 140 using social panel and seperating levels

Geoffroi says, 'Funeral Blues, with apologies to W H Auden'
Geoffroi says, '#Stop all the clocks, cut off the vendor's cry,'
Geoffroi says, '#Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy pie,'
Geoffroi says, '#Silence the theorbos and with muffled drum'
Geoffroi says, '#Bring out the coffin, let the mourners come.'
Geoffroi says, '#Let black crebain circle moaning overhead'
Geoffroi says, '#Scribbling on the sky the message 'She is Dead'.'
Geoffroi says, '#Put silken bows round the necks of the white doves,'
Geoffroi says, '#Let the Bounders of The Shire wear black cotton gloves.'
Geoffroi says, '#She was my North, my South, my East and West,'
Geoffroi says, '#My working week and my Sunday rest,'
Geoffroi says, '#My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;'
Geoffroi says, '#I thought that love would last forever: I was wrong.'
Geoffroi says, '#The stars are not wanted now; put out every one,'
Geoffroi says, '#Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun,'
Geoffroi says, '#Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;'
Geoffroi says, '#For there is nothing now can ever be as good.'
Geoffroi says, 'Rest in peace, sweet Tinki'
Mithrilfist says, 'Yellow star fireworks! Tinki would have approved heartily!'

[Kinship] Sonca: That was a wonderfull version Geoff, Thank you
Byrcha says, 'Thank you, Geoffroi ...'
Dancyn says, 'beautiful'
Luinori says, 'Well said!'
Bilwise says, 'Rest in peace.'
Bredhe says, 'Luverly....'
[Kinship] Dancyn: beautiful
[Kinship] Dancyn: thank you
Liarna says, 'wel spoken'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Awesome poem
[Kinship] Calycanthus: That was a beautiful poem.
[alesandtales] Tulenn: 'If anyone would like to say a few words for Tinki, please send me a /tell and I will put you on the list. I will call you up by name when it is your turn to speak.'

Byrcha says, 'Now some lyrics I finagled for the tribute we did last year ...'
Byrcha says, 'It was many years ago they say'
Byrcha says, 'Colonel Tinki taught LMB to play'
Byrcha says, 'She's been setting the fashion style'
Byrcha says, 'Always guaranteed to raise a smile'
Byrcha says, 'So may I introduce to you'
Byrcha says, 'The act you've known for all these years!'
Byrcha says, 'Colonel Tinki's Sunday-Night-Siege Ba-and!'
Byrcha says, 'We're Colonel Tinki's Sunday-Night-Siege Band'
Byrcha says, 'We hope you will enjoy the show'
Byrcha says, 'We're Colonel Tinki's Sunday-Night-Siege Band'
Byrcha says, 'Sit back and let the evening go'
Byrcha says, 'Colonel Tinki's Sunday'
Byrcha says, 'Colonel Tinki's Night-Siege'
Byrcha says, 'Colonel Tinki's Sunday-Night-Siege Band'
Byrcha says, 'It's wonderful to be here'
Byrcha says, 'It's certainly a thrill'
Byrcha says, 'You're such a lovely audience'
Byrcha says, 'She'd like to take you to the Rift!'
Byrcha says, 'She'd love to take you there!'
Byrcha says, 'I don't really want to stop the show'
Byrcha says, 'But I thought you might like to know'
Byrcha says, 'It is such an honor to sing this song'
Byrcha says, 'Tinki inspires us all to play along'
Byrcha says, 'So let us applaud you'
Byrcha says, 'The one and only Yellow Vendor!'
Byrcha says, 'And Colonel Tinki's Sunday-Night-Siege Ba-and!'
Byrcha says, 'thank you'

[Kinship] Dancyn: This is a gREAT song!
[Kinship] Mornawen: *agrees*
[Kinship] Kiralynn: I'm counting around 120 people?
[Kinship] Paxorn: Wow
[Kinship] Danniwyn: Know what I think is amazing? That people who live all over the work coming together like this and sharing fellowship over a person who was truly good and memorable. Love it!
You sense that a creature is nearby but hidden from your sight.
[Kinship] Qiredis: Yes :)
[Kinship] Paxorn: So true
[Kinship] Dancyn: so true
[Kinship] Envir: Indeed it is Danni, indeed it is.
[Kinship] Danniwyn: oops, I meant 'world', not work
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *agreed* Danni
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Many countries represented here, indeed.

Geoffroi says, '#She is just a vendor'
Geoffroi says, '#And her story's seldom told,'
Geoffroi says, '#She has squandered her inventory'
Geoffroi says, '#For a pack jammed full of pleasantries,'
Geoffroi says, '#Such as pastries'
Geoffroi says, '#Ales, pie, and weed'
Geoffroi says, '#Still, a troll hears what he wants to hear-'
Geoffroi says, '#And disregards the deed.'
Geoffroi says, '#When she left her hole and her family,'
Geoffroi says, '#She was no more than a girl'
Geoffroi says, '#In the company of strangers'
Geoffroi says, '#In the quiet of the travellin' wagon,'
Geoffroi says, '#Running scared,'
Geoffroi says, '#Laying low,'
Geoffroi says, '#Seeking out the poorer quarters'
Geoffroi says, '#Where the ragged people go,'
Geoffroi says, '#Looking for the places'
Geoffroi says, '#Only they would know.'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la lie lie,'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la la lie la la la la lie...'
Ashigaru says, 'Pie pie pie...'
Geoffroi says, '#Asking only bandsman's wages'
Geoffroi says, '#She came looking for a job,'
Geoffroi says, '#So she started hawking,'
Geoffroi says, '#While dancing merrily up'
Geoffroi says, '#On high mount Weatherstock'
Geoffroi says, '#I do declare,'
Geoffroi says, '#There were times when I was so lonesome'
Geoffroi says, '#I took some comfort there.'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la lie lie,'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la la lie la la la la lie...'
Geoffroi says, '#Then I'm laying out my yellow robe'
Geoffroi says, '#And wishing I was like her,'
Geoffroi says, '#Sharing hope'
Geoffroi says, '#Where the Lonely Mountain winters'
Geoffroi says, '#Aren't bleeding me,'
Geoffroi says, '#She's leading me,'
Geoffroi says, '#We're sharing joy.'
Geoffroi says, '#In the clearing stands a hobbit,'
Geoffroi says, '#And a vendor by her trade'
Geoffroi says, '#And she carries the reminders'
Geoffroi says, '#Of ev'ry boot that kick'd the ground'
Geoffroi says, '#And tore her till out she cries'
Geoffroi says, '#In her sorrow and her shame,'
Geoffroi says, '#"I'm out of ales, I'm out of pies!"'
Geoffroi says, '#But the kindness still remains.'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la lie lie,'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la la lie la la lie...'
Geoffroi says, '#By the light!'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la lie lie,'
Geoffroi says, '#lie la la la la lie la la lie...'
You say, 'By the Light!!!'

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Kaerri and I have a thunderstorm over our heads here in Florida - our apologies if we suddenly go linkdead. =)
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Oh! Be safe at there!
[Kinship] Qiredis: We're inside, so all's well :) But the internet may be another story.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Oh, we're fine! We just might lose power is all; then again, we might not!
[Kinship] Sonca: ok, In case you have to go, Take care!

Bilwise says, '#YellowForTinki!'

Hollyberye says, '#Yellow color all around, Tinkiettes here to stay'
Hollyberye says, '#Thanks to her, we often smile'
Hollyberye says, '#Got such a pleasant way'
Hollyberye says, '#And now it's time to sing her song'
Hollyberye says, '#Darlin' Tinki lights the way'
Hollyberye says, '#You're the best kind of friend'
Hollyberye says, '#You speak the truth, with charm and commonsense'
Hollyberye says, '#It's you we recommend'
Hollyberye says, '#To show us the way when life gets too intense'
Hollyberye says, '#Tinki's the one!'
Hollyberye says, '#Now's the time, the time is now, to sing her song'
Hollyberye says, '#Goin' round Middle-earth, we got to find our lass, a Tinki Day!'
Hollyberye says, '#We've been with her much of the way, Tinki's the one!'
Hollyberye says, '#Gotta love the lass, dance and sway'
Hollyberye says, '#She taught us how to be so brave'
Hollyberye says, '#Enlightened us every way'
Hollyberye says, '#How to sell the ales the masses crave'
Hollyberye says, '#Let's follow darlin' Tinki's way'
Hollyberye says, '#Now's the time, the time is now, to sing her song'
Hollyberye says, '#Tinki's the one!'

Zedrockk says, 'Ho! Jeanine :)'
Zedrockk says, 'Hey! Mr Bel!'
Tinybel says, 'Hullo!'
[Officer] Byrcha: But this is being recorded, so those who couldn't be there will at least be able to watch it later
[Officer] Mithrilfist: No one should miss out on this if they are able to make it.
[Officer] Kiralynn: Oh good!!!
[To Officer] Yes! thank you, Holly for recording!
[alesandtales] Tulenn: 'One last time, if anyone would like to say a few words for Tinki, please send me a /tell and I will put you on the list. I will call you up by name when it is your turn to speak.'
[Officer] Mithrilfist: Aye! Thanky, Holly!
[Officer] Kyrian: I would love to say something, but alas, words escape me today.
You have spotted a creature attempting to move stealthily about.
[Officer] Bilwise: Same here
[Officer] Mithrilfist: It is enough that you are here, friends! Really. =)

Hollyberye says, '#Far apart but not alone, we hold her in our hearts'
Hollyberye says, '#You're always in our thoughts this way, it's Tinki's Day!'
Hollyberye says, '#Not alone, though far apart'
Hollyberye says, '#Tinki's tale, can it be told? Don't have enough good words...'
Hollyberye says, '#Dearest, sweetest, smartest Tinki, your magic fills the air'
Hollyberye says, '#Even in the darkest depths of Mordor, this Hobbit lass so fair'
Hollyberye says, '#Saved us all from the evil Orcs'
Hollyberye says, '#We followed her and slipped away with care, a Tinki prayer'
Hollyberye says, '#Tinki's the one!'
Hollyberye says, '#Now's the time'
Hollyberye says, '#The time is now'
Hollyberye says, '#To sing her song'
Hollyberye says, '#Going around Middle-earth'
Hollyberye says, '#We got to find our lass'
Hollyberye says, '#Each day's a Tinki Day!'
Hollyberye says, '#We've been with her much of the way'
Hollyberye says, '#Tinki's the one!'
Hollyberye says, '#Gotta love the lass, we dance and sway'
Hollyberye says, '#Though we ramble on'
Hollyberye says, '#We sing her song'
Hollyberye says, '#Gotta keep following Tinki's way'
Hollyberye says, '#Our fearless yellow lass'
Hollyberye says, '#So wise and kind'
Hollyberye says, '#We can't stop this feeling in our hearts'
Hollyberye says, '#It will always be a Tinki Day'
Hollyberye says, '#Our love is strong'
Hollyberye says, '#For you, this Tinki song!'
Hollyberye says, '#Though the sky's gone grey'
Hollyberye says, '#There's a yellow glow, a Tinki ray'
Hollyberye says, '#You're in our heart to stay'
Hollyberye says, '#Always for us a Tinki Day'
Hollyberye says, '#For we'll always love our Tinki's way'

Baudhaegas says, 'When one of my LMB dwarves joined a few years ago…'
Baudhaegas says, '…he met Tinki for the first time, who went out of ‘her’ way to help him…'
Baudhaegas says, 'So much in fact that just saying ‘thank you’ just didn’t seem enough, if you know what I mean.'
Baudhaegas says, 'So we made a deal: I promised I’d write lyrics if ‘she’ chose a song she liked.'
Baudhaegas says, 'And Tinki told me that his favourite song was ‘Nights In White Satin’.'
Baudhaegas says, 'The lyrics you’ll hear may be sad, but that’s only because the original is, and I had to keep ‘in character’ with the song’s style.'
Baudhaegas says, 'What I want everyone to remember is that I had great fun writing them…'
Baudhaegas says, '…and even more fun to see Tinki enjoy them.'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Autumn in Bree-town… •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Foliage trading attires. •~'

[alesandtales] Kiralynn: 'Let's all #YellowForTinki'
[Officer] Mithrilfist: Hah! I just noticed - my Officer text is bright yellow (and has been for years)... =)
[alesandtales] Lindiria: 'Already done *nods*'
[alesandtales] Godwineson: 'started it on FB'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Does Facebook hashtag stuff tie into Twitter, too?
[Kinship] Godwineson: I'm not sure. It -might-. When my HP TouchPad tablet died, I sort of stopped following Twitter.
[Kinship] Camara: heya, chief
[Kinship] Summerbud: I don't think so, Kira
[Kinship] Tinybel: Sadly I will have to go after this song, it'll be a harsh day tomorrow
[Officer] Qiredis: Oo. There are three pages of LMB online!
[Kinship] Bilwise: No worries, Tiny! Thanks for coming!
[Kinship] Kiralynn: I'm glad you were able to make some of it.
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Thanks for being here, and take care, Tinybel.

Baudhaegas says, '~• Rainbows hued gold-brown… •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• They renew deep desires. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Polly Leafcutter rests •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• quietly by her salves. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Barliman frowns as he vests •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• mismatched clothes made by dwarves. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• I miss your eyes •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• by cold sunrise. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Two years of lies •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• how I despise. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Winter in Bree-town… •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Cobbles shrouded in white. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• I wore your elven gown •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• every day last fortnight. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Owen Oaks strings his harp •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• wrapped in long private thoughts. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Deep pain inside drubs, sharp! •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Stomachs tied in knots. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• I miss your hair •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• by cool dawn’s glare. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• How will I fare •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• staring at walls bare? •~'

[Kinship] Tinybel: *drinks to Tinki*
[Officer] Byrcha: :)
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: As Tinki was fond of saying while vending, "Thank you for coming." =)
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: *Drinks to Tink!* =)
[Officer] Calycanthus: Including a full page of officers.
[Officer] Kyrian: I sent a message to Locney as well.. will also try to contact gaiagil.
[Kinship] Galenhir: Hail friends!
[Kinship] Danniwyn: ./Toast to Tinki
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *bows* Hullo, Galenhir!
[Officer] Mithrilfist: Good thinking, Kyr!
[To Kinship] Greetings Galenhir and any others I may have missed!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Hail Galen! Come to the Bree Festival Grounds?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Galenhir! Wooo!
[Kinship] Geoffroi: Hail Galen
[Kinship] Paxorn: Hail Galenhir
[Kinship] Aedon: Ha, today is my wife's birthday and she graciously allowed me to be here after hearing all about Tinki.
[Kinship] Aldekim: Hail Galenhir
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Bring your singing self over to the Bree Festival Grounds!
[Kinship] Corulin: Greetings Galenhir!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Please thank your wife for us, Aedon!
[Kinship] Dancyn: Hail Galenhir!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: God bless your lady, Aedon!
[Kinship] Aedon: Hail Galenhir
[Kinship] Galenhir: OMW
[Kinship] Envir: Hail, Galenhir
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Greetings, Galenhir!
[To Kinship] oh, that was very kind of her, Aedon! SO glad you could make it! Give her our tahnks as well!
[Kinship] Dancyn: Aedon!!! Give that lovely wife a big hug & smooch!!!
[Kinship] Juneith: Hi Galehir!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: And some pie!
[Kinship] Aedon: Pie after her dinner.
[Kinship] Dancyn: birthday pie!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Hail, Galenhir!

Baudhaegas says, '~• Springtime in Bree-town… •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Fresh fruit and auction deals. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• My head is still down. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• You know well how that feels. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Summer’s approaching on •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• longer days that be here. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• Despair’s encroaching on •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• prospects that disappear. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• I miss your lips •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• by moon’s eclipse. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• All hope now slips •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• as truth old lies strips. •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• I miss hands fine •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• kissed by moonshine •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• as we entwine •~'
Baudhaegas says, '~• and our souls combine. •~'

[Kinship] Kiralynn: It's probably silly but we're wearing some yellow here IRL, too.
[Kinship] Envir: Haha, apparently there are no yellow dyes left on the AH now
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Want me to send you some, Envir?
[Kinship] Malphos: Oooh great Kira!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: We are too, Kira!
[Kinship] Aedon: ha I have 4 on me
[Kinship] Tinybel: I don't believe I actually have any yellow cloths....

Lindiria says, 'Wonderful!'
[Kinship] Envir: No, got my outfit. Someone on Twitter mentioned it
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I don't either, Tiny.
[Kinship] Qiredis: I have 3 dyes on me
Malphos says, 'To Tinki!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Tinybel: Night all *drinks to Tinki one more time*
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'
Ethlossoth says, 'To Tinki!'
Hollyberye says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Tiny!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Sleep well, Tinybel!
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Danniwyn: g'night Tinybel
Brico says, 'To Tinki'
Godwineson says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Goodnight, Tinybel.
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!'
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
Braxwolf says, 'Tinki, you will be missed'
Tinybel says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Qiredis: G'night TIny! Thanks for coming!
Bragomur says, '´to tinki'
[Kinship] Zinovia: good night Tiny
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Merrydew says, 'To Tinki!!!'
Gennyrose says, 'To Tinki!'

[Officer] Qiredis: I'm wearing yellow in real life too, Kira :)
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Tiffanii: nite Tiny
Godwineson says, 'To Tinki!!!'
Zinovia says, 'To Tinki'
[alesandtales] Kiralynn: 'If anyone needs firworks, PST'
Erikin says, 'To Tinki!'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, everyone'
Godwineson says, 'Tinki Entaluva!'
Sictaldia says, 'TINKI!!!!!!!!!!!!'
Luinori says, 'Thank YOU!'
Lindiria says, 'TO TINKI!'
Forsythea says, 'To Tinki!'
Luinori says, 'To Tinki!'

[Kinship] Envir: For those interested
[Kinship] Envir:
Janneane says, 'May The Great Spirit always watch over you Sir Tink'
[Kinship] Dancyn: I wish Tinki's family could be here
[Kinship] Kyrian: can i get the url for the stream Holly?
[Kinship] Rosalila:
[Kinship] Kyrian: ooh, I wonder if the vid could be sent to Tinki's family
[Kinship] Hollyberye: the link could for sure
[Kinship] Hollyberye: I thought maybe someone could post it on Tinki's face book page for the family
[Kinship] Kiralynn: I can get it to them
[Kinship] Kyrian: Locney says he had hoped to be here, but his comp can't handle the game anymore.
[Kinship] Danniwyn: That's a very good idea, Holly
[Kinship] Stemo: Yes this is a good idea to send the video to Tinki's family
[To Kinship] Oh yes!
[Kinship] Envir: I think they would appreciate it

Tulenn says, 'At this time, some folks would like to say a few words about our beloved Tinki....'
Tulenn says, 'We'd like to ask that anyone speaking, please come to the center of the stage.'
Tulenn says, 'Also, please speak in /say so that all can hear you.'
Tulenn says, 'First, we have Anthemisa'

Anthemisa says, 'Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for being here, for remembering the memories of the sweetest hobbit of all, and please again I would like to toast for Tinki!'
Anthemisa says, 'My speech would not be in character, sorry for that!'
Anthemisa says, 'I am wondering, any of you bought a gift for a complete stranger, or think about helping them?'
Anthemisa says, 'Well...'
Anthemisa says, 'Tinki's player a.k.a Ron did...'
Anthemisa says, 'I started lotro as a freetoplay player, a TP grinder as you say'
Anthemisa says, 'Tinki gave me one of the biggest gifts, bought me all the quest packs'
Luinori says, 'My goodness!'
Anthemisa says, 'and lead me to the higher levels.'
Anthemisa says, 'Apart from that'
Anthemisa says, 'When I started this game around my first week, he was the one who enforced me to explore the world'
Anthemisa says, 'Would any of you carry a lvl 10 hobbit to Rivendell, clear their way and carry them back safely with happy chat?'
Anthemisa says, 'Well.. Tinki, did.'
Anthemisa says, 'Here in The Lonely Mountain Band, we are like family, despite our cultural differences, we are expressing ourselves within common ground.Tinki-Ron was (I hate using past tense for him... but alas...) the person behind who brought many of us to be part of this family, to share and grow together.'
Anthemisa says, 'So, I would like to thank Tinki, bless him!'
Luinori says, 'Well said!'
Anthemisa says, 'And thank you for coming!'
Anthemisa says, 'Bless ye all!'

[alesandtales] Calycanthus: 'If there is anyone here who need yellow dyes or would like to copy the Tinki outfit, I have both to share.'
[Kinship] Geoffroi: Nice words, Anthy
Kirgoin says, 'Bless him, indeed'
Luinori says, 'To Tinki!'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Anthe'
[Kinship] Qiredis: THank you Anthy
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Well spoken, Anthe! 8D
Gennyrose says, 'Great story!'
[Kinship] Aedon: Beautiful
[Kinship] Byrcha: Wonderful, Anthe!
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Malphos: well said, very personal Anthy!
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'I could use that'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *blushes into crimson red*
[Kinship] Dancyn: well said Anthemisa *hand out a hanky
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* and thanks everyone
[Kinship] Zinovia: Tinki was an amazingly kindhearted person
[Kinship] Elimraen: That was lovely Anthy
[Kinship] Belathriel: i think my say bug has struck again sad
Zeldi says, 'HAIL THE HOBBIT!'
[Kinship] Stemo: To Tinki
Grombine says, 'To Tinki!'
Brokknar says, 'HAIL THE HOBBIT!'

Tulenn says, 'Next, Rosalila would like to say a few words'
Rosalila says, 'Hullo, everyone! Some of you may know me better as Rosalie from Crickhollow's Second Breakfast, but the Lonely Mountain Band graciously allows me to borrow their tag when I visit here.'
Rosalila says, 'I first met Tinki not as Tinki, but as Dazzl.'
Rosalila says, 'It was the day that the Crickhollow server opened and Dazzl was there to welcome new players and help foster a sense of community on this new world.'
Rosalila says, 'He invited me to Elevenses and the Second Breakfast kinship, and we shared an ale (well, maybe a few ales) and some laughs at the Bird & Baby.'
Rosalila says, 'It didn't take long before he felt like an old friend. I think that's a pretty common experience when it came to Tinki.'

Rosalila says, 'His enthusiasm was contagious, his kindness and generosity overflowing. After a short time it was clear that this was a truly special and absolutely unforgettable person.'
Rosalila says, 'I would come to find out that Dazzl was Tinki's third cousin twice removed. Landroval was home and he returned there after a short time with us, but he lent us an essential part of his spirit.'
Rosalila says, 'The kinship he co-founded on Crickhollow is still thriving today. We got to see Dazzl one last time when Ales & Tales came together with our own Elevenses one night. I don't need to tell you that she served as booze master once again.'
Rosalila says, 'Tinki welcomed me into the Lonely Mountain Band a year later. Landroval was only ever a vacation home for me just as Crickhollow had been for him, but it was a pleasure to know him on both sides of the pond.'
Rosalila says, 'The last time I saw him was, fittingly, at Weatherstock. The whole vending team was in yellow, sure, but there was no mistaking that hobbit.'
Rosalila says, 'I'd like to drink one more toast today to a true LOTRO legend and a giant among hobbits. To Tinki and Dazzl!'
Rosalila says, 'To Tinki!'
Luinori says, 'Agreed!'

[Kinship] Qiredis: Yes, Rosalila's speaking now. Run up and fix it?
[To Kinship] I'm logging everythign and will try to clean it up and post it on the forums this week
[Kinship] Juneith: sad not seeing what's being said
[To Kinship] Walk up to the stage, Juneith!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Thanks Linn :)
[To Kinship] It will cure the say bug

Malphos says, 'Wonderful!'
Mithrilfist says, 'To Tinki!!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki and Dazzl!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!!'
[Kinship] Sonca: Tinki
Aedon says, 'to Tinki'
Ethlossoth says, 'To Tinki!'
Mithrilfist says, 'WOOOO!'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI!'
Sonca says, 'Tinki'
Zinovia says, 'To Tinki & Dazzl'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki!!'
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Geoffroi says, 'Tinki'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI!'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Rosalila'
Zeldi says, 'HAIL TO THE HOBBIT!!'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Gennyrose says, 'To Tinki!'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

[Kinship] Dancyn: Thank you Rosalila :)
[Kinship] Aedon: Loved it
[Kinship] Geoffroi: Thanks Rosie
[Kinship] Byrcha: Speakers, please stand right at the edge of the stage too
[To Kinship] Lovely, Rosalila!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Thank you Rosalila, it's so nice to hear what he was up to on other servers too :)
Mithrilfist says, 'Hail to you, Free Peoples of Landroval!'
[Kinship] Rosalila: Thanks for letting me say a few words. Tinki was an essential part of Crickhollow, too.

Luinori says, 'Hail!'
[Kinship] Byrcha: Thank you, Rosalila!
Kirgoin says, 'Aye'
[Kinship] Aedon: It was a lovely tribute
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Good evening Kin
[Kinship] Byrcha: Hullo!
[Kinship] Aedon: evening
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Greetings, Baltywin!
[Kinship] Tiffanii: hihi
[Kinship] Dancyn: G'evening
[Kinship] Qiredis: Heyas Baltywin :)
[Kinship] Rosalila: Good evening
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Hello, Baltwyn. The Memorial for Tinki is at the Bree festival grounds stage.
[To Kinship] Greetings, baltwyn!
[Kinship] Pelind: Hey Baltwyn
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Ack! *Baltwyn
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Hi, Baltwyn
[Kinship] Baltwyn: ok

[alesandtales] Aedon: 'remember if you cannot hear the speakers to do a quiet pass in front of the stage to fix the say bug.'
[alesandtales] Zedrockk: 'Wot ? This bug is not yet exterminated ?'
[alesandtales] Calycanthus: 'Unfortunately not.'
[alesandtales] Daeric: 'thanks, that helped'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: omw...if i run through a few of you...blame on lag

Tulenn says, 'Now, a few words from Mithrilfist'
Mithrilfist says, 'Oooh! I'm coming!d'
Mithrilfist says, 'Nearly 5 years ago, Tinki showed me how to vend at my first Ales & Tales on a chilly November Monday...'
Mithrilfist says, 'Tinki made me feel welcome... he helped me along...'
Mithrilfist says, '...then he stuffed my bags with spirits, pipe-weed, and pie and sent me out into the crowd!'
Mithrilfist says, 'I have not been the same since!'
Merrydew says, 'she was a good teacher for that'

Mithrilfist says, 'Every event Tinki vended was warmer for his presence. More civil and lighter-hearted!'
Mithrilfist says, 'It mattered not who you were or where you came from - Tinki made you feel welcome!'
Anthemisa says, 'Indeed!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Weatherstock after Weatherstock, Tinki was there!'
Mithrilfist says, 'We would clad ourselves proudly as the "Fellows in Yellow" to get out there and serve hundreds!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Tinki's Vending Team are we!'
You say, 'Huzzah!'
Mithrilfist says, 'On our forums, in our chats, good Tinki strived for peace among all peoples. Never a word of hate! Only love!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki's Vendor Team!!'
Aldekim says, 'Huzzah Tniki!'
Mithrilfist says, 'So get on your feet, Landroval!'
Fincin says, 'The finest vendors in all Middle-Earth!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki's Vendor Team!!'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki's vending team'
Mithrilfist says, 'We are going to shout out a send-off to Tinki all of MIddle-earth can hear!'

Merrydew says, 'For Tinki!'
You say, 'For Tinki!!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki's vendor team!'
Brokknar says, 'FOR TINKI!'
Anthemisa says, 'For Tinki!'
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki's vendor team!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Godwineson says, 'For TInki!'
Qiredis says, 'For Tinki!'
Brico says, 'To Tinki'
Dancyn says, 'For Tinki!!'
Aedon says, 'Tinki'
Isneval says, 'To Tinki's vendor team!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Follow me in emotes!'
Baudhaegas says, 'To Tinki!'
Zinovia says, 'For Tinki!'
Summerbud says, 'To Tinki!'
Envir says, 'To Tinki!'
Alligretta says, 'For TINKI!'
Danniwyn says, 'for Tinki!'

Mithrilfist says, 'Are you ready?! First, give me a /drink'
Aedon says, 'To TINKI'

Mithrilfist says, 'Now /roar!'
Merrydew says, 'To Tinki!'
Hollyberye says, 'To Tinki!'
Anthemisa says, 'To Tinki!'
Mithrilfist says, 'For Tinki!'
Tulenn says, 'To Tinki!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Now drink again!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Aedon says, 'For Tinki'
Luinori says, 'To Tinki!'
Erikin says, 'For Tinki!'
Brico says, 'To Tinki'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Lindiria says, 'TO TINKI!'
Grombine says, 'To Tinki!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'

Mithrilfist says, 'Now /cheer!'
Malphos says, 'To Tinki!'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki!'
[Officer] Qiredis: Sounds like a fish tank XD
Bluecanary says, 'To Tinki'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: [Yellow Star Fireworks] :)
Bragomur says, 'to tinki'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Konungrim says, 'TINKI!!!!'
Sictaldia says, 'to tinki'
Alligretta says, 'For TINKI!'

Mithrilfist says, 'And for the grand finale....'
Baudhaegas says, 'To Tinki!!'
[Kinship] Aedon: Rousing!!
[Kinship] Geoffroi: hehe Gori, outstanding

Mithrilfist says, 'Everyone give a great big /CHARGE! For Tinki! The best hobbit there ever was!'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: yes agreed
Mithrilfist says, 'Go!'
Sonca says, 'FOR TINKI''
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Hear, hear!
Sictaldia says, 'CHARGE'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Danniwyn: :D
[Kinship] Dancyn: WOW!!!!
You say, 'FOR TINKI!!!'
Alligretta says, 'For TINKI!'
Malphos says, 'For Tinki!'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki!'
Calycanthus says, 'For Tinki!'
Tulenn says, 'For Tinki!!!'
Envir says, 'FOR TINKI!'
Dancyn says, 'For Tinki'
Lindiria says, 'FOR TINKI!'
[Kinship] Summerbud: This is amazing!
Hollyberye says, 'For Tinki!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Bluecanary says, 'For Tinki'
[To Kinship] Oh, that was just amazing!!
Dancyn says, 'For Tinki'
Sonca says, 'FOR TINKI''
Braxwolf says, 'TINKI TINKI TINKI!'
Bragomur says, 'to tinki'
Gilnaure says, 'For Tinki!'
Vethlo says, 'For Tinki'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki!'

[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Gori, you are the star of this! Thanks a lot, I'm in crying again!'
Alover says, 'For Tinki!!!!!!!!'
[Kinship] Danniwyn: Thank you, Gori :)
Fanfinhir says, '*rugir'
Elimraen says, 'TINKI!!'
[Kinship] Summerbud: Well now I'm really tearing up.
Fanfinhir says, '*rugir'

Mithrilfist says, 'And that, my fellow Free Peoples, is what I have to say about our Dear Tinki! Be well and better yet, be together! For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Bilwise: Wouldn't be a Gori send off if it didn't involve emotes and screaming! Well done!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Thank you Gori, that was wonderful!
Alligretta says, 'For TINKI!'

[Kinship] Baltwyn: how do i turn off emotes? their killing me
Gilnaure says, 'For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Sonca: Very good Gori!
Zedrockk says, 'Woohoo!'
[Kinship] Stemo: Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!
[Kinship] Dancyn: wow...I'm speechless
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Me too, Summerbud.
Daeric says, 'For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Envir: Well done Gori
Mithrilfist says, 'WOOOOO!'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: thank you so much Gori
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Mithrilfirst! Tinki would have loved that!'
Grombine says, 'FOR TINKI!'
Cairaen has come online.
You say, 'Indeed!'
Summerbud says, 'For Tinki!'
[Kinship] Kyrian: right click on general tab.. filters
Luinori says, '((I'm literally in tears now...amazing.))'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Baltwyn: Right-click on the chat tab,hover over Chat Filters, and click on Emotes so it's not checked.
[Kinship] Elimraen: That was marvellous Gori!!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Baltwyn, right click on the tab, hover over "change filters" and then click on "emotes".
[Kinship] Kyrian: I also keep a separate small window just for emotes
[To Kinship] Yes, putting them in their own window is helpful!
[alesandtales] Aedon: 'If oyu cannot hear the speakers or singers, please do a quiet walk past the front of the stage to kill the say bug.'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: thanks, turned off names too lol

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: And that is how you send a dear friend off to the west!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: 8D
[Kinship] Dancyn:
[Kinship] Aedon: That was fantastic Mith!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: It is! Grand!
[To Kinship] Very very well done!!!
[Kinship] Dancyn: thank you Mith
[Kinship] Rosalila: Glorious stuff, well done

Tulenn says, 'Godwineson is next with something he'd like to share'
Godwineson says, 'Tinki was the best of us.'
Godwineson says, 'He befriended me when I was a new player, he was always helpful, always helping the lower levels enjoy the game, never showed any favoritism towards the better players. He was the heart of this kin.'
Godwineson says, 'I mourn him and will miss him for this time of sundering - for it is but for a time, we will meet again before the throne of Iluvatar in glory, and he will with us sing in the Third Music of the Ainur and the Children of Iluvatar. We of the Old Hope do truly believe this.'
Godwineson says, 'as the Grey Pilgrim said "I do not say 'do not weep' for not all tears are evil"'
Godwineson says, 'To Tinki!'

Luinori says, 'To Tink.'
Aedon says, 'To Tinki'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: Folks, divide your chat up into smaller blocks for those who will watch later (it disappears to fast)--and thank you for the inspiring words
Konungrim says, 'to Tink!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Bragomur says, 'to tinki'
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Thanky ou Godwineson :)
Baudhaegas says, 'To Tinki!'
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
Janneane says, 'To Tinki'
Brokknar says, 'ALL HAIL THE HOBBIT!'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Godwineson'
[To Kinship] Very nice, Godwineson!

Byrcha says, '(we're gonna need a lot more crockery)'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: yes, really lovely
[Kinship] Byrcha: THank you, Godwineson!
[Kinship] Dancyn: well done..well said. thank you
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: I am having issues with the /say bug. Pardon if I get up and down a lot.
Kyrian says, 'hello Bela'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: don't worry! we understand
[Kinship] Byrcha: it's a ritual these days
[Kinship] Geoffroi: its getting worse
[Kinship] Rosalila: I really think it is. It was a nightmare during Shirefest, much worse than the last two years.
[Kinship] Geoffroi: I've lost it while playing in a band before
[Kinship] Byrcha: Such are the times we live in sad
[To Kinship] Yes, I believe it is as well - it comes and goes at random these days
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: This is why I give Gori's tales in /shout. The /say bug has been with us too long.
[Kinship] Geoffroi: nah, you just like shouting
[To Kinship] hehe
[Kinship] Hollyberye: I find it best to walk up and stay up close
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Hehe
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Well, that is true too! What, did you think I would give a send-off to Tinki in some quiet, undwarflike manner? Oooohh!
[Kinship] Envir: Hehe, the horror!
[Kinship] Aedon: ha I though it was perfect.
[To Kinship] Yes!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Indeed!

Tulenn says, 'Next, we have Belathriel to share with us'
Belathriel says, 'hello everyone'
Belathriel says, 'it is sad that we must all meet in this fashion .. but i for one am happy to be here to pay my respects'
Belathriel says, 'when i first came here from a land far away .. and knew hardly a soul .. i was told .. go to concerts .. go to the LMB events .. you wil make new friends'
Belathriel says, 'so i did'
Belathriel says, 'and at each event .. there was always this yellow clad hobbit bringing me ales and pipe-weed and sweet pies'
Belathriel says, 'then coming back with more and more'
Belathriel says, 'i decided then and there .. one day i will join this kin of that hobbit'
Belathriel says, 'it has to be a good one to have such a friendly soul in it ..'
Belathriel says, 'and each event Tinki seemed to seek me out for them sweet pies ..'
Belathriel says, 'she remembered i liked them best of all'
Anthemisa says, 'aww'
Belathriel says, 'and always the strong ales .. which made walking or even standing still impossible'
You say, 'hehe'
Mithrilfist says, 'Quality stuff, Tinki's ales!'
Belathriel says, 'and if you know me .. you know how i dislike the color yellow for my personal wardrobe'
Bredhe says, 'Heh'
Byrcha says, 'hehe'
Belathriel says, 'but for her memory and honor .. i proudly wear this colour in memory'
Belathriel says, 'tho there is a physical spot empty on the LMB roster .. our hearts are filled with the love and memory of such a beautiful soul'
Belathriel says, 'and quite unelvish . my lips are starting to tingle .. too much ales i fear *laugh*'
Luinori says, 'Tinki would approve!'
Belathriel says, 'so raise your mugs high in the air .. TO TINKI'
Belathriel says, 'may you find rest where you are Tinki'
Belathriel says, 'thank you for letting me speak'

Kyrian says, 'To the bravest soul I have ever known.'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI'
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Luinori says, 'To Tinki!'
Byrcha says, 'To Tinki!'
Lindiria says, 'TO TINKI!'
Danniwyn says, 'To Tinki!'
Konungrim says, 'To Tinki!'
Brico says, 'To Tinki'
Bragomur says, 'to tinki'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI'
Elimraen says, 'To Tinki!'
Ethlossoth says, 'To Tinki!'
Godwineson says, 'To Tinki!!!'

Mithrilfist says, 'Here comes the beer!'
Malphos says, 'To Tinki!'
Grombine says, 'To Tinki!'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI'
Byrcha says, 'To Tinki!'
Zinovia says, 'For Tinki'
Brokknar says, 'TO TINKI'
Gennyrose says, 'To Tinki!'
Sonca says, 'Tinki'
Braxwolf says, 'TINKI!'
Sictaldia says, 'TO Tinki'
Bluecanary says, 'To Tinki'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Baudhaegas says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
Janneane says, 'To Tinki'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you Bela'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Aedon says, 'To Tinki'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Thank you Bela :)
Tulenn says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Well said!
Tulenn says, 'Thank you!'
[Kinship] Bilwise: Nicely done!
[To Kinship] Beautiufl Bela!
[Kinship] Aedon: very nice
Aldekim says, 'well Said Bela'
[Kinship] Dancyn: well said ...
Crazypants says, '((sorry, say-bug just won't go...))'
[Kinship] Byrcha: Thank you, Bela!
[Kinship] Dancyn: ..oh no...more tears...
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* Bela
Konungrim says, 'Hikhthuzul sâtiya bâha ê'

[Kinship] Belathriel: you are all most welcome
[Kinship] Belathriel: told you i always wanted to join you
[Kinship] Kiralynn: If there's a chat log can someone email it to me? (I'll put it with the video)

Tulenn says, 'Aedon would like to share some words with us now'
Mithrilfist says, 'Aedon!'
Aedon says, 'It is easy to see why we all wear yellow today.'
Aedon says, 'Tinki was above all things the sunniest side of LMB'
Aedon says, 'We called her the boot, and while that is a most omnious title'
Aedon says, 'Tinki always carried out her task with respect for all'
Aedon says, 'And an understanding that sometimes life keeps us far from the shores of middle earth'
Aedon says, 'LMB has a motto,'
Aedon says, 'Far apart, never alone.'
Aedon says, 'And Tinki took these words to heart as we all took Tinki to our heart.'
Aedon says, 'There was no distance between us, no time between meetings so great as to dampen the feelings of kinship.'
Aedon says, 'And though our Mellow Yellow Hobbit has sailed into the west'
Aedon says, 'She leaves behind a legacy of happiness, caring and strength'
Aedon says, 'And a lonely boot which we shall all cherish and fear with the same smiles on our faces'
Aedon says, 'That Tinki brought to us every time Ron logged in.'
Aedon says, 'Farewell Tinki, we shall meet again on other shores, in brighter days.'
Aldekim says, 'Never Alone!'
Aedon says, 'to Tinki'

Bragomur says, 'to tinki'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Well said, Aedon!
Tulenn says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Geoffroi: Great words, Aedon

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Hey folks?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: There is a housing item that is a pair of hobbit boots.
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Yes, there is. Maybe we need one in the kin house, Mithrilfist.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Stoor boots
[To Kinship] Oh yes!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Ah, I have a pair ...
[To Kinship] What a wonderful idea!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Precisely, Kira! I little monument for Tinki! I will provide mine if you like!
[Kinship] Aedon: That is a nice idea
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: That is them, Baltwyn!
[Kinship] Bluecanary: That's a beautiful idea
[Kinship] Anthemisa: I also have them in my home.
[Kinship] Kiralynn: If y'all don't already have one, there's a pair somewhere in the ranch chests.

Sonca says, 'For Tinki! Far apart, Never alone!'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
[Kinship] Byrcha: Wonderful, Aedon
Merrydew says, 'To Tinki!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!'
Godwineson says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Go, Aedon!
Dancyn says, 'Far Apart!! Never Alone!!'
Bluecanary says, 'To Tinki'
Dancyn says, 'Far Apart!! Never Alone!!'
[Kinship] Hollyberye: yes wonderful
[To Kinship] Very nice, Aedon!!
Mithrilfist says, 'Aedon!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Aedon'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Aedon, */toasts*
[Kinship] Dancyn: well done Aedon :)

Tulenn says, 'Zedrock is also here with something to share'
Zedrockk says, 'Ho! My! People!'
Zedrockk says, 'Don't worry,'
Zedrockk says, 'I will not be too long^^'
Konungrim says, 'Shamukh, nadad!'
Zedrockk says, 'Three years ago, I just came on Landy...'
Zedrockk says, '...Tinki and Weatherstock were already legends.'
Zedrockk says, 'I remember that I thought :'
Zedrockk says, 'Hum... It seems ~ A ~ Tinki is the name the Landrovians give to theses weirdos players, all dressed in yellow with black top hat and food supplies.'
Anthemisa says, 'Zed!'
Luinori says, 'Hah, understandable.'
Zedrockk says, 'I've never met Tinki personally, but I have always heard of ~ her ~. So when I dreamed of Weatherstock I also dreamed of hobbits dressed in yellow.'
Byrcha says, 'hehe'
Zedrockk says, 'So, look at you, all dressed in yellow, with backkeg and black top hat!!!'
Zedrockk says, 'Tinki is a Legend, Tinki will never die!'
Zedrockk says, 'Thanks to ~ her ~,'
Heathersong says, './heropose'
Luinori says, 'Well said!'
Zedrockk says, 'I wish many among you keep is spirit close to your heart and mind.'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Godwineson says, 'To TInki'
Zedrockk says, 'And thank you all, Legendary Tinkis!!!'
Zedrockk says, 'And Make this weatherstock 8 unbelievable!'

[Kinship] Rosalila: Unfortunately I need to head off. Thanks again for having me. It's a sad day, but also a joyous one. We were all so lucky to have known him, whether you were good friends or only knew the legend. The man is immortal.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: too bad cant find a cape with boots on em, lol Could become a kin cosmetic, in gold ^^
[Kinship] Qiredis: Thank you for coming Rosalila. Take care :)
[Kinship] Sonca: Take care Ros! Thanks for coming
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Thanks for coming, Ros
[Kinship] Aedon: Bye Ros
[Kinship] Byrcha: Yes, thanks for being here
[Kinship] Kyrian: beautifully put Rosi

Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Aye, Zedrockk!'
Pinoh says, 'To Tinki'
Zedrockk says, 'I LUV you all Tinkis!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Konungrim says, 'Hikhthuzul sâtiya bâha ê'
Mithrilfist says, 'To Tinki! Kegs for everyone!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!'
Zinovia says, 'To Tinki'
Bluecanary says, 'To Tinki'
Bragomur says, 'to tinki'
Grombine says, 'To Tinki!'
Anthemisa says, 'To Tinki!'
Sictaldia says, 'to tinki'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Zed'
Byrcha says, 'Thank you, Zed'
Qiredis says, 'Thank you, Zed!'
Baltwyn says, 'Salute the Boot!'

[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Thank you, Zed! Well said!'
[Kinship] Danniwyn: It was a lovely celebration of life for Tinki. Thank you all :)
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'Thank you! very nice! and well said *hug''
[Kinship] Danniwyn: I must leave. See you folks later
[alesandtales] Zedrockk: 'Thanks you all ;/toasts'
[alesandtales] Aedon: 'very well done.'
[alesandtales] Konungrim: 'aye Zed'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care, Danni :) Thanks for coming!
[Kinship] Byrcha: 'Salute The Boot' :)
[Kinship] Baltwyn: laterz
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Danni.
[Kinship] Byrcha: Bye Danni!
[Kinship] Malphos: bye Danni!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: LoL
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Bye, Danni
[Kinship] Sonca: Take care Danni
[Kinship] Bluecanary: Bye Danni
[Kinship] Aedon: Bye Dani
[Kinship] Dancyn: bye Danni
[Kinship] Elimraen: Bye Danni!
[Kinship] Kyrian: Good to see you Danni
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Take care, Danni!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Aw! =)
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Danni won initiative. =)
[To alesandtales] 'Very nice, Zed!! thank you!'
Merrydew says, '((Turbine... we need a ~tinki~ firework))'
Dagdalin says, '((A bright yellow one!))'
Godwineson says, '((in his image, even, but we are in maintanance mode, I fear)'
[alesandtales] Bilwise: 'Wonderful words, Zed!'
Merrydew says, '((to be granted to those who serve others while in yellow with top hat))'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'Agreed, thank you Zed!'
[alesandtales] Hollyberye: 'yes I needed a smile thank you'

Tulenn says, 'Next we have Zeldi with a few words'
Mithrilfist says, 'Do us proudl, Zeldi!'
Zeldi says, 'And what that hobbit ment to my number!'
Zeldi says, 'I am a dwarf of few words and by that I will only say so much...'
Zeldi says, 'My number, The Khuzd Belkur, comes and goes from The Blue Mountains to Bree so often one cannot count it on their fingers n' toes...'
Zeldi says, 'We are a rough and tumble bunch YET whenever the likes of us were to come into Bree... there was a merry force waiting for us...'
Zeldi says, 'TINKI O TINKI! That bright beam of light awaited us so often with the merriest of welcomes!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Woooo!'
Zeldi says, 'Behold me, a haggard and rough looking thing, SUCH AN EXTERIOR MEANT NOTHING TO TINKI! That splendid hobbit welcomed all...'
[alesandtales] Konungrim: ':)'
Brokknar says, 'Aye I'm prettier than this fella.'
Zeldi says, 'So... I will never say goodbye. I will never say farewell. NOT TO THE LIKES OF THIS FINE YELLOW LIGHT! For there is never goodbye!'
Zeldi says, 'Intead at say this...'
Zeldi says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin!'
Zeldi says, 'Until'
Zeldi says, 'we meet'
Zeldi says, 'again.'
Konungrim says, 'Kuna!'

Mithrilfist says, 'Aye, Zeldi!'
Godwineson says, 'Cheer'
Luinori says, 'TO THE HOBBIT!'
Brokknar says, 'TO THE HOBBIT'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Mithrilfist says, 'To the bright beam of light!'
Anthemisa says, 'To Tinki!'
Malphos says, 'To Tinki!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!!'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Alligretta says, 'To the Hobbit'
Mithrilfist says, 'Fireworks!'
Sonca says, 'To Tinki'
Bluecanary says, 'To Tinki'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Zeldi'
Dancyn says, 'Tahnk you Zeldi!'

[Kinship] Dancyn: look...everyone sitting so quitely...listening
[Kinship] Envir: Ecept the dwarves
[Kinship] Byrcha: hehe!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Well, y'know. Dwarves. ;)
[Kinship] Belathriel: would you want to get that dwarf mad at you?
[Kinship] Aedon: Let Dwarves be dwarves?
[Kinship] Sonca: An Ales & Tales of Tinkis
[Kinship] Godwineson: how did they get the Khuzdul battle-cry?
Braxwolf says, 'Even the Dwarf speaks eloquently to

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re: Tinki Tribute Chat Log

Braxwolf says, 'Even the Dwarf speaks eloquently today'

[alesandtales] Aedon: 'well done Zeldi'
Konungrim says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin'
[alesandtales] Qiredis: 'Thankyou Zeldi!'
[To alesandtales] 'Lovely words!'
[Kinship] Envir: I think thats the defaulot for Dwarves
[Kinship] Malphos: all dorfs do that, at /charge
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I believe that is the standard dwarf /charge sound.
[Kinship] Sonca: It is
[Kinship] Tiffanii: it is
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Very well, said, fellow dwarf.'
Byrcha says, 'perhaps a last mention in /say or /shout?'
[Kinship] Dancyn: hubby plays dwarves...I lovehis battle ries
[Kinship] Godwineson: why not the other races, then, too? It was in a beta of an update, "The Shire" and so forth
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Hmmm....elves would probably just lift and eyebrow if you told em to charge, Man would just roar, Hobbits would shout, "To the Pies!"
[Kinship] Dancyn: Dwarves are quite eloquent today O.o :D
[Kinship] Godwineson: I think they might have said "Elbereth!" and the men "Rohan!" or "Gondor" or "Elendil!"
[Kinship] Malphos: Beer!
[Kinship] Byrcha: I'm sure the Shirelings would have shouted for pie ... wink
[Kinship] Envir: SECOND BREAKFAST! Heh
[Kinship] Godwineson: in the beta update it was "The Shire" but I like "Pie!"

Tulenn says, 'And lastly, we have Luinori who would like to say a few words'
Luinori says, 'Please bear with me, my fine people.'
Konungrim says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin'
Luinori says, 'I never knew Tinki. I never had a conversation with her.'
Konungrim says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin'
Luinori says, 'I had seen her merry face at a few events, including the one and only time I've attended Weatherstock.'
Luinori says, 'But, I can say this, in certainty:'
Luinori says, 'She has touched me.'
Luinori says, 'She has touched us all.'
Luinori says, 'Her very infectious laugh and bright smile ripples out from all of us.'
You say, 'So true!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Aye!'
Malphos says, 'And so inclusive!'
Anthemisa says, 'Amen!'

Luinori says, 'She will NEVER die, as long as we keep her memory, and treat each other as she would have, with open arms and a smile.'
Luinori says, 'I believe her legacy will live on long after this world fades.'
Bredhe says, 'Aye!'
Byrcha says, 'aye!'
Tulenn says, 'Aye!'
Lindiria says, 'Well put.'
You say, 'Indeed!'
Aedon says, 'Aye'
Malphos says, 'Aye!'
Brumhilodir says, 'well said, Lulu!!'
Bredhe says, 'She certainly cuts an iconic figure!'
Luinori says, 'I wish I had more to say, some tale to lighten hearts, but that is all I can say; others have said better.'
Luinori says, 'Thank you.'

[To alesandtales] 'Thank you, everyone for sharing all of your beautiful words and memories!!'
Anthemisa says, 'Very well said!'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Luinori'
[Kinship] Dancyn: I think Sam G. cried "For The Shire!"
Zeldi says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Luinori! Wooo!'
Qiredis says, 'THank you, Luinori!'
Byrcha says, 'Thank you, Luinori'
Godwineson says, 'cheer'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
[alesandtales] Aedon: 'well done Lunori'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Thankee master Luinori, well said!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!'

Bredhe says, 'I wonder how many folks found her on the roof of the Prancing Pony?'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
Brumhilodir says, 'touching'
Juneith says, '"to Tinki"'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Grombine says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'Well said, Luinori'
Sonca says, 'To Tinki'
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
Bredhe says, 'I never had that chance!'
Aedon says, 'To Tinki'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Erikin says, 'You have said it very well.'
Zinovia says, 'To Tinki'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Juneith says, '"we'll miss you Tinli'
Godwineson says, 'To Tinki!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
[alesandtales] Luinori: 'I'm crying sad'
Konungrim says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ'

[alesandtales] Qiredis: 'Not all tears are evil. :)'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'very touching...thank you'
Mithrilfist says, 'When each of us thinks of TInki, may we all be kinder to fellows and strangers alike!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: '*hugs* everyone!'
[alesandtales] Luinori: 'We can all only aspire to be as bright a light as Tinki was.'

[Kinship] Kiralynn: Galenhir wants to speak
Tulenn says, 'Thank you to all who spoke. So very heartfelt and well said.'
[Kinship] Galenhir: Just a few short words....
[Kinship] Byrcha: Thank you, Galenhir!
[To Kinship] Yes! Thank you!! Please do come up!
Tulenn says, 'Yes, Galenhir. We would love to hear a few words from you'
Mithrilfist says, 'Galenhir!'
Mithrilfist says, 'The Founder of the Lonely Mountain Band!'
Galenhir says, 'Hail friends.'
Luinori says, 'HAIL!'
Qiredis says, 'Hail Galenhir!'

[Kinship] Baltwyn: will there be a ceremonial slaying of goblins after the festivities?
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Yes
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Yes.
[Kinship] Byrcha: absolutely!
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Ride your white horses
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Huzzah!
[alesandtales] Kiralynn: 'We're wearing #YellowForTinki'
[Kinship] Byrcha: a couple more songs, then we ride!

Galenhir says, 'Much has been said, so I just have a few short words...'
Galenhir says, 'This gathering of such a large fellowship is the perfect testament to the spirit of Tinki:'
Merrydew says, 'That's good cause Tinki was short'
Galenhir says, 'Joyous, kind, patient, always caring, and though our quest finds us sometimes beyond far apart, we are never alone.'

Aldekim says, 'never alone'
Anthemisa says, 'Far apart, never alone!'
Malphos says, 'Far apart, never alone!'
Kiralynn says, 'Far apart, never alone!'
You say, 'Far Apart, Never Alone!!'
Baudhaegas says, 'Never alone!'
Byrcha says, 'Far Apart, Never Alone!'
Envir says, 'Far Apart, Never Alone.'
Calycanthus says, 'Far apart, never alone!'
Brokknar says, 'Far apart never alone!'
Ashigaru says, 'Those who choose to stand alone choose to fall alone. That was not the case here.'
Hollyberye says, 'Far apart, never alone!'
Aedon says, 'Far Apart, Never Alone'
Bilwise says, 'Hope she saves some for us!'
Sonca says, 'Far Apart, Never Alone!'
Godwineson says, 'never alone!'

Galenhir says, 'I truly believe - Tinki has gone on to find a finer brew in a far green country.'
Galenhir says, 'In sorrow we must go, but not in despair.'
Galenhir says, 'Behold! We are not bound for ever to the circles of the world,'
Galenhir says, 'and beyond them is more than memory. Farewell for now, fair Tinki!'
Zeldi says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin!'
Mithrilfist says, 'Galenhir!'
Galenhir says, 'TO TINK!'

[Kinship] Geoffroi: Beautiful celebration - Mourn not the life that was lost but celebrate the life that was lived

Mithrilfist says, 'To Tinki!!'
Qiredis says, 'To Tinki!'
Luinori says, 'To Tinki!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Zeldi says, 'HAIL THE HOBBIT!'
Malphos says, 'To Tinki!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Tulenn says, 'To Tinki!'
Vethlo says, 'To Tinki'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
Zinovia says, 'To Tinki'
Godwineson says, 'to Tinki!'
Sonca says, 'For Tinki'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki!'
Aedon says, 'To Tinki'
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
Dancyn says, 'To Tinki'
Lindiria says, 'To TINKI!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Anthemisa says, 'To Tinki!'
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Pinoh says, 'To Tinki'
Konungrim says, 'D'adrân ibdêkhmâ gagin'
Pinoh says, 'To Tinki'
Brico says, 'To Tinki'
Brokknar says, 'To tinki!'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: That was beautiful, Galenhir.
Summerbud says, 'To Tinki'

Tulenn says, 'Is there anyone else who would like to say something?'
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
[Kinship] Malphos: Thank you Galenhir!
[Kinship] Envir: It really was.
Baudhaegas says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Byrcha: Wonderful, Galenhir! THank you
[Kinship] Qiredis: Thank you Galenhir :)
[Kinship] Bluecanary: Beautiful
[Kinship] Lindorieh: Wonderful words
[To Kinship] Just lovely!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Galenhir, bless you! Thanks a lot!
[Kinship] Hollyberye: yes, thank you so very very much
[Kinship] Baltwyn: someone said this was being posted on youtube? i cant see a thing said lol
Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Let us break out the frying pans and bring down some goblins and orcs!
[Kinship] Godwineson: it will be
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Not quite yet
[Kinship] Byrcha: First a couple more songs
[Kinship] Galenhir: no thank you - a great honor
Erikin says, 'To Tinki!'

Alligretta says, 'To Tinki'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you again to all who have spoken. To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Qiredis: How are folk getting the rainbows over their heads?
Calycanthus says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Envir: Emote from the store
[Kinship] Bilwise: Rainbowfountain emote
Mithrilfist says, 'Woooo!'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Aha. Thanks!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Hobbit-magic

Luinori says, '((Far Apart, Never Alone could easily be the rallying cry for this entire server.))'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: brb...gotta run to Shire for a proper hobbity gobblin killing frypan
[Kinship] Anthemisa: A lovely emote, how to get it?
Mithrilfist says, '(( =) ))'
Ashigaru says, 'Honor and glory unto you and your house, noble hobbit.'
Bredhe says, '((Agreed, Luinori))'
Brumhilodir says, 'YES!'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: It's from the store, Anthe.
[Kinship] Malphos: it is a new one, in the store
[Kinship] Belathriel: lyrics ?

[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'Thank you all for sharing your memories of Tinki today'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Neat emote!
[Kinship] Lorgelas: hi all, Tinki tribute still going?
[Kinship] Envir: Normal weapons, or improvised ones for Orc slaying?
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Yes.
Byrcha shouts, 'Thank you all for sharing your memories of Tinki today'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Yes, come to the Bree festival stage!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: We're still at the Bree Festival Ground for now.
[Kinship] Lorgelas: Nice. I feared I'd be too late
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Yes, Lorgelas, but come quickly to the Bree Festival Grounds.

[Kinship] Kiralynn: Frying pans, rolling pins, pitch forks...
Alligretta says, 'dancing with tears in my eyes'
[Kinship] Godwineson: I would have to visit Bree for ornamental non-weapons.
[Kinship] Caiyyd: giant flowers
[Kinship] Kiralynn: ... bare fists...
[Kinship] Envir: Then a trip to Bree is needed, left my pitchfork in my bank
[Kinship] Juneith: would a stein work?
[To Kinship] Yes!

[Kinship] Dancyn: where would the quickest ...The Shire! Mathom house?? pitchfork!?
[Kinship] Caiyyd: most fitting!
[To Kinship] lanterns, steins, mugs, pans, spoons, flowers, sparklers!
[Kinship] Dancyn: sparklers! lol
[Kinship] Kiralynn: ... lutes?
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Bread of the Third Age!
[Kinship] Dancyn: we put them in our weaon slots?
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Rolling pins...
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Hah, Craic!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I have a frying pan in one hand and a stein in the other. Seemed appropriate.
[Kinship] Malphos: i love that bread!
[Kinship] Godwineson: I can't get instruments to work fo rhtat.
[Kinship] Sonca: And I packed away my frying pan for more vending space.
[Kinship] Geoffroi: I need to go now, thank you all for the amazing tributes
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care Geoff :)
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Thank you Geoff
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Geoff.
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs*
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Be well, Geoff!
[Kinship] Sonca: Take care Geoff!
[Kinship] Kyrian: was good to see you Geoffroi
[Kinship] Byrcha: Fare well, Geoff
[Kinship] Tiffanii: bye be well
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: I love this rainbow fountain emote. So very Tinki!
Bredhe says, '*holds up a piece of [Gorgeous Heartwood]*'

[Kinship] Byrcha: And, before we run off to hunt orcs ... let me thank each of you for coming here today! I'm sure Tinki would have been overjoyed to see so many of us

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Most definitely!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: This entire event is Tinki-approved!
[Kinship] Belathriel: 3 pages of us!!!
[Kinship] Aedon: It has been an uplifting tribute.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Aye!
[To Kinship] Agreed!
[Kinship] Kiralynn: I'm surprised how well my client has been behaving today.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: As a send off for Tinki ought to be! Even in Heaven, he is not alone! =)
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* thanks everyone, thanks all the magical elven organizers, Tulenn, Lhinn & Holly!
[Kinship] Godwineson: Quite so.
[Kinship] Aedon: Indeed
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: *hugs!*
[Kinship] Godwineson: I've asked that he be made aware of this, if that is allowed
[Kinship] Qiredis: Yes! Thanks Tulenn, Lhinn, and Holly!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: and thanks Byrcha & pie-vault! :p
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Whom, Godwineson?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Gratuitous gratitude to Lhinn, Holly, and Tulenn! Woo!
[To Kinship] It is an honor to be here with you all celebrating someone we all loved!
[Kinship] Lorgelas: Gosh how I missed this game
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Agreed!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Great people make the game.
[Kinship] Qiredis: I have missed the people, most of whom are present right now. <3

Tulenn says, 'Salith would like to play a song now in honor of Tinki'
Salith says, 'I never had a chance to meet Tinki, but it's clear that she had a massive impact on the community of Landroval.'
Salith says, 'Recently, Hved and I have faced loss in our own personal lives, and I felt that I wanted to pay tribute to those far away but not forgotten. This is for Tinki.'

Salith says, '~ Little by little'
Salith says, '~ I've come to this point'
Salith says, '~ On my own I've been searching my way'
Salith says, '~ I lost you so early'
Salith says, '~ The days went so fast'
Salith says, '~ You don't know how I prayed every day'
Salith says, '~ A song to remember'
Salith says, '~ A song to forget'
Salith says, '~ You'll never know how I tried'
Salith says, '~ To make you proud'
Salith says, '~ And to honor your name but'
Salith says, '~ You never told me goodbye'
Salith says, '~ Now that your are gone'
Salith says, '~ Casting shadows from the past'
Salith says, '~ You and all the memories will last'
Salith says, '~ Don't you cry'
Salith says, '~ Or suffer over me'
Salith says, '~ I will be waiting for you'
Salith says, '~ Don't you cry'
Salith says, '~ Angels never fade away'
Salith says, '~ I'll be watching over you'
Salith says, '~ See you through'
Salith says, '~ Now I'm a man and'
Salith says, '~ I'm feeling you still'
Salith says, '~ Could it be you were there all along'
Salith says, '~ A time to surrender'
Salith says, '~ A time to forgive'
Salith says, '~ With solace I give you this song'
Salith says, '~ Now that you are gone'
Salith says, '~ Casting shadows from the past'

[To Kinship] It really is wonderful to see you all!
[Kinship] Lorgelas: I hope Tinki is looking down and smiling
[Kinship] Godwineson: and there are new lands to roam if you have been away for a few.
[Kinship] Malphos: I feel humbled today to be part of this group!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Great kinmates, friends, and other friends yet to be. =)
[Kinship] Dancyn: I agree Malphos
[Kinship] Elimraen: Same Malphos :)
[Kinship] Bilwise: Same here, Malphos
[Kinship] Envir: The Lonely Mountain is the only kin I have ever felt at home in. You guys rock
You say, 'Beautiful!'

Qiredis says, 'Thank you, Salith! That was beautiful.'
Bredhe says, '[Gorgeous Heartwood]!'
Dancyn says, 'Thank you...lovely'
Kyrian says, 'beautiful'
Aedon says, 'to Tinki'
Lindiria says, 'Beautiful.'
Mithrilfist says, 'Wonderfully done!'
Tulenn says, 'Thank you, Salith'

[Kinship] Anthemisa: *kin-hugs*
[Kinship] Qiredis: *kin-hugs!*
[Kinship] Godwineson: *kin-hugs*
[Kinship] Kiralynn: OK now I'm gonna cry
[Kinship] Malphos: *hugs*
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: *kin-hugs* It should be an emote!
[Kinship] Hollyberye: me too Kira, streaming down already
[Kinship] Malphos: *tissues for Kira*
[Kinship] Dancyn: you know how we make that rainbow above us w/ the new emote!!?? /rainbowfountain...
[Kinship] Cairaen: far apart...
[Kinship] Juneith: already crying
[Kinship] Envir: *Group-hugs*!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: ...never alone!
[Kinship] Cairaen: i love you guys
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Dancyn, the new emote is a store purchase.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: And we you, Cai!
[Kinship] Dancyn: ty

[alesandtales] Tulenn: 'Thank you so much to everyone who spoke, shared stories and/or played a tribute to our dear Tinki. I am overcome with emotion. Thank you all.'
[alesandtales] Luinori: ':D'

[Kinship] Cairaen: back in a bit all
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Be well, Cai!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care Cairaen :)
[Kinship] Envir: Later Cai
[Kinship] Aedon: see ya Cai
[Kinship] Summerbud: Just as the sun is setting. sigh
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: So true!

You say, 'We love you Tinki! Everyone, please join us in dance, for TINKI's MAMBO!!'
Bilwise says, 'What would Tinki want?'
[Kinship] Godwineson: so it is
Mithrilfist says, 'Aye! Wooo!'
Bilwise says, 'A party!'
Godwineson says, 'Ale!'
Kiralynn shouts, 'Time to hobbit dance!'
Bilwise says, 'Hobbit dance for Tinki!'
Byrcha says, 'Don't forget to dance!'
Sonca says, 'For Tinki!'
Qiredis says, 'Let's party down for Tinki!'
You say, 'Let us celebrate his beautiful memory!'

[alesandtales] Algrogo: 'What a strange time to become un-hobbit-napped, but I'm glad I did, and hence didn't miss this.'
Aedon says, 'Dance for Tinki'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Then we will have to make a sun of our own! *lights fireworks, fires token*
[Kinship] Lorgelas: Here we are dear friends, at the end of all things

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Even here, Tinki's spirit continues to bring us together! Oh, how Ron would have approved!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: =)
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Ah yes, hope tokens!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: This doesn't have lyrics, does it?
[Kinship] Envir: Gotta raid my bank after this song
Mithrilfist says, 'Woooo!'

Algrogo says, 'Parts of this song sound a smidge random.... Tinki-ish, if you will, to me.'
You say, 'FOR TINKI!'
Bilwise says, 'For Tinki!'
Anthemisa says, 'This is my fast- strange-bobbignome dance For TINKI!'
Dancyn says, 'For Rinki!'
Dancyn says, 'For Tinki'
Sonca says, 'for Tinki!'

[Kinship] Baltwyn: Im at the Mathom House. Anyone need shovel, pan, pitchfork, etc?
Tulenn says, 'For Tinki!'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki'
Konungrim says, 'Mukhuh mabaddakhi ya bunmû Mahal.'
Hollyberye says, 'To Tinki!'

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Anthe, you are so funny! 8D
Gilnaure says, 'To Tinki!'
[Kinship] Dancyn: Baltwyn!! can you do that?? will it be bound?
Calycanthus says, 'For Tinki!'
Lindiria says, 'To Tinki!!'

[Kinship] Anthemisa: :D
[Kinship] Baltwyn: [Shovel]

Byrcha says, 'Thank you all for joining us today!'
Byrcha says, 'Despite all the attention, I think Tinki would have loved such a gathering.'
Byrcha says, 'So, now, we're going to undertake two more of Tinki's favorite pass-times ...'
Byrcha says, 'Tinki did enjoy a nice horse procession ... so please saddle up a white horse if you have one'
Byrcha says, '... a Parade, and a Raid!'
Merrydew says, 'She would of had us all drunk and stuffed by now!'

[Kinship] Dancyn: frying pan if possible please!!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Ha ha ha!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Let us see an elf do THIS!
[Kinship] Dancyn: *hug!!!
[Kinship] Tiffanii: pitchfork pls
[Luinori says, 'How about a white goat? XD'

Byrcha says, 'And, as many of you know, Tinki also loved hunting Orcs!'
Byrcha says, 'In fact, it became a familiar right of passage for new LMB recruits to go slay an Orc in Tinki's name'
Byrcha says, 'And so, today, we will do the same!'
Byrcha says, 'Now, this will be no ordinary Orc-hunt ...'
Byrcha says, '... We will use frying pans, rolling pins, beer mugs, flowers ... Tinki led us on such forays'

[Kinship] Lindorieh: I have to go, but it was nice to remember Tinki.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Be well, Lind!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: [Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Pitchfork][Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Pitchfork][Shovel][Shovel]
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care, Lindorieh :)
Godwineson says, 'And so it shall remain'
Malphos says, 'Oh yes! Or a whole camp of orcs! :D'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Lindorieh!
[alesandtales] Kiralynn: 'Standard steeds if you can, so we can stick together. (Non-war steed)'
[Kinship] Craicwyth: White horse? Not the Inn League horse?

Byrcha says, 'We will form up and ride out (at a walk) to the North Downs'
Byrcha says, 'And then ...'
Byrcha says, 'For Tinki ... Let's hunt some Orc!'

{NOTE from Lhinnthel: This is pretty much where chaos takes over....
... :-) }

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Twin frying pans, please!
[To alesandtales] 'Byrcha says, 'And then ...''
[Kinship] Pelind: Can you bring me a two handed shovel, balt?
Godwineson says, 'Where would we form up to after we go to get weapons?'
[To alesandtales] 'Byrcha says, 'For Tinki ... Let's hunt some Orc!''
Luinori says, 'Ach, I forgot my implement...'
Bredhe says, 'Nan Wathren?!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: I do believe the frying pan was Tinki's weapon of choice! =)
[Kinship] Malphos: umpf .. have no non-weapon with me
[Kinship] Anthemisa: For extra tender, sure, Gori!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fists also work.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: LoL, imma just buy 5 of each, plus pan for myself, any that need are welcome to them
[Kinship] Lindorieh: I remember when he helped me do the worm deed in the Trollshaws. Such a kind soul...especially to help with that one!

Piperia says, 'Oh isn't this lovely!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Thank you, Balt!
[Kinship] Malphos: then please, one pan for me Baltwyn :)
[Kinship] Dancyn: who is leading?
[Kinship] Godwineson: and also for me!?
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Put the raid mark over Byr so we can see better?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Byrcha!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: dont forget: [Butter knife]
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'With bare-hands, with frying pans or if you are like me with a legendary [Bullroarer's Tankard]'
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Thanks
Lindorieh has gone offline.

[alesandtales] Gennyrose: 'This has been a wonderful memorial. Thank you to everyone who spoke, played, helped organized, and participated. *hugs everyone*'
[Kinship] Dancyn: So LOVELY!! White horses & yellow!!
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'So LOVELY!! White horses & yellow!!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: '*hugs* Thanks for coming, Genny!'

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: And the goat! There is a white goat here too, representing us dwarves!!
[Kinship] Kiralynn: O M G look at all the white steeds!
[To Kinship] It looks GRAND!!!
[alesandtales] Gennyrose: 'I think Tinki herself made those of us who didn't know her as well, feel like we did know her well.'
[alesandtales] Luinori: 'I must log off for dinner, smash an orc's nose for me!'
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Consider it done, Luinori!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Thanks Luinori, will do!'

[Kinship] Calycanthus: Bad lag for me.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: You cannot be the only one, Caly. =)
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Just keep rididng, just keep riding...
[Kinship] Byrcha: a good test for Weatherstock ...
[Kinship] Qiredis: Go on /follow?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: There are /far/ too many of us! =)
[Kinship] Bilwise: Yeah, /follow someone
[Kinship] Baltwyn: omw, where too?
[Kinship] Hollyberye: I will say goodnight now, but many thanks to you all for such an incredibly moving tribute
[Kinship] Hollyberye: *love and hugs*
[Kinship] Byrcha: Thank you, Holly!
[Kinship] Qiredis: The processional is passing Saeradan's Cabin right now, headed west.
[Kinship] Bilwise: Night Holly!
[Kinship] Pelind: Take care holly
[Kinship] Godwineson: g/night Holy
[Kinship] Lorgelas: what a view
[Kinship] Qiredis: G'night Holly :) Thanks for the video!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: What lag! 8D
[To Kinship] haha!
[Kinship] Malphos: uh oh .. lag ^^

[alesandtales] Kiralynn: '#LagForTinki'
[Kinship] Dancyn: Gnite Holly
[To alesandtales] 'Perfect!'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'hehe'
[alesandtales] Lindiria: 'Haha!'
[alesandtales] Qiredis: 'Couldn't be a better cause!'
[alesandtales] Aedon: 'turn off cloaks if you can'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Thanks Holly, for everything
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Forget Pellenor Fields, we have this!
Mithrilfist says, 'Forget Pellenor Fields, we have this!'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: I'll be at Bree Gate for those needing pan/shovel/pitchfork
[Kinship] Envir: Ahahahahaha
[Kinship] Malphos: we are killing the server, or? ^^
[To Kinship] Goodnight, Holly!!
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'turn yer graphics to low'
[alesandtales] Algrogo: '[ Wooo Slide-shows! :) ]'

[Kinship] Caiyyd: under the glow of the silver moon the yellow-clad travellers set forth, their white steeds pale as mist beneath them*
[Kinship] Dancyn: Thank you everyone...EVERYONE..for all your efforts. nicely done
[Kinship] Byrcha: Meet up with us along the Greenway
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Yeah they're probably noticing at Turbine right about now.
[Kinship] Qiredis: Nah, this is just a minor lag-bump.
[Kinship] Byrcha: And thank you again everyoe!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: And this is why I was always top-of-Weatherstock security pre-show, avoiding the procession completely. :p But this year, I should have a new computer!

[Kinship] Dancyn: Caiyyd...beautiful
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: =)
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Nicely said, Caiyyd. =)
[Kinship] Byrcha: time to turn the graphics down ...
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: What graphics? =)
[alesandtales] Zinovia: 'what else?'
[Kinship] Byrcha: ooh, get screenies ... if you dare
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: That orc camp is shaking in their boots!
Araweniel has come online.
[Kinship] Qiredis: I've got a few :)
[Kinship] Elimraen: Yes, enormous screenie album incoming :S
[alesandtales] Aedon: 'to reduce a bit of lag in procession please turn off cloaks.'
[To alesandtales] 'Oh, this is beautiful :)'

[Kinship] Dancyn: I have screenshots...will be up on FB DancynBoots
[Kinship] Kiralynn: What an amazing procession of white and yellow.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Thank you for leading us, Byrcha! What would we do without you? *hugs*
[Kinship] Qiredis: Reduced Awareness just hit :D
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Please post the links in the LMB forums?
[Kinship] Dancyn: hahaaa!! Reduced awareness!!
[alesandtales] Zinovia: 'sea of yellow'
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'hahaaa!! Reduced awareness!!'
[Kinship] Envir: Kehehehehe
[Kinship] Calycanthus: No big surprise there. :p
[Kinship] Elimraen: I will post my link!
[alesandtales] Aedon: 'I am aware of all of you'
Hollyberye has gone offline.
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'Lots of ale, that's why :)'
[To alesandtales] 'hehehe'
[alesandtales] Envir: '#LagForTinki'
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'I hope Tinki is aware of this marching!'

[Kinship] Galenhir: I love the though of a random player just passing by and seeing this lol....
[Kinship] Galenhir: *thought
[Kinship] Byrcha: Heh, if they think this awareness is reduced, wait til we meet the orcs
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'He is....'
[Kinship] Envir: One did already
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'after all that drinking, we could travel on to Forochel and make yellow snow!'
[Kinship] Caiyyd: that would be amazing
[Kinship] Malphos: yes, i would like to know what they think :D
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Someone's fireworks steed is shooting :)

[alesandtales] Bredhe: '*chortles*'
[alesandtales] Bilwise: 'Hehehehe'
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: '=)'
[alesandtales] Zinovia: 'smell the roses on too :)'
[alesandtales] Bilwise: '#ForYellowSnow ... er ... not sure that's an homage'

[Kinship] Kiralynn: I won't be staying to kill orcs, my PC won't handle it, but I am going to meet IRL with 3 other Banders to have a few beers and remember.
[Kinship] Bilwise: Cool
Philamena has come online.
[Kinship] Byrcha: Cheers, Kira
[Kinship] Elimraen: Lovely, Kira :)
[Kinship] Dancyn: You're going to make me cry again Kira
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Unless you're making the yellow snow on orcs. =)'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care and beer safely, ira :)
[Kinship] Kiralynn: They're here, BTW, just over my shoulder so we don't kill the wireless here.
[Kinship] Dancyn: enjoy
[Kinship] Qiredis: *Kira
[alesandtales] Zinovia: 'yellow snow lol'
[Kinship] Caiyyd: good to see you Kira ((hugs))
[Kinship] Sonca: Sounds like a lovely plan Kira
[Kinship] Summerbud: I love that we stopped back here for a bear crossing the road
[Kinship] Qiredis: *waves at the LMBers over Kira's shoulder*
[Kinship] Godwineson: Save a seat for Tinki. Wonderful idea!
[Kinship] Bilwise: *waves to Kira spectators*
[Kinship] Dancyn: put a mug out for Tinki
[To Kinship] *waves with a big mug of Tinki's fienst brew!
[Kinship] Philamena: hi kin
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Kaerri and I went out last week (the day after we learned) and raised Real Life glasses to Tinki. Have fun, Kira!

[Kinship] Craicwyth: Somewhere in the Turbine office is a jar, labeled, ''Everytime the LMB breaks the server, deposit 1 nickel.'' This jar is sufficient to keep the game solvent. :-)

[Kinship] Aedon: haha I saw that
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'well, a lot of guys seem to enjoy it, so could be homage'
[Kinship] Envir: bear!
Isilwren has come online.
[Kinship] Craicwyth: *Turbine
[Kinship] Qiredis: Probably, Craic!
[Kinship] Bilwise: Hehehe
[Kinship] Kiralynn: LOL Craic
[Kinship] Bilwise: Hope so
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Hah, Craic!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Hello Philamena :)
[Kinship] Galenhir: lol!
[To Kinship] hehehe, nice one, Craic!
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Well, I did warn Vyvyanne but I doubt they prepped for THIS.
[To Kinship] Greetings, Philamea!
[Kinship] Sonca: hehehe
[Kinship] Envir: There probably is
[To Kinship] *Philamena!
[Kinship] Caiyyd: we've only broken things a *few times...
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Greetings, Philamena!
Vendek has gone offline.
[Kinship] Byrcha: well, they have two weeks to get ready for Weatherstock
[Kinship] Qiredis: Trial run!
You tell Philamena, 'Greeting!! I have noticed that you are up for promotion!'
[Kinship] Byrcha: exactly
[Kinship] Caiyyd: yeah, that will be the test of the new servers for sure!
[Kinship] Envir: #CrashTheTop
[Kinship] Dancyn: what new servers!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Please don't.
You tell Philamena, 'and would like to ask how you have been enjoying your time in LMB?'
[Kinship] Byrcha: do not suggest that!
Philamena tells you, 'I am? Awesome'
[Kinship] Tiffanii: good grief FPS down at 162
[Kinship] Galenhir: We need to burgle that jar and start our own mmo
[Kinship] Byrcha: folks will try anyway!

[Kinship] Kiralynn: I know we've crashed it twice in one Weatherstock, is that the record?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Oh, I thought we were going to raid that orc camp we just passed.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Byrcha, where are we headed?
[Kinship] Baltwyn: im here, if i ran over anyone, sowwy
[Kinship] Byrcha: We cross the Trestlebridge, turn right, and slay Orcs
You tell Philamena, 'Yes!! You have made a good impression with your cheerfulness and pleasantness in kinchat!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Thanks! =)
Philamena tells you, 'I've been doing fine. I've noticed that my normal play time is a bit later than most, it seems'
Philamena tells you, 'That's good to know'
You tell Philamena, 'Are you PST?'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Balt, may I get a pair of frying pans from you at the Trestlebridge, please?

[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'BTW, for the Tinki Procession folks, here is the detailed plan ...'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'We cross the Trestlebridge, turn right, and slay Orcs'

[Kinship] Envir: People may want to turn off seeing other loot. There will be a lot
[Kinship] Baltwyn: ive got pichforks, shovels, pans, butterknives for all
Philamena tells you, 'I live in CST but my play time is probably somewhere mid-Pacific. ;)'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Good idea, thank you Envir!
[Kinship] Belathriel: did anyone keep count for the # that showed up today?
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'We do have spare pitchforks, frying pans, etc, for those who need em'
[Kinship] Godwineson: Hooray, Baltwyn!
You tell Philamena, 'ah! Yes, the amount of kinnies on can ebb and flow'
[Kinship] Envir: I have a cup thats a sword. Gotta love cosmetic weapons
[alesandtales] Lindiria: 'Nice and concise. A good plan!'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: '(auto-attack is best)'
[Kinship] Belathriel: for this march that is
Philamena tells you, 'Usually around 11pm EST and later'
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'arming with [Pretzel][Bullroarer's Tankard]'
[Kinship] Zinovia: [Note of Affection]
[Kinship] Qiredis: I have some flowers :)
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'Can't slay orcs with [Prized Pie]?'
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'I can!'
[alesandtales] Calycanthus: 'Also, if anyone is underlevel for the area, give me a tell, so we can pull you into a fellowship with a ministrel.'
[alesandtales] Envir: 'You can try Eth'
[alesandtales] Kiralynn: 'Well you could, it might cover the smell?'
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'That would ruin the pie!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'What if I steal your pie, Eth?'
[Kinship] Tiffanii: Balt i will stop at bridge if u have a spare weapon
You tell Philamena, 'Do you have any other questions or concerns before becoming a full member?'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'Yes, if you are on- or under-level, please speak up!'
[Kinship] Caiyyd: lag isnt as bad now that we spread out a little
[Kinship] Godwineson: As will I
Philamena tells you, 'but, as I said, I can manage being on my own for extended periods and it's nice to see some on when I can be on earlier'
[alesandtales] Urfast: 'I could run ahead on foot...'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Wait until the combat starts! =)
[Kinship] Byrcha: Yes, if you are on- or under-level, please speak up!
[alesandtales] Urfast: 'Kill whatever tries to bother.'

[alesandtales] Sonca: 'Please do not waste a good pie on an orc'

[Kinship] Baltwyn: [Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Butter knife][Butter knife][Butter knife][Shovel] x5 [Pitchfork] x5 ^^
[alesandtales] Urfast: 'I'm a sellsword, after all. :P'
[Kinship] Zinovia: level 46
[alesandtales] Envir: 'If in a group, consider turning off viewing others loot in chat'
Philamena tells you, 'not really. I'm good'
[Kinship] Godwineson: dibs on a pan wink
[Officer] Calycanthus: I'm prepared to heal as needed, but I really need people to be in my fellowship.
[Kinship] Pelind: I'm slowly lagging to the back of the line so I'm getting to see the whole procession :-)
[Kinship] Dancyn: Fry pan please!!!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Same here, Pelind.
[Kinship] Godwineson: I hope someone is filming this
You tell Philamena, 'Alright! Well please do let myself or any other officers know if you need anythign or have questions!'
You have promoted Philamena to Kinswoman.
Philamena tells you, 'Oh. alts'
[Officer] Bilwise: Pff! Fellowships are for the sober!! :p
[Kinship] Qiredis: Congratulations, Philamena!
[Kinship] Pelind: Hooray!!!

[To Kinship] Please welcome our newest full member, Philamena!
[Kinship] Malphos: wow congrats!
[Kinship] Dancyn: GRATZ!
[Kinship] Elimraen: Congrats! :D
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Congratulations!
[Officer] Byrcha: They are? oh, right, they are
[Kinship] Envir: Gratz Philamena
[Kinship] Bilwise: Congratz!
[Kinship] Philamena: \o/ me
[Kinship] Tiffanii: gratz
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Welcome!
[Kinship] Malphos: what a moment for the promotion!
[Kinship] Godwineson: You know what to do, Philamena. Kill an orc for Tinki!
[Kinship] Dancyn: For Tinki!!
[Kinship] Bilwise: Yes!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Join us!
You tell Philamena, 'yes!! You are now welcome to have alts invited, as long as they too foloow the naming guidelines!'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Welcome to LMB Philamena, nice to meet you!

[To Kinship] So, now... you must slay an orc, FOR TINKI!!!
[Kinship] Bluecanary: I carry [Sturdy Frying Pan] and [Beer Stein] at all times for moments like these
[Kinship] Byrcha: Welcome, indeed!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Ive a frying pan for you to do so with ^^
[Kinship] Aedon: one for Tinki, then taking the wife out
[alesandtales] Sonca: 'If you get defeted by an orc, give a shout so a mini can rez you. I think we have one or two here that can do that ;p'
Philamena tells you, 'I just usually use the randomizer on the game screen.'
[Kinship] Tulenn: Congrats, Philamena!
[Kinship] Kiralynn: Beer Stein? Awesome!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Trade, Balt?
[Kinship] Aedon: congrats!!
[Kinship] Pelind: balt... do you have mobile mailbox?
You tell Philamena, 'Ah! I'm sure that works nicely!'
[alesandtales] Qiredis: 'Or a loremaster :)'
[Kinship] Godwineson: Aedon, she's not a mob!
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'Cappies and LMs and RKs too'
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'Or a captain ;)'
[Kinship] Lorgelas: lol
Philamena tells you, 'I have 5 other playing toons though. and 4 suitcases. :D'
[Regional] Envir: 'To all orcs: Prepare to die!'
You tell Philamena, 'hehehehe!!!'
[Kinship] Dancyn: Aedon...treat that wonderful understanding wife well!!
[alesandtales] Bredhe: '*raises hand* LM at your service :)'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Frying pan?
[alesandtales] Calycanthus: 'Pretty much, half of us here can probably rez you if you need it.'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Thank you, Balt!
[alesandtales] Lindiria: 'Mini here. *grins*'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'I can teach you instrument or get you dead again, do not simply trust me to rez you, I'm the worst mini!'

[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'mini here lol'
[alesandtales] Bredhe: '[Slapper Fish] in hand, ready and armed!'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: yep...whome else? I'll mail to you
Philamena tells you, 'should I just cycle them in and out now or would another time be better?'
[Kinship] Godwineson: mee
You tell Philamena, 'Just send a tell to any officer and we'll be glad to help you get them inthe kin'
[Kinship] Pelind: Me please!
[Regional] Envir: 'We appologise for any lag caused.'
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'that's a nice staff, Bredhe'
Philamena tells you, 'you seem to be a bit busy at present. :D'
[Kinship] Malphos: Balt, were are you? one pan or fork for me please!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: I can use a frying pan Baltwyn if you have them still
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Balt is in the back!
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'Just glad it isn't bacon!'
[Kinship] Tiffanii: me Balt
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'No wastez bacon....'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: outside trestle bridge lol
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Make a fellowship to find him or have it mailed?
You tell Philamena, 'If you would liek to do it now, that would be fine - Ill need the names first. We usually ask that members log on their kin character and tell us the names so we are sure it's them'
[alesandtales] Urfast: 'Let's make the orcs wish they were never created!'
[Kinship] Malphos: me too - other side probably :D
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'I can heartily do that!'
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'I need my fry pan!'

[alesandtales] Lindiria: '*suddenly has the lyrics for 'Sobbin' Goblin' going through her head* xD'
[alesandtales] Piperia: '(( speaking of bacon, I totally horrified a doctor the other day when I said I was alleric to pork and he realized that meant no bacon! lol))'
[Kinship] Pelind: Where'd the parade go?
[Kinship] Pelind: turn right after the bridge?
[Kinship] Baltwyn: which did you want Tiff?
[Kinship] Byrcha: Turned right after the bridge
Philamena tells you, 'alright. the next one will be Cuthbob Sprunt (brother of the infamous Cuthbert Sprunt)'
[Kinship] Byrcha: slaying orcs now
You tell Baudhaegas, 'Oh! Okay! Thank you so much for joining us, and please do extend our thanks to Briallan as well!!'
[Kinship] Byrcha: well, and everything else too
Bavelbella has gone offline.
[Kinship] Dancyn: my fry pan is beautiful thank you!!
[Kinship] Godwineson: by mail or in person?
Baudhaegas tells you, 'she came here too, ...we'd stay but RL :/'
[Kinship] Aedon: okay folks. time to go celebrate with the Missus, great tribute to our Tinki. Have a great time, slay many orcs.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: mail
You tell Baudhaegas, 'yes, real life is most important!'
Baudhaegas tells you, 'chores ...yes...have fun...kill more for us :)'
[Kinship] Sonca: Thats 1!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Aedon!
[Kinship] Tiffanii: me pls
[Kinship] Qiredis: Laters Aedon :) Happy birthday to your lady!
[Kinship] Elimraen: Bye Aedon :)
[Kinship] Bluecanary: Bye Aedon
You tell Philamena, 'Okay!'

[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: '#YellowRaid for Tinki'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Take care, Aedon!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Happy birthday to your lady!
You have spotted a creature attempting to move stealthily about.
[Kinship] Isilwren: I've missed the Tinki memorial. sad
[Kinship] Bilwise: Tinki would be so proud
[alesandtales] Cuthbob: 'Good afternoon'
[Kinship] Byrcha: Nay, we're slaying Ocrs!
[Kinship] Lorgelas: we are still going... the procession is in north downs
[Kinship] Isilwren: Where? I got to Bree, but couldn't find anyone
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Come on, Isi! =)
[Kinship] Byrcha: North Downs
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: North of Trestlebridge!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Trestlebridge. Cross the bridge and turn right :)
[Kinship] Pelind: Cappy summon for isil, anyone?
[Kinship] Arrandis: Just sending Ashi a weapon
[Kinship] Baltwyn: still have shovels/pitchforks if any wish
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Slaying orcs with my sheep'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* Ashi!
[Kinship] Pelind: May I have a shovel, baltwyn?
[Kinship] Malphos: yes, one for me please Baltwyn!

[alesandtales] Craicwyth: 'Go easy on the ranged weapons! Some of us want a chance to introduce an orc to a frying pan!'
[Kinship] Isilwren: North Downs = Esteldin?
[Kinship] Isilwren: Been so long, I don't remember
[Kinship] Baltwyn: which, Malphos?
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Trestlebridge, Isil.
[Kinship] Byrcha: Yes, but we're just east of Trestlebridge
[Kinship] Malphos: Nay, Nan Wathren. But yes, Esteldin is also in the Norht Downs
[Kinship] Qiredis: Yes :) Take the horse to Trestlebridge and jump off before you cross the bridge.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Cappy summon for Isi?
Cuthbob tells you, 'Here am I'
[Kinship] Isilwren: Got it. I was heading the wrong way
[Kinship] Malphos: oh, pitch fork, pan, bread, knife - whatever you can offer :)
You cannot invite Cuthbob because he is not accepting kinship invites at this time.
[Kinship] Godwineson: nothing in mail fighting abre handed
You tell Cuthbob, 'I think you have guild inties turned off in settings'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I think I'm way behind the main group... Lagging horribly.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: See Balt for a proper weapon!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: bleh, thought i sent you one, sorry
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: You are here in spirit, Caly!
Cuthbob tells you, 'I just dropped the kin so it may take a minute to sync out'
[Kinship] Dancyn: Craban in the pan!!
Kiralynn has gone offline.
Cuthbob tells you, 'invites have been on though'
[Kinship] Malphos: thank you!
[Kinship] Godwineson: my mail is probably full
You cannot invite Cuthbob because he is not accepting kinship invites at this time.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: ahh
[Kinship] Calycanthus: I'm getting the orcs as they respawn. :p
You tell Cuthbob, 'You cannot invite Cuthbob because he is not accepting kinship invites at this time. I'll try again in a minute'
[To Kinship] who else needs a raid invite? We still have a bit of room
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Don't go too far ahead; let other yellow-coats catch up and join you!
Cuthbob tells you, 'odd. they weren't but I did have that page open'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Incoming Tinki-raging Ranger ^^
[Kinship] Isilwren: I have to drop you Mithril so I can get a raid invite
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: I was just suggesting that, Isi!
[Kinship] Isilwren: Okay, invite me
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: An invite for Isi and I, please!
[To Kinship] Gladly!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: I thank you!
[Kinship] Isilwren: Thanks!
[Kinship] Lorgelas: i forgot how scary it was up here at night
[Kinship] Bluecanary: ANd me, please!
You sense that a creature is nearby but hidden from your sight.
You have spotted a creature attempting to move stealthily about.
[Kinship] Bluecanary: THanks!
Cuthbob tells you, 'give it a whirl'
[Kinship] Juneith: how do I hit anything with my stein
You cannot invite Cuthbob because he is not accepting kinship invites at this time.
[Kinship] Qiredis: Right-click on it
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'is there a stop point?'
You tell Cuthbob, 'Ugh - still says that!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'no?'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'When the Orcs are all dead!'
[Kinship] Juneith: thanks!
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'which could take a while'
Cuthbob tells you, 'no idea. I'll just move on and come back. Dwimordalin'
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'raid through whole Angmar'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'We end up in Dol Dinen'
You tell Cuthbob, 'alright! We can try again later? Odd!'
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'so yeah thought so!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Wooo
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: !
[Kinship] Qiredis: Some by me.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: And me, Godwineson!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Is there still room in the raid?
[Kinship] Tulenn: Alas, I must away and make dinner. I will see you later, my friends. Leave no orc alive!
[Kinship] Godwineson: we are all spread out
Malphos says, 'lol!'
[Kinship] Elimraen: Bye Tulenn!
[Kinship] Godwineson: Thank you TUlen
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Tulenn!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Thank you Tulenn, take care!
Tulenn has gone offline.
Dwimordalin tells you, 'alright. Try this one out'
You cannot invite Dwimordalin because he is not accepting kinship invites at this time.
You tell Dwimordalin, 'aaah, it says the same thing! Can you check your settings/'
You tell Dwimordalin, 'under social options'
You tell Dwimordalin, 'enable kinship requests'
Mithrilfist shouts, 'For Tinkiiiiii!!'
Dwimordalin tells you, 'gah.. L2Read'
You have invited Dwimordalin to join your kinship.
Dwimordalin accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Dwimordalin into your kinship.
You tell Dwimordalin, 'aha!'
[Kinship] Baltwyn: ive a pan if anone wants it, think i got all though
Dwimordalin tells you, 'I was reading it as disable requests'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Welcome, Dwimordalin!
[To Kinship] Please welcome Dwimordalin, alt of Philamena!
[Kinship] Godwineson: They must a heard us coming
[Kinship] Dancyn: Baltwyn...thank you
You have promoted Dwimordalin to Kinsman.
[Kinship] Pelind: welcome!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Welcome!
[Kinship] Bilwise: Welcome!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Welcome Dwimordalin :)
[Kinship] Elimraen: Welcome!
[Kinship] Dancyn: welcome Dwimordalin!!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Welcome!
You tell Dwimordalin, 'make sure to add a note saying who your main is :)'
[Kinship] Dwimordalin: Hi all.. more of me to come!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Come slay one orc, or twelve!
[Kinship] Pelind: Woohoo!
[Kinship] Qiredis: The more the merrier :)
Dwimordalin tells you, 'I'll register them all in the website as well'
You tell Dwimordalin, 'thank you!'
[Kinship] Bilwise: Take care all! Thanks for the great concert and tinki raid!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care Bil :)
[Kinship] Elimraen: See you Bil! :)
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Take good care, Bil!
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Bil!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Bye bye Bil
[Kinship] Bilwise: Good to see so many of you again!
[To Kinship] Be well, Bil!!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Aye!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Bye Bilz!
[To Kinship] Thank you for all of your hard work!!
Dwimordalin tells you, 'so annoying desiding which of them is an alt and which is a main..'
Bilwise has gone offline.
You tell Dwimordalin, 'yes, I know!'
Dwimordalin tells you, 'back to Cuthbob Sprunt'
[Kinship] Bluecanary: Seconding all that. Thanks, all - it's been a beautiful, moving evening. To Tinki.
Dwimordalin has gone offline.
[Kinship] Qiredis: To Tinki!
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'deadly frying pans!!'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs* To Tinki!
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'Lost sight of yellows!'
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'Ha!'
Bluecanary has gone offline.
You say, 'phew!'
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: '17S x 46W in Nan Wathren heading east!'
Cuthbob tells you, 'Try now'
You have invited Cuthbob to join your kinship.
Cuthbob accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Cuthbob into your kinship.
[alesandtales] Envir: 'Dol Dinen has stronger orcs! Charge!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Welcome Cuthbob!
[To Kinship] And another Philamena! Welcome!
[Kinship] Qiredis: WElcome :)
You have promoted Cuthbob to Kinsman.
[Kinship] Cuthbob: Finally... grr... :D Hi all!
[Kinship] Byrcha: Anyone still need pitchforks or other less-leathal tools?

[Kinship] Baltwyn: [Butter knife][Butter knife][Butter knife][Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan][Shovel][Shovel][Shovel][Butter knife][Pitchfork][Pitchfork][Pitchfork][Pitchfork]

[alesandtales] Piperia: 'but they are no match for my [Giant Flower]! Achoo!'
[Kinship] Lorgelas: ok folks dinnertime. I'm glad I could make it tonight. I'll try to get in more
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: I could use a big picture of Aeghthil! That would certainly kill them all! 8
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: 8D
[To Kinship] haha!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Be well, Lorgelas!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Enjoy Lorgelas )
[Kinship] Qiredis: :)
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'ha! a giant flower and two frying pans!'
Cuthbob tells you, 'Indemaer'
[To Kinship] Anyone else need a raid invite?
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Less lethal, Mithrilfist! She said less lethal!
[Kinship] Galenhir: Fair travels friends. A wonderful tribute. Thank you all! Love you all! Cheers
You tell Cuthbob, 'okay!'
Cuthbob has gone offline.
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'look at the frying pans swing!!'
Galenhir has gone offline.
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Fare well, Galenhir!
[To Kinship] Be well and safe journey!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Oooooh! She did, didn't she??
[alesandtales] Piperia: '*gasp* someone has a sword!'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Where are y'all now? I have about 3 others with me.

[Kinship] Baltwyn: Orc in recovery room, "I dont know, man, I saw a flash of yellow then, Bam! I wake up here...."

[alesandtales] Envir: 'it's a cup-sword'
Indemaer tells you, 'Hi there'
You tell Indemaer, 'Hail!'
You have invited Indemaer to join your kinship.
[alesandtales] Envir: 'The sword is just cosmetically equipped'
Indemaer accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Indemaer into your kinship.
[alesandtales] Piperia: 'ah, ok'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Welcome :)
[To Kinship] Welcome Indemaer! Another of Philamena's!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Welcome, Indemaer!
You have promoted Indemaer to Kinswoman.
[Kinship] Dancyn: nice :D welcome!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Welcome!
[Kinship] Pelind: Hooray for alts!
[Kinship] Indemaer: I feel so disjointed...

[Kinship] Mithrilfist: "The beatings will continue until morale improves!" - Seen on T-shirt

Indemaer tells you, 'Raiimond'
[To Kinship] Woo! cliff diving!
You tell Indemaer, 'Ok!'
Indemaer has gone offline.
[Kinship] Dancyn: ouch!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Froofy elves leading the way :)
[Kinship] Baltwyn: everybody got thaty gimp walk now
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Sonca!
[Kinship] Craicwyth: No, Sonca!
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Down the cliff we go and into Meluinen proper!'
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'let us kill them slowly with our fish and pans!'
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Where are you?
[Kinship] Isilwren: I am not a froofy elf. :P
[Kinship] Qiredis: I am! :D
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: The orcs said you were!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Sure you are not!
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'Duel fish!'
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'heheee'
[alesandtales] Dancyn: 'yes..he had 2 rez's'
Raiimond tells you, 'don't you wish you got XP from this grind? :D'
You tell Raiimond, 'hehe, yeah!'
Lorgelas has gone offline.
[Kinship] Isilwren: Phtpht what those orcs say. They can taste my arrows.
You have invited Raiimond to join your kinship.
Raiimond accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Raiimond into your kinship.
[Kinship] Qiredis: Welcome :D
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Hah!
[To Kinship] Welcome Philamena.. I mean Raiimond!
You have promoted Raiimond to Kinsman.
[Kinship] Dancyn: lol
[Kinship] Juneith: Oh no! Dinner has arrived! Thank you for all the memories of Tinki
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Welcome Phil-of-many-alts (like so many of us0!
[Kinship] Raiimond: moar alts.. that's what this song needs
[Kinship] Qiredis: Happy nomming, Juneith!
[To Kinship] Be well, Juneith and enjoy your meal!!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Be well, Juneith!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Raise a glass to Tinki!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Happy to see many alts, welcome!
[Kinship] Juneith: I will Mith!
You say, 'shall we ride to the group?'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: [Bullroarer's Tankard] for Tinki!
[Kinship] Baltwyn: Down with the Trolls!
Raiimond tells you, 'Throsti, the last unless you just feel completionist and want ot do 4 suitcases that you'll only see at the bank'
[Kinship] Calycanthus: Made it through Nan Wathren. And now I must depart as well. Thank you everyone.
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Now fighting trolls in Taur Gon Waith! And drunk, too!'

[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care Caly :)
Raiimond has gone offline.
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Thanks Caly *hugs*
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Be well, Caly!
[To Kinship] Be well, Caly!
[Kinship] Zinovia: good night
[Kinship] Summerbud: Got disconnected. Where is everyone?
Calycanthus has gone offline.
[Kinship] Isilwren: North Downs killing trolls
[Kinship] Isilwren: Taur Gon Wraith on the map
Throsti tells you, 'grindey grindey alt-goodiness'
[Kinship] Dancyn: Thank you everyone...hubby & I need dinner
You have invited Throsti to join your kinship.
Throsti accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Throsti into your kinship.
[Kinship] Qiredis: Take care Dancyn :)
[Kinship] Isilwren: Bye Dancyn
You have promoted Throsti to Kinsman.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Have a good night, Dancyn!
[To Kinship] Welcome Throsti! ANother Philamena!
[Kinship] Dancyn: I have been blessed to be a part of this. thank you
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: WOOO!
[To Kinship] Be well, Dancyn!
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Woo!'
[Kinship] Dancyn: later!
[Kinship] Dancyn: gnite!
[Kinship] Throsti: and the last you'd ever see outside of the shire houses
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Orcs ate her favorite grass, my sheep is now in angry mode! :p
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Now entering Dol Dinen!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: What?! Beat the bleat out of those orcs!
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Geraldine, kill!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: My monitor is so hazy from this brew! 8D
[Kinship] Qiredis: Craic, is that your pony? How do you get one?
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Crac, how do you have a pony following you?
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Bingo Boffin quest rewards!
[Kinship] Malphos: Tanglemane, Bingos war pony
[Kinship] Craicwyth: They are great...You should check them out!
Throsti tells you, 'I'd imagine only the latter spawned alts are auto-named, as I think about it, but (as you've seen) none are out-of-character names for their races'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Nice!
You tell Throsti, 'Very nice names indeed!!'
[Kinship] Craicwyth: You can even get a hobbit to follow you around, now!
You tell Throsti, 'It's up to you if you'd liek the other invited!'
[Kinship] Dancyn: oh no!! My [Heavy Cast Iron Frying Pan] took damage!!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Well, orc heads are kind of hard.
Throsti tells you, 'it does make it easier to follow a conveersation sometimes, I've found'
You tell Throsti, 'yes!'
[To Kinship] aha! I found a way out of this giant valley!
Throsti tells you, 'alright, Galstin'
Throsti has gone offline.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Woo, Lhinn!
Galstin tells you, 'alrighty'
You have invited Galstin to join your kinship.
Galstin accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Galstin into your kinship.
You have promoted Galstin to Kinsman.
[To Kinship] Welcome to antoher Philamena!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Yay!
Galstin tells you, 'Fhlomour'
Dancyn has gone offline.
You say, 'PHEW!! I finally caught up!'
Galstin has gone offline.
You tell Galstin, 'Okay!'
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'thanks folks!'
[alesandtales] Bredhe: 'nice memorial, nice everything! hugsez, all!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: 'Thank you very much for coming, and sharing the moment with us'
[alesandtales] Mithrilfist: 'Aye!'
[alesandtales] Qiredis: 'THanks for coming, Bredhe!'
[alesandtales] Anthemisa: '*hugs* Bredhe'
[alesandtales] Byrcha: 'Thank you for joining us!'
[Kinship] Kyrian: *raises a mug to Tinki*
Fhlormur tells you, 'Fhlormour <ahem>'
You tell Fhlormur, 'hehe'
You have invited Fhlormur to join your kinship.
Fhlormur accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Fhlormur into your kinship.
[Kinship] Kyrian: That's it for me friends.. take care.
You have promoted Fhlormur to Kinsman.
[Kinship] Byrcha: Bye Kyrian!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Take good care, Kyrian! =)
[To Kinship] Lovely names you have for your alts, Philamena! :D
[To Kinship] Be well, Kyrian!!
[Kinship] Pelind: Bye Kyrian!
[Kinship] Kyrian: ty
[Kinship] Fhlormur: Thank the random name generator for all of these. 2 clicks and accept whatever it spits out. :D
Kyrian has gone offline.
[To Kinship] Farewell for now, Bela!
[Kinship] Pelind: Yes picking names can be hard :D
Fhlormur tells you, 'Halthodos (or something similar)'
You tell Fhlormur, 'hehe'
[Kinship] Isilwren: Too bad you can't throw rotten tomatos at orcs
[Kinship] Belathriel: later all
[Kinship] Pelind: Bye bela!
Fhlormur has gone offline.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: worse, throw flowers.....
Belathriel has gone offline.
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Melee minstrel is hard when they reset your skill tree... I only have one skill and throwing rock skill to kill the orcs
Halthados tells you, 'on and on it goes.'
Byrcha says, 'eek, bees!'
[Kinship] Isilwren: At least you have that. Elves don't get such skills
You say, 'Twiggy, are you helping???'
[Kinship] Isilwren: We just annhialate everything in our paths
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Being foofy kills orcs directly
Byrcha says, 'Twiggy doesn't like Orcs either'
Veriwin says, 'Where to?'
You have invited Halthados to join your kinship.
Halthados accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Halthados into your kinship.
[To Kinship] Welcome again!
You have promoted Halthados to Kinswoman.
[Kinship] Halthados: one more...
Halthados tells you, 'Jonathon'
Halthados has gone offline.
Mithrilfist shouts, 'Incoming Vendors in Yellow! Tinki's Vending Team is out to trash orcs in Tinki's memory! WOOOOOO!'
[alesandtales] Ethlossoth: 'Anyone has still unfinished deed here? *giggles*'
[Kinship] Zinovia: anyone still fighting orcs & goblins:
[Kinship] Zinovia: ?
[Kinship] Anthemisa: yes
[Kinship] Isilwren: Yep and trolls
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Oh yes!
[Kinship] Zinovia: we lost you alll
[Kinship] Anthemisa: We are also lost, no worries!
Mithrilfist shouts, 'Up the hill and at them!'
Jonnathon tells you, 'That girl always forgets my middle N'
You tell Halthados, 'okay!'
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: We are fighting through the trolls!
You have invited Jonnathon to join your kinship.
You tell Jonnathon, 'hehe'
[Kinship] Zinovia: good, I have found 3 new friends
Jonnathon accepts your invitation to join your kinship.
You have recruited Jonnathon into your kinship.
You have promoted Jonnathon to Kinsman.
You tell Jonnathon, 'I love it when folks have tons of alts!'
[Kinship] Envir: Just how many do you have?
[To Kinship] hehe!
[To Kinship] Welcoem Philamena!
[Kinship] Jonnathon: that's the last one. 10 in all
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Oh! Savior of the lost, was one of the most-used titles of Tinki!
[Kinship] Qiredis: Welcome to all your alts, Philamena :)
[Kinship] Jonnathon: 6 that quest, 4 that keep the storage
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: For Tinki!!
Veriwin says, 'THis is kind of "the end" of North Downs.'
[Kinship] Jonnathon: I'll file a report with the SNS (Shire Naturalization Service) later
[Kinship] Sonca: All for Tinki!
[Kinship] Jonnathon: back in a flash
[Kinship] Anthemisa: For Tinki!
Jonnathon has gone offline.
Philamena has come online.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Wooo!
[Kinship] Sonca: But I must be off. Thank you everyone. It was a wonderful memorial.
[To Kinship] Goodnigth, Sonca!
[To Kinship] So glad to see you today!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Good night Sonca
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *many hobbitty hugs*
[Kinship] Byrcha: Bye Sonca!
[Kinship] Godwineson: gnight Songa
Veriwin says, 'Stay here or travel somewher else?'
[Kinship] Philamena: so what is going on by the trestlebridge?
Veriwin says, 'Or just end things?'
[Kinship] Anthemisa: We are slaying orcs for Tinki
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: We are slaying orcs and trolls in Tinki's name (in Dol Dinen now)!
[Kinship] Envir: Slay many orcs for Tinki
[Kinship] Byrcha: Our memorial service!
Azulla has come online.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Aye! In honor and memory of good-hearted Ron (who played Tinki)!
Sonca has gone offline.
[Kinship] Baltwyn: good place for extreme ales n tales?
[Kinship] Malphos: very extreme ^
[Kinship] Philamena: which side of Trestle are you on?
Byrgo has come online.
[Kinship] Byrcha: Some of us are in Dol Dinen, southeastern part of North Downs
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: We are far to the east of Trestlebridge, deep in Dol Dinen.
[Kinship] Envir: I'm lost in Angmar, hunting a Rt to hit with ym cup
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Wooo!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Hah! Doing this with everyone, I've earned a title, 10 TP points, reputation, deeds, etc.! I love it!
You say, 'woohoo!'
[Kinship] Isilwren: Nice!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Grand!
[Kinship] Qiredis: We're headed out for dinner noms. Thank you everyone for the beautiful memorial and the fun orc-slaying!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: We are off (for dinner) now! Take care and have fun, dear kinmates! Thank you so much for a /wonderful/ memorial to blessed Tinki! I know he would have approved whole-heartedly to all of it! 8D
[Kinship] Byrcha: Thank you to you both!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: *hugs & thanks both
You say, 'What's this!'
[Kinship] Craicwyth: Thank you so much, Quiredis and Gori!
[Kinship] Isilwren: I'm logging on to Jangwen to make something for my RK and then logging off. Sundays are typically my non-gaming days, I just popped on for Tinki.
[Kinship] Isilwren: So, I will see most of you on Monday.
Mithrilfist says, 'Be well, everyone!!'
Qiredis says, 'Take care everyone!'
[Kinship] Byrcha: Bye Isilwren!
Zaukîl says, ''Fools! You have called the might of the Ongbúrz upon you!''
[To Kinship] It was lovely to see you all!
Veriwin says, 'Go out with a bang!'
Ethlossoth says, 'Be well, Mithrilfist!'
Lindiria says, 'Oh, it seems to have worked. xD'
Ethlossoth says, 'Oops!'
Ethlossoth says, 'thats how the troll dances?'
[Kinship] Isilwren: Bye. It was a fun run. Tinki would have loved it.
Lindiria says, 'THAT'S how the troll dances!'
You say, 'haha!'
[Kinship] Qiredis: Yes he would :)
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Without a doubt! 8D
Isilwren has gone offline.
[Kinship] Byrcha: Agreed!
Lindiria says, 'THAT... works, too!'
[Kinship] Envir: No RTs, but did find dragons
You say, 'or however you say it :)'
Jangwen has come online.
Craicwyth has gone offline.
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: LMB is the best kinship ever! Far Apart...
[Kinship] Qiredis: Never Alone!
[To Kinship] Nevrer Alone!!
[Kinship] Anthemisa: NEVER ALONE!
[Kinship] Envir: Never Alone!
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: 8D
[Kinship] Pelind: Never alone
[To Kinship] err, too much ale :) *Never!
[Kinship] Envir: Poking an elite master with ym cup! Ahahahaha
[Kinship] Mithrilfist: Hah, Lhinn! *hugs*
[To Kinship] *grins*
You say, 'Dance the troll dance, Corulin!'
Corulin says, 'Wooo!'
You say, 'hehe'
Mithrilfist has gone offline.
Jangwen has gone offline.
Qiredis has gone offline.
Rhaian has come online.
Corulin says, 'Such violence!'
[Kinship] Zinovia: bye for now
[To Kinship] Be well!
[Kinship] Pelind: take care
[Kinship] Byrcha: Bye Zin!
Zinovia has gone offline.
[Kinship] Anthemisa: Laters, Zinovia, thank you!
Rhaian has gone offline.
Juneith has gone offline.
Tanzanith has come online.

And they laid waste to many orcses and trolls, lost themselves in many valleys, broke many ankles and drank all of the ale in the brewery!


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re: Tinki Tribute Chat Log

Thanks for the log. Sorry I missed it.

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