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re: Fireworks Show FAQ

Coordinated fireworks shows are great fun at events. I have come up with a system for guiding a fellowship through the show. Since it can be difficult to explain how it works during a show, I'll post this guide which can be read ahead of time.

What Is A Coordinated Fireworks Show?
Five or more people join a fellowship and stand in a row. They launch patterns of low altitude fireworks while music is played.

What Do I Need To Participate?
* Fireworks -- Make sure you have the six primary colors of low-altitude fireworks. They are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple. Some routines also require White and Rainbow, although this is rare, as those colors are more difficult to come by. For a short performance, 20 of each color will do.
* Chat Window -- Make sure Fellowship/Raid chat is in a separate tab, where you can watch for instructions. It is important to react to instructions quickly and not lose them in event spam.
* Cosmetic Outfit -- If possible, wear something that matches the other fireworks launchers. If you have a sparkler, equip it during the show.

How Do I Know What To Launch?
The coordinator will post instructions in the Fellowship/Raid chat channel. The instructions will tell each person which color to fire, according to their position in line. Launch the correct color as fast as possible after the instructions appear in chat. You will need to link your fireworks to the quickslot bar, or have your inventory bag open and organized, so that you can respond quickly.

The color codes are RED, ORG (orange), YLW (yellow), GRN (green), BLU (blue), PUR (purple), WHI (white), RBW (rainbow), and XXX (launch nothing).

For example, for a five person team, you will see: "FIREWORKS 1..... red --- Org --- XXX --- Grn --- blu"

This means that the person on the far left launches a red firework, the person on the far right launches a blue firework, the middle person doesn't launch anything, and so forth.

Notice the capitalization. The capitalization of each position stays the same. This is done to make it easier for you to spot the color for your position. In the above example, the middle person's code will always be upper case.

There is also a number at the beginning of each instruction, such as "FIREWORKS 11" or "FIREWORKS 27". This will help you keep track of which instruction you have already performed.

Rapid Launches
Sometimes the routine calls for a rapid succession of instructions. You'll see something like this:

FIREWORKS 1..... red --- Xxx --- XXX --- Xxx --- red
FIREWORKS 2..... xxx --- Org --- XXX --- Org --- xxx
FIREWORKS 3..... xxx --- Xxx --- YLW --- Xxx --- xxx
FIREWORKS 4..... xxx --- Grn --- XXX --- Grn --- xxx
FIREWORKS 5..... blu --- Xxx --- XXX --- Xxx --- blu

In this case, the instructions will appear in the chat window very quickly. Launchers #2 and #4 will begin launching their orange fireworks before launchers #1 and #5 have finished with their red fireworks. This allows us to make interesting patterns in the sky.

Why Can't I Use Other Fireworks?
The Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit, Man, Anniversary, and Summer fireworks are high-altitude. In order to use them, the fireworks launchers would have to stand far away from the crowd, otherwise they would burst behind the audience.

I Don't Have Any Fireworks
You can ask Kiralynn or other kinship members for fireworks. Let us know which colors you need. If I give you fireworks for the show, please mail back any that you don't use. I try to keep a chest stocked with fireworks for special events.

I Can't Hear The Music
Don't worry, you won't need to hear the music. Just watch the chat window for instructions.

Ooops, I Fired The Wrong Color!
Just go with it. Do not try to launch the correct firework after launching the wrong one. There isn't time. You'll be stuck in cooldown when the next instruction arrives.

I Didn't See The Instruction
If you're only a second or two behind, go ahead and launch. If you don't notice the instruction and look up to see fireworks already exploding, just wait for the next instruction. You don't want to be in cooldown when the next instruction arrives.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post, thanks!

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