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re: ESO base game for $12 : featured on Humble Bundle

For those who've thought about giving ESO a try, here's a chance to do so for $12 USD.

ESO is featured on Humble Bundle this month. Sign up for a monthly subscription of $12 and you'll get ESO, 750 crowns (enough to buy a mount which every character can use)and 15 days of ESO Plus (their subscription) through Steam plus other game titles. You can cancel after that first payment clears.

ESO is free to play... AFTER you buy the base game which can run $30-90 depending on what options you buy into, hence why $12 is a good deal! There are sections, like thieves or assassin's guild, that you'll have to purchase after that, but they aren't required to play the game. Or, you can do the $15 a month sub and get all those extras (except the Morrowind expansion) with the sub... plus a bottomless crafting bag that all your characters share and double your vault space (which is also shared).

ASIDE: I wish Lotro would do the bottomless crafting bag, idea. Plus, your crafting materials are available from anywhere.. they don't have to be in YOUR bags to use them.

Full Disclosure: If you've never played an Elder Scroll game, they are quite different from the Lotro or Wow games and that puts some people off. Yes, they still have quests and dungeons but the mechanics are different.

The various areas in the game are not blocked off by level. You can go anywhere in Tamriel. All the mobs are the same level in every region and you scale to the mobs. But that also means there is nowhere you can go with gray mobs and just stroll past. haha It also means if you are lvl 30 and a friend just started playing and is lvl 5, you can adventure together without penalty to either of you, though a level 5 character is not going to be as strong as the level 30 because they have few skills yet. There is some group content you don't do below level though... like pledges, vet dungeons and trials.

There is no tab to acquire a target and click a bunch of skills. You put your mouse cursor (cross hairs) over it to target it. Unless you remap all key commands, you use your keyboard to move and 1-5 to use your class skills, and your mouse to aim and shoot/execute your weapon skill. I use W to move forward and steer with mouse still... I've never managed to get good at driving with WASD. lol

You get 5 tool slots to choose from all your various skills and 1 ultimate. After lvl 15 you get a 2nd bar that you can flip to and you can put a different weapon and other skills (like a back up healing staff) on the 2nd bar and flip back and forth. One person I know has bow for distance but when mobs close in, flips to 2nd bar for melee skills with 2 daggers but you could do something like a sword and board.

While there are races and classes that go together better, the lines are not drawn so tight. Anyone can equip a healing staff and do some healing (on yourself or others), though you might not be as effective as one of the classes who actually have class healing skills. In the same way, most anyone can tank if they gear themselves that way... though it isn't the sort of tank you'd find in Lotro. There are only a few aggro skills in the game and they're all single target. :) One of the best healing classes, Templar, can also be a great tank, if geared right.

Okay, I went on much more than I planned. I really like ESO... I bet you couldn't tell!! haha

Chatty Cathy Tearna, signing off! :)

Part-time treasure hunter, playwright/director wannabe and head over heels in love with her handsome husband, Tamoro.

Other active games: ESO (Tearna, T'nar, Tealan, etc.)
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