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re: Sunday Night Siege 08/25/2013

so, this weekend, there was an absence of folks looking for group leadership training, so instead, we gathered up a part for more Fornost action.

It turns out, while we have a significant quantity of folks that have run Fornost in the past, we're still struggling to unlock both water and earth wings for enough people that we can move on to fire and shadow wings. That's what we did this weekend, with two relatively casual, straightforward runs through water and earth wings (yet again), so that we have another group of 6 all caught up and ready to go.

So, for folks looking to experience the whole of the new fornost, remember, you'll have to unlock water, then earth, before you can move on to fire, and shadow. Fortunately, both of these instances are fairly easy. Water is a little more time consuming, whereas earth wing can pretty much be burned through in record time with a decently equipped group.

we haven't tried any of the tier 2 challenge modes yet - still getting the wings unlocked for many folks - but if you're interested in experiencing all of fornost, know that the time for unlocking wings so you can join your fellows is now, AND that we have a decent number of folks that have already unlocked a portion, and are ready to move on to the further instances.

We also danced with Bertram George the stoned, not THAT kind of stoned...and took a decent number of pics. For some reason, there was an unexpectedly large amount of dancing going on amongst the orc and troll defenders of Fornost. Apparently, it's a pretty happenin' place!

I'll open the thread for next weeks needs and suggestions, and I'm continuing to offer group leadership training runs if people are interested...

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