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re: Sunday Night Siege 12/23/2012

well, it was quite a night to remember for the next-to-last Sunday Night Siege of 2012! After a little bouncing around in kinchat trying to decide what to do, we settled on gathering a company for BG - that would Barad Guldur, the 12-man final instance in Dol Guldor, not Barad Gularan, the almost entirely forgotten 6-man instance in Angmar - see, the dangers of over-abbreviating!

A company gathered, and we set out with almost no knowledge of BG - many of us had worked our way up to the first boss, but no one in the group had ventured beyond that point.

Some changes to instance made it a little easier to manage than previously (the Gauntlet was noticeably easier), and we handled the first boss relatively well, as many of us had *some* idea of how it was going to work - after that, it was all new!!

We fought our way up a rather huge fortress tower, and discovered that by far and away, the fiery sorcerers of Barad Guldur were the most dangerous enemies you could face - they were significantly more dangerous, in fact, than any of the boss battles we had encountered, as the sorcerers (and they're obnoxiously stealthy warg companions) managed to defeat the company more times then all the bosses combined! Go fig...

by the way, a key reminder, if you're ever experiencing an instance for the first time, don't be afraid to *use* your stealthy hobbity burglar friends - they're fantastic for stealthing and peeking around corners so you don't get *surprised* by enemies you couldn't see 'round the corner, or wandering patrols that are far down a hallway - let your burglars scout out the land ahead (just make sure they know not to trigger any obvious boss-arena looking areas, and remind them not to pick any troll pockets)

all in all, this was the most fun I've had in a long time at SNS - not just because of the people though; the people are always fun, and I've enjoyed all the company that SNS has given me to group with. It's the experience of fighting your way through an entirely unknown dungeon that is my fondest experience. A company of brave friends, battling, discovering weaknesses and strengths, adjusting strategies and adapting skills to battle their way through, and making progress, unlocking doors, conquering challenges!!

I *loved* this recent foray, and I want to thank everyone that endured the nearly 6 hour run (including between a half-hour to hour worth of recruiting time), and I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself

oh, and of course, WE WERE VICTORIOUS!!! Yes, both a ringwraith and his fell-beast fell to the blades, songs and yells of the Lonely Mountain Band, as did his whole ugly tower of fiery sorcerers...bury those guys as fast as you can - they're a mighty pain!

Thank you all once again, and here's hoping we have more fun yet to be had with 2013!!!

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