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I have been asked "what is Windy Acres" quite a bit recently, perhaps due to the number of new members. I thought this might be a good time and place to explain.

Windy Acres Ranch is a kinhouse located at 9 Chestnut Street, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads. It is used both IC and OOC for horse races and shows. I also host the occasional party there. The chests are kept stocked with musical instruments, pipeweed, and a variety of drinks to make any event more fun. (Please be kind and use these only for parties at the ranch. Don't take them to sell or use elsewhere.)

Horse races are in-game events where participants ride their steeds on a pre-designed course. The crowd is allowed to bet on the horses. The riders compete for prizes and a better rank in the jockey standings. It is easy to learn how to race. Some races are for standard (+62%) steeds, fast (+68%) steeds, journeyman (+78%) steeds, or war steeds.

Horse shows are mounted fashion contests. Riders dress up to match a specific mount. The audience casts their votes to determine the winners. Some shows have a theme, such as "winter" or "elegant".

Windy Acres sponsors a formation riding team. Formation riding, more formally known as quadrille dressage, is a competitive equestrian sport. Groups of riders perform choreographed maneuvers, usually to music. It is similar to drill team. Matching horses and uniforms, upbeat music and clever synchronization make formation riding an incredible sight to behold. Click here to learn more.

The houses around the kin house are also part of the ranch. We use these to host solve-a-mystery roleplay events. These are similar to murder mystery parties. The format is changed slightly so that any number of people can participate. Those who correctly solve the mystery win prizes.

Windy Acres also hosts the occasional talent show. For these events, participants take turns up on stage. They try to entertain the crowd and earn their votes. People typically play music, recite poems, do magic shows, show off outfits, tell jokes, or do short skits.

I accept donations of reputation items, money, and cosmetic items to give away as prizes. The reputation items and money are also used to help new jockeys buy their first horses.

Everything you want to know about Windy Acres Ranch can be found at - this is the main hub of racing and show information. There is a new contest every month where you can win 750 Turbine Points for doing something simple, such as submitting a screenshot of a riding outfit.

Quick Links:
Complete Event Schedule
Horse Name Generator
How Horse Races Work
Race Course Maps
Library of Horse Breeds

Haven't been hit by the racing bug? Check out the Windy Acres Ranch Racing video on YouTube!

Hope to see you at the races!

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