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re: Sunday Night Siege 10/16/11 post kin-meeting

Well, its another kin meeting sunday, and that means another early/late Sunday Night Siege!

SNS on kin meetings is always a little hectic, especially because of the traditional officers meeting right after the kin meeting, meaning we can gather early and run some quick instance runs, and we can gather a rather significant number of kinnies post meeting as well

some easy options - 3-man instances are *usually* fairly quick to run with the right loadouts

Garth Agarwen offers some decent 3-man possibilities at the mid 30's range, and turbine has offered a slew of 3-man options at the high end of levelling (with the various echoes of the dead instances, as well as a variety of mirkwood 3-mans)

these I think would be our best options *pre* the kin meeting...*post* the kin meeting, we have a larger range of options, as we could have a very large population of kinnies on - although how much longer they can afford to stay on after the meeting varies

I'd like to *suggest* another love your lowbie night for post kin meeting, assuming there are sufficient numbers available interested - I'd ask, but never demand, that our high level players dust-off their 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's alts for the post kin meeting activities, and offer up your services to help round out GB runs, GA runs, Annuminas - maybe, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, even lead the charge at a Fornost run.

now, it may happen that many of our lowbies just can't stay on that late, or have other things they would like to do - if so, I'm more than happy to lead some of our traditional post-kin meeting quicky end-gamer raids (turtle is always fun, and I *still* think we should put the watcher on our regular list - one encounter, challenging, 12-man, and still quite profitable to run)

obviously, we'll have to see what folks are up for once the kin and officer meetings wrap up - but I'd like to have people thinking with an eye towards loving our lowbies first, and tackling some fun 12-man 1-shots otherwise.

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