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PostPosted: 2022/10/29 12:38 am    Post subject:

Doh! Sorry I just realized this was here. Not quite familiar with the forums yet. Thank you again for the warm welcome; been having fun. Looking for the place to post my 'bio' :) Hoping this is the right place...

~~~ Merivael's Bio ~~~

Merivael's days were once passed in service as a Champion of Gil-Galad.
In the last major battle against Sauron, she was grievously wounded, only to wake up long years later...

Elrond kindly granted her retirement until such time as the Elves depart for Valinor.

On occasion she takes up her sword to assist the Rangers, but is often seen among the Bree-folk and Shire-folk, wielding Musical instruments, Paintbrushes, and dancing feet.
PostPosted: 2022/10/23 1:27 pm    Post subject:

Great Application :)
Aedon Durreah
PostPosted: 2022/10/23 12:46 pm    Post subject:

Greetings Merivael,
your application has been approved. Please /joinchannel alesandtales and ask for an LMB officer to complete the process.
PostPosted: 2022/10/22 9:37 am    Post subject:

*waves* Hello Merivael! :)
PostPosted: 2022/10/21 11:24 pm    Post subject: App: Merivael

The application submitted by Merivael is as follows:

Name : Merivael
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 8
Gender : Female
Race : High Elf
Class : Champion

Please note: While we do have a presence on other servers, we are primarily a Landroval-based kinship. Our regular weekly events, and our marquee events Weatherstock and Winterstock, are held on the Landroval server.

Have you read & do you agree with LMB charter?:

Do you understand that Kin chat channel is for LOTRO and Tolkien related chat only?:

Use this area to share why you want to join LMB.:
Greetings! The Inklings (Tolkien & Lewis) have been a major part of my heart/life for a very long time. In my 20's I subscribed to the Tolkien Society "newsletter" which was a simple 3 page pamphlet - all words, no pictures. Life has kept me very busy for a quite a few years, so my 'play' time has been limited. I'm married, currently have a day job in property management and work as an artist on the side, building a business of my own. My artwork involves fantasy - and I recalled LOTRO as being a wonderful "virtual" place to be in, as an intermittent distraction.

My work environs can also be isolating and uninspiring (sadly I don't live in a beautiful countryside like the Shire!), so I was craving personal growth and a bit more social interaction with like minds. About a month ago I did a search for the Tolkien Society, delighted to find the incredible growth, along with Professor Corey Olsen's literary and Exploring LOTRO videos; which led me to re-sign up for VIP last week, and I do have one character (Merigolde, the hobbit) in the Mythgard Kin. (I hope that isn't a conflict!)... The Two Kinships I came across in my readings were Mythgard, which appealed to me for scholarly interest - and your kin, for the same reasons plus the musical aspect. I was intrigued - and you can't beat the name "The Lonely Mountain Band"!

This evening, I stopped by the Prancing Pony and was kindly welcomed by Zacandil, who taught me a few dance moves; and I met Avangrod, who referred me to this application. Fascinated by how much fun it was - and so pleased to see a game (for once) being used for something deeper than just running raids to get the latest 'leet' gear. I will be a casual player, "smelling the roses" in between work sessions.

Player info:

Age Range:
Old Fogey

Tell us about any MMO or RP experience you may have (RP is not required for membership, we are just curious): :
I last played LOTRO when Mines of Moria was about a year old) - highest character lv 70 on Brandywine server. Prior to that, in the early 2000's I worked as a game designer, on xbox/ps2 games (not MMO's) -- but in the late 90's for about...5 years, I think? I worked as a creator/writer/coder (hobby) on a Tolkien-based M.U.D. (Multi-User-Dungeon). As far as playing other MMO's, I played WOW for a while (like the whole world did), and FFXI. There was some RP we did in the M.U.D., but that aside I haven't RP'd in a very long time. There was a time when I knew a lot more of the elvish language. This will be a refresher. :)

Please tell us what time zone you are in. (i.e. EST): :
PST (Southern California currently)

Character information:

Tell us about your character: :
I haven't yet put too much thought into Character back-story. When I played on Brandywine, there was no RP involved. This time around, I'd like a slower, more immersive experience. Merivael, the High Elf Champion character is the one I am applying with. Considering her memories of what occurred in the opening scenes (with Isildur, Glorfindel, & co.), I believe her to be similar in mindset to Aragorn, though not a Dunedain ranger - she is restless, guided by an inner force, roaming independently; but has a fondness for the more down-to-earth Shire/Bree-lands. (Of course, were we true to lore, not too many elf-maidens hung out in these areas; they just passed through). But for RP purposes I would say, she may disguise herself as a Dunedain traveller. Clearly, I'm rusty in the RP department.

Please tell us of any previous/current kinships you have character(s) in LOTRO. :

LMB experience:

Were you referred by a current member? Who?: :

Have you ever been to LMB hosted event? If yes, what were your impressions? If no, are you planning on it in the next week? (Highly recommended!):
If the dancing I participated in this evening, and listening to the music of multiple bands counts, then yes, this was my first! I'm not sure exactly how often yet, but I do plan to attend more! Tuesday evenings I will be doing the exploring LOTRO sessions with Mythgard; but as yet I have to see what all is on offer. Still re-learning even the basic game so currently a learning curve.

Gameplay preferences:

What activities do you enjoy most in LOTRO? :
Exporation, Quests, Main storyline and little side stories

Kinship expectations:

What are your expectations from LMB as a member? :
To be what LMB already is? I don't have expectations per se, just to participate on whatever levels I can. In the Mythgard kin, I'm not terribly active yet except for the Tuesday evening events I plan to attend. My play time will be split between both characters. Keeping it casual.

What do you think your strongest contribution to LMB would be? :
As a casual player working 2 jobs and leveling rather slowly? Probably nothing major for a while except participation in events, a short chat here or there; be happy to contribute items/food. I still have a ton to learn, so perhaps that would develop in time.


Have you read the books or seen the movies? What are your favourite scenes or images? :
Yes is an understatement. LOTR was first read to me at 5 years old (I'm in my early 50's now). I don't know how many times I've read it, watched the animated versions, the Peter Jackson Trilogies, the audiobooks. My husband is a New Zealander, so we have the special NZ extended versions :). We've watched all the content.. own so many books, art books.. (Sorry, we won't watch the new Amazon series, not happening!) ... My favorite scenes in the films?

1. I teared up the first time I saw the environment when Gandalf drove up to Bag-End in the film. (Was just as if my imagination had come to life!) Love Alan Lee and John Howe's works, so I could see the VERY heavy influence. (BTW the entire audience cheered just then, it was opening day) 2. Rivendell blew me away 3. I didn't think they would include the scene where Gandalf battles the Balrog, while falling - I didn't think it possible! Still blown away 4. Anything in the films with Gimli & Legolas in competition 5. The shot where the Nazgul fly down onto Minas Tirith then make men fall to their deaths still makes my stomach drop 6. (Hobbit) One word: Smaug. 7. Seriously, I could keep going...


Is there anything else not covered in this application that you'd like to share with us? :
I hope I was adequately "wordy." Enjoyed applying (lol). No hard feelings if I'm not a right fit. Will still come to the events! Cheers and Namarie...