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re: App: Kamatchy

The application submitted by Kamatchy is as follows:

Name : Kamatchy
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 12
Gender : Male
Race : Race of Man
Class : Burglar

Have you read & do you agree with LMB charter?:

Do you understand that Kin chat channel is for LOTRO and Tolkien related chat only?:

Use this area to share why you want to join LMB.:
I want to join the kinship, because my friend is in the kinship and also I have a high regard for music and have been playing music for a while and can freestyle pretty well on lotro. I also want a kinship with a good community basis and what my friend (milbargreenwood) has said you guys are great.

Player info:

Age Range:

Tell us about any MMO or RP experience you may have: :
I have played mine craft, just cause 3, and destiny extensively and really like playing with other people.

Please tell us what time zone you are in. (i.e. EST): :
Pacific Northwest, PST

Character information:

Tell us about your character: :
Kamatchy is of the race of men, who grew up in the city of Bree. His father died when Kamatchy was merely 7 years old. Because his father died they were very poor, this caused him to start a life of thievery to support his family. This became a habit and was exceptionally good at it. From there he worked for different people, where they hired him to procure artifacts from different rich aristocrats. During his 30th year, he was caught by Milbar Greenwood. Milbar brought him out from a life of crime, and taught him to use his skills to undo the damage he had done as a thief, stealing back and returning the items he stole.

Please tell us of any previous/current kinships you have character(s) in LOTRO. :

LMB experience:

Were you referred by a current member? Who?: :

Have you ever been to LMB hosted event? If yes, what were your impressions? If no, are you planning on it in the next week? (Highly recommended!):
No, but I am looking forward to going to one

Gameplay preferences:

What activities do you enjoy most in LOTRO? :
questing and playing music

Kinship expectations:

What are your expectations from LMB as a member? :
People helping me out now and again, and also being able to play with other people. I look forward to all the events.

What do you think your strongest contribution to LMB would be? :
I think with time I can be a good musician, and I can collect resources for people too


Have you read the books or seen the movies? What are your favorite scenes or images? :
I have seen the lord of the ring movies, but haven't read the books, I really like how Gandalf says "a wizard is never late, he arrive precisely when he means to."


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re: APPROVED - App: Kamatchy - by Aedon Durreah

Greethings Kamatchy,
your application has been approved. Please /joinchannel alesandtales and ask for an LMB officer to complete your interview.


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re: Welcome

Welcome to the LMB! Glad to have you man. If you need any help you can message me if I'm on or mail me.
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