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re: App: Gh0stV1per

The application submitted by Gh0stV1per is as follows:

Name : Gwenyc
Game : Lord of the Rings Online
Server : Landroval
Level : 108
Gender : Male
Race : Race of Man
Class : Champion

Have you read & do you agree with LMB charter?:

Do you understand that Kin chat channel is for LOTRO and Tolkien related chat only?:

Use this area to share why you want to join LMB.:
I have been playing on the Landroval server for more years than I can remember, being introduced by some friends to the game, we created characters and began our Middle-Earth Adventure. And I remember when I first walked into Bree there was a small gathering of a number of LMB players and they were putting on a show, I remember watching the show and being really interested about the LMB kinship, although at the time I did not do anything about said interest.
Through my time playing LOTRO I have often been helped my many friendly members of the LMB Kinship and their kindness and willingness to help has really stuck out to me.

Player info:

Age Range:

Tell us about any MMO or RP experience you may have: :
I have mainly played LOTRO for at this point since 2010, but I took a break for a few years 2014-16 and am now getting back into the game

Please tell us what time zone you are in. (i.e. EST): :

Character information:

Tell us about your character: :
The Champion Gwenyc is a fearless warrior who comes from the land of Dale, having grown up on the streets he proved to be rather resourceful and quick witted due to the need to survive. Eventually he was taken in by a dwarf named Bergrim who helped him channel his energy into becoming the warrior he is today. Although on a trip with Bergrim to the Blue Mountains they stopped in the small town of Archet to resupply...only to have Their destinies changed.

Please tell us of any previous/current kinships you have character(s) in LOTRO. :
Children of Valinor

LMB experience:

Were you referred by a current member? Who?: :

Have you ever been to LMB hosted event? If yes, what were your impressions? If no, are you planning on it in the next week? (Highly recommended!):
As stated earlier, my only really LMB event was the small concert that I saw in Bree, but I was impressed by the quality and organization of the event, where possible it would be fun to attend one again

Gameplay preferences:

What activities do you enjoy most in LOTRO? :

Kinship expectations:

What are your expectations from LMB as a member? :
To maintain their standards of kindness and civility that has proceeded them for many years.

What do you think your strongest contribution to LMB would be? :
I think that my willingness to help anyone in need would really be a huge addition to LMB, whether they are LMB or not I will be a messenger of standards of the LMB


Have you read the books or seen the movies? What are your favorite scenes or images? :
Honestly, I cant really pick out a favorite part from the Lord of the Rings or the Hobbit, as those were essentially my childhood.
However I do really enjoy the Chapters from the Children of Hurin, where Turin and his company encounter the petty dwarf Mim, and the account of the sacrifice that his company undergoes to protect each other...even to the sacrifice of their own lives.


Is there anything else not covered in this application that you'd like to share with us? :
I do not have as much time to play as I wish as I work very long hours throughout the week and free time is a bit of a luxury at the moment.


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re: APPROVED - App: Gh0stV1per - by Tulenn

Your application has been approved. Please seek out an officer in-game for your recruit interview. If you haven't already done so you may wish to /joinchannel alesandtales to assist you in finding an officer of the Lonely Mountain Band.

LMB Alts: Rubypie, Mirryth, Fallonyl, Tenleigh, Irisanne, Yonalin

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The Ravenhill Rovers: alts-Bekk, Draim, Nathrec

On Crickhollow: Tulenn & Cloverly (Old Winyards Kinship)
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